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Carpet Steam Cleaner | Do You Need Advice On What We Offer?

Carpet Steam Cleaner | Do You Need Advice On What We Offer?

Welcome to the Carpet Steam Cleaner DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. And today we are going to have an awesome time together as we continue talking about becoming the best you. Now, here’s the part, this is, this is the kicker. We talked in the last episode about how there is more than two options. If somebody says, Hey, do you, would you like a, a book or a sweater? And you can say, you know what? I’ll take both. Sometimes you can just blow away a situation by saying, I want to do both. Why do we have to choose between the two? Because guess what? You’re living a life with millions. For example, I was talking with my daughter and she was talking about how she just did not want to eat this one particular fruit. Oh, I mean, just know this, this one particular food with no and anyone who’s ever had children, they’ve all had this talk with their kids at some point where you’ve decided what the food is going to be.

And they are decided that they have taken their small, young, new child brain that has just discovered that they have the capacity to tell their child, their parent knows, or they, at least they’re going to try it. And it’s up to you to look Carpet Steam Cleaner. This is a, this is a training event. You want them to express themselves. You want them to try to make decisions that is good. You should applaud that you also need them to comply and to follow the decisions that are made for them only to make decisions that they have control over. And this is huge because our society is suffering bad from this right now is people trying to take control of decisions. They do not have control over. Not that you should always comply with everything, but you also shouldn’t fight against the system on everything. There are certain things that should be taken care of by other people.

So I don’t have to worry about it. So we hire, hire politicians to do it. That’s why we hire people to take care of the trash. We have to hire people to make sure that electricity comes into my house on a regular basis Carpet Steam Cleaner. Uh, the water gets to my house. I don’t have to worry about those things. I don’t go and ask them. Well, you know, when you put the fitting on the water here, were you using proper torque conversion ratios with the right Teflon tape? And did you use a double pipe wrench? Did you back it up? Did you make sure you didn’t twist the video? Have we, uh, you know, have we been checking on a minute by minute basis? I mean, I know you check every day. If the water quality is good, but have we checked within the hour? That is still good.

I mean, you start getting into some of these things. If you worry about that, well, then you’re worrying about things that will just bring your life quality down because you’re only going to drink water once or twice in a day. Whereas all the other things that do happen are going to be much more impactful, important. So there’s certain things that we have to, uh, be able to allow other people to do for us, somebody to do your taxes, somebody to do you want to trust, but you also want to verify, so you don’t just blindly give your trust. You’re going to find, and to put the due diligence in, to find the thing that’s going to be the best and then allow that system to work out in your life. And so this is similar to what you want to try to do for yourself.

Some of these systems are in play right now, and I want you to challenge those systems. And that’s why we’re talking about them, that you believe that this is the best it can get, or that you are as best as you can get. And I’m telling you that throughout your whole life, there was always a different version of you. That is going to be your optimal version. You, uh, give you this an example when I was 15, the girl that I wanted to marry was not the same girl as when I was 18. And when I was 20, the girl that I desired to marry was not the same girl as when I was 18 or 15. And so we have to realize that in our life it right now, for example, it, right now, I’ve got a wonderful wife. She’s an amazing human being and absolutely a great mother and a fantastic wife and a great business partner.

And if she got hit in a car accident tomorrow, my life would not end right there. Now, would I be very sad? And I would agree. And I would go through all the proper stages of grief. Absolutely. Is there another woman in the world? If my wife died, that could be a wonderful fit for me Carpet Steam Cleaner. Yes. Is there any other world woman in the world that is a great fit for me right now? No, because right now I am with the woman who is the best fit for me right now. And if God forbid, if for some reason that she passed away and died, then at some point in the future, there would be another woman who would be an amazing fit for me then because I will be a different person. Once my current circumstances have changed, my current capacities must also adapt and change with it.

For example, if I’m currently living in the United States and by living in the United States, the opportunities that are afforded me here are different than if I was currently living in China. It’d be vastly different. I’d have to live in a completely different way. And I would have to learn a different skillset and a different PR a presumption Carpet Steam Cleaner. But sometimes we live here in the United States with a beautiful wife, with beautiful family, with a good job, but we are living as if we don’t have a good wife. We don’t have wonderful kids. And then our job sucks. We live every day, we wake up and we treat to the day like we’re a prisoner in some type of a hostage situation that somehow, and then we’ll walk out there because we feel like we’re prisoner in a hostile situation. We walk out there attacking everybody that we shouldn’t be loving.

We walk out there and we attack. We have bile, vile bile, and been a venomous words and really tragic negative narcissistic thing that we say to all of those around us. I know this sounds harsh, but I want you to wake up. I want you to say, if you walk into your life, treating everybody negatively, like you’re in a hostage situation someplace that if you had the opportunity to get out, you would get out everyone around. You will notice this person doesn’t want to be here and they’re not enjoying what we have for them. And so you can switch that script. And that’s the part that I want you to get through. This whole thing is to look at life and say what this is the life that I currently is the best life I have. If I can make changes and move forward in the future, yes, I’m going to continue to make changes and move forward in the future.

And I can take this life right now. And my 15 year old self will become better by the time I’m 20, my 20 year old self will become better by the time I’m 25. Let’s go through this little exercise right here. I know I’m getting close the end of the podcast, but I want to put this in here because I think it’s going to be informational and really helpful. I want you to sit down and in mentally jumped through this list. I’ll go through it really quick for you, but I want you to go through this list on your own and think for yourself, I’ll give you myself. And then you think for yourself also kind of fill in the blanks for what you went through and what your life is like. So as a 10 year old boy, I did amazing things. I had a dirt bike I had, um, that was really good at swimming.

Um, there was potentially looking at being on a swimming team. I had a rebuilt my dirt bike Carpet Steam Cleaner. I had a go cart. I had bicycles. I went fishing. I went frog hunting. I mean, I just outdoors nuts. I mean, I just did all kinds of stuff. Just loved. It really had an enjoyable time. Did all these great things as a 10 year old boy, I moved ahead to 15 year old boy. Now, 15 year old boy, I had stopped fishing and stopped doing all of the outdoors things. I now was more of an indoorsy people I’d picked up. Some skateboarding still did that a little bit, but I was into video games. I was into computers and I was into cars at the time when the computers started coming out. And so I had the first two 86, 12 little, little, uh, early computer I’d built.

I programmed a couple of video games myself with snake and had done some basic Pascal. I started with basic and then moved into Pascal for programming and try to make my own video games. And I got a love for basketball. I mean, I just love it. I was coming in, I was at 15. I was walking into potentially the, uh, the first season that we finally won state championship. We were in back to back state championships and I just put a tremendous amount. Every summer I spent almost, I was a gym rat. The entire summer went from being an outdoor motorcycle, driving kid to a indoor basketball, just like gym shorts in a gym at the YMCA and Bixby virtually every day, all day, all summer, because I was not good and I never did get great, but I got to where I could be as good or better than everyone around me, but I had to catch up.

I felt like I really had to make a difference into my 15 year olds. I’ve looked back at my 10 year old self and said, gee, that’s kind of silly. I used to just, all I did was go outside, play camp. Now I’m much better because I’m much stronger. I’m more athletic. I’ve got a way more endurance and I can, you know, I’m more of a sports and be more of a jock nut. Now you jumped ahead to my 20 year old self. My 20 year olds, I’ve looked back at my 15 year old self and thought what a loser. You never really, you decided to get married instead of go on to the basketball. Why do we put all that effort into basketball? When really you should have been putting effort into training yourself and to be able to be a better business person.

And so I was working for more towards business. My 50 year old self didn’t even know how to drive yet. You know, I hadn’t got my license yet. And so obviously now I know about license. I know about driving. I know about marriage. And then you jump ahead to my 25 year old self, like 25 years old, looks back and thinks, man, you were making massive mistakes with your marriage, massive mistakes with your business. You didn’t really know anything was going on. You hadn’t even had a child yet. And my 25 year old self looks back and says, I’ve got it down because I’ve got a child and I know what to do. And I’ve got this figured out. Now my business is really rolling and I know I’ve got things figured out and you jump ahead of my 30 year old self. My 30 year old self goes back and looks at my 25 year old self and says what?

You only had one child, like you didn’t know the joy that multiple children can bring. You only had one truck. You only had one business truck. And it was just you. And you were just installing carpet, really abusing your knees. What were you doing? You know that can’t last. Do you see somebody who installs carpet for 30 years now? Do you see somebody who’s in sports for 30 years? No, that’s not possible. It’s not a sustained business system. Now it’s switched over to cleaning carpet and doing just repairs on the side. And now all of my aches and pains are slowly starting to filter out of my system, that all of those years of basketball and all those years of installing carpet, I’m finally moving out of that to where I can let my body heal and repair itself. I’ve done a huge amount, 15 years of damage.

I’m going to ask, probably spend the next 10 years repairing all that damage throughout my body for the aches and pains. And my 30 year old self looks back and thinks, man, what a goof, the 25 year old self was. And then I jumped to my 35 year old self and goes, Oh my goodness, my third year old. So it didn’t, hadn’t gotten LASIK yet. I mean, you know, how is it that you spent all this time messing with glasses and contacts your whole life, your whole life up to this point, you hadn’t had LASIK. Now I wake up and I just see the tree leads at the very top of the trees. And I can see the individual trees. I can understand everything about those, those leaves and the trees and the things that I see. And it’s very easy and I don’t have to mess with goggles.

I don’t have to mess with glasses. I don’t have to mess with contacts. I don’t have to mess with anything. I just look at my eyes can see. And so I hopefully by looking through it and obviously my 40 year old self looks back and thinks, man, you had not even thought about really growing up and become a real businessman yet. And honestly, to be truthful, I don’t think God could have, uh, lets me have this amazing success that I have now. Now to my 35, my 40, my 35, my 30 and my 25 year old self, because I would have blown the money. I probably did get the money and blow blew it quite a few times. He looked at me. I said, Nope, not, you’re not ready for it yet. It’s not your time yet. And so I’m encouraging you that each phase of life do not take and try to live off of the phase of life.

You used to have, start to look and say, what is the phase of life I need to have now? Where should I be going right now? And there is amazing opportunities and huge things that you can accomplish and do. Now that you’ve gained a little bit more perspective, a little bit more, uh, uh, perspective, especially as we’re going through this coronavirus season of our life right now, there’s a lot of people looking at things and thinking that, man, this is just gonna suck because I can’t ever do this again. You know what, you’re right? You won’t be able to do it the same way you did it before, because you’re going to do it better. This time, all the mistakes that you did before. You’re not going to repeat those mistakes. Yes. You’re going to be behind the eight ball and you won’t be there quite as fast as you used to, but you will already have a huge knowledge base of things that you know, to do, to avoid pitfalls, to grow much faster.

You couldn’t grow fast the first time, because you had to learn this time. Now that you’ve learned, you can jump right back into the race where you should be at sort of like riding your bike. The first time you learned to ride your bike takes a long time. There’s a lot of scrapes, scrapes, and bruises. And if someone steals your bike and you lose the bike and it’s all gone, you don’t have a bike anymore and you can’t ride a bike. And that could be a decade. Let’s say 10 years later, you finally get another bike. You’re going to jump on that bike. And it takes a little bit of time to get back on it and get your feeling for it. But I guarantee you within five minutes, you’re going to be riding the bike as if it is, as if it was 10 years ago.

And you’ve got it down, Pat. And that’s what business, that’s what your life is like. You may lose something. You may get behind the eight ball. You may have all of your whole life, just crumbled to nothing burned down in a fire, absolutely nothing left. And you know what you do. You get out there, you slowly build back up and you get, you get, and you restore your bike back because once the bikes back, you then will immediately know how to ride it again. And if you won’t, you can’t lose knowledge. You can’t lose skill. You can’t lose all of the good habits and things that you put in place. You get to start from there. Uh, kids that come out of college have to put their four years of college in to be able to start, but they are completely inexperienced, but they have no experience to be able to connect with those that are around them.

But you you’ve got 10 years or 15 or 20 years of experience in the workplace. And so you can walk out there and immediately walk into a situation and say, Hey, I know exactly what to do. I can start from day one with success, as opposed to needing to build up five or 10 years of experience to prove my success. I already am there as a family. Any family should be able to make 30 to $70 an hour. If you just take each person, let’s say there’s five people in the family and the kids can make $5 an hour or the teenager can make 10 to 15 and the adults can make 15 to 20. You know, you add them all together. You end up with like 40, 50, $60 an hour. If all five of you are working in concert together. And so you could actually make a huge impact in a week in a, in a life, in a place wherever you’re at because of the synergy and all of the accumulative experiences and things that you’ve already done.

So don’t limit yourself by what you already done in the past. Look forward to what you’re about to do in the future. Because right now what God has for you is unique to what you are doing right now. Last year, it was unique for what you were doing last year. So don’t think this is the best that I can do. Say, what is it I’m going to do now? And the next year I’m going to improve upon it. I’m going to do something different and better. It doesn’t just have to be the sports game or the movie. You can go to the movie and then head over to the sports game where you can go to the sports game and then do the movie. These are all cumulative. I’ve got 80 to 70 to a hundred hour years in my life. And I’m going to sit down and eat food.

And when you eat food, you’re going to sit there and say, okay, okay, this is that meal I had. How many times do you go to McDonald’s to burger King, to Wendy’s to talk away? No, to too well, to, um, to have Domino’s pizza, to have Macias pizza house, wherever it is that you go to have your food. How many times are you going to go there? A thousand, 2,004,000? Why are you complaining today? Which one you’re going to do today? When you’re going to do it thousands of times and look at your life that way and say, I don’t need to complain today about the thing that I’m going to do right now. I’m going to get thousands of opportunities, thousands of times, thousands of things that are going to come through. So let me just pick one today and enjoy it for what it is, is an option opportunity to enjoy the life that I have been given. We are complete carpet. Uh, hopefully we can help you out some time with your carpets to give you a carpet cleaning, get your, uh, both. You can have your life doing well, too, but then having your carpets look good. It makes for a home that you want to get back to carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093.