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Carpet Steam Cleaner | Do You Need Help When Searching For Us?

Carpet Steam Cleaner | Do You Need Help When Searching For Us?

This is the carpet DM podcast. Welcome to complete Carpet Steam Cleaner. Perfect cleaning your Tulsa Tulsa. Since 1998, we are complete carpets of give us a call today (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoy your clean carpets. Again, one of those talk to you today about the importance of making good sound judgments, good sound decisions. A carpet cleaning. Tulsa is in our fiber. We are complete carpet. Uh, we can help you out by giving your Carpet Steam Cleaner, getting your tile cleaned. We can do, uh, both pet treatments and water damage remediation. We can clean your furniture company, clean your upholstery. We can clean your rugs. We also can clean, um, your, uh, tile and grout. Sometimes that and rocket just really get dark and dingy and gunky looking. We can help you to get that restored, make it look great again, your house is your castle. So enjoy cleaning, enjoy living, enjoy your home.

Be excited to come back home again. I was talking with a young lady yesterday about the importance of making choices that you have to stick to. Um, there is a definitely a 10 commandments. There is a life. There is a law. There are what we consider to be moral law. There’s stuff that we all genuinely as a society as individuals know that we are responsible for. Um, you’ve got some societal responsibility things that we know that we need to care for, which is where you care for your common man, the common good of those around you and the Bible talks about, um, making sure that you, uh, that the church is able to care for those that are, um, you know, unfortunate. We’re called to go into all the world to preach the gospel, to touch those that are out there. So you can’t take and say that I’m only going to care for myself if you were called to go and care for others.

Um, but then there is a part that you do need to care for yourself Carpet Steam Cleaner. You do need to say, what is it? You cannot go and give, unless you have first sewn and know what you have something you have to have a source to give from a most of the time that source comes from above. But sometime that source comes from inside where you need to cultivate your thing. It’s the parable of the talents. It’s where Jesus talked about the three businessmen who were given a one talent, five talents, another 10, and then the, um,

They left and came back

At some undetermined point in the future without any aid or help from the business owner. But that, that helped that aid came back with the expectation that I’ve given you something for you to do something with it. Um, I gave you a skill set. I give you a talent Carpet Steam Cleaner. I’ve given you a capacity to give you something so that you can in turn, do something else. Or there’s also the parable of the, uh, the King who had a servant that owed him a lot of money. And the, uh, he came, presented his case before the King, the King had grace on him and forgave his massive debt. And then he went home. And when he saw somebody that owed him money, he was abusive to him, beat him. You know, wouldn’t, wouldn’t take him, forgive him because he now had nothing.

So he took it out of a person and they ping upon sharing about this,

Went back and called this,

Serve it back and said, you know, did I hear that you just got forgiven a huge amount, and yet you turned around and did not pay it forward. You did not give it back to the next person that was there. You know, I will take back from you, everything that was owed. And so it was like, sometimes we need to realize in life, we have been given an opportunity. We have been given a place that we are responsible for our own actions. Yes. Are we supposed to help those around us? Yes. That I do Carpet Steam Cleaner. They were 100% on there, but that is two fold approach. You also have to take care of your own actions. You have to be responsible for yourself. Personal responsibility comes before a group responsibility for each Pearson person in the group must be good. They must have the capacity to help those in the group, but you can only help if you are whole, you can only give what you have. And if you have nothing,

Nothing to give now, sometimes that’s true. We have nothing

You have to receive as those help us up. But once we have received, we then are also duty bound to then give also and help those around us. But we need to be careful because as we are working to build ourselves up, there’s a difference between helping somebody and following somebody. If you are not careful, most people complete these two ideas as that. You need to help those, which means you give some of your precious time, Liberty, and freedoms to help somebody else up out of their place. But if you’re not careful, you will then follow those that are in a dark place. And you, instead of helping them up, they help you down. And so you’ve got to make sure that you are surrounding yourself with pillars that are at the place that you want to be going to the place that you want to go to.

You want to be the find good mentors as it’s commonly said, that you’re the average of the, your five closest friends or, uh, the Bible talks about bad company corrupts, good morals. So if you’ve got a good inside of you and you’re surrounding yourself with bad, eventually you will become bad. I was at a job once and there was a little kid comes in and says the F word to one of his other little friends, a little three, four or five year old child said the F word, one of his little, and I’m thinking, Oh, I’m so glad that you’re not at my house because you wouldn’t be sucking on a bar of soap for the rest of the week. After, you know, thinking that you could say a word like that in my household. Now this was not my household. I was a guest in this person’s house. So this, I didn’t say nothing that I did nothing because that was not my place to say or do anything. And a little while later, the two kids are wrestling and arguing on the couch and the mother comes in

And she tells them, Oh, you know,

What are you doing here? I told you to go up and clean. And she used the F word while talking to the kids Carpet Steam Cleaner, you know, your room. And I realized, okay, hold on. These are not bad students. There was a bad teacher, the teacher, they are just saying the words that are acceptable in everybody learns a language. We all learn a language. We have interoperability in the thing that we do. So when I do something, the people around me will respond. Also when the people around me do something, I respond. And so if you, I was in China, I would probably have some form of Chinese or Mandarin. If I was in Japan, I’d probably speak Japanese. I was in Korea. I’d be Korean. If I was in a, uh, Oh, let’s see, uh, all the different dialects in the African countries, all the different dialects in the, uh, so we got Spanish speaking countries.

You’ve got French speaking countries. You got, uh, uh, Nordic, you got, uh, English, they got the proper British English slang, American English shoot. Even in the slang, American English, we got different States that have different versions of English even then. And so you’ve got all these different places and wherever you’re at, there will be a different word. So like for example, um, I believe it is, uh, in, in English it would be library. And I believe in, uh, Spanish or French, it’s a bibliotech, you know, it’s does not mean Bible. It mean the books. And so, you know, we’ve got, uh, you know, how many different ways is there to say hello or goodbye? You know, you’ve got high, you got, uh, you’ve got different words for girl. You’ve got different words for boy throughout all the different languages. And you have all these different ways in terms of phrases.

And you speak the language with which you’re spoken to. If you’re in a tech industry, you’re going to speak a lot of technical jargon. You’re not going to know about CPU and megahertz. And then you’re going to know about, I left one of the famous lines from the movie back in the nineties, mr. Mom, where he’s trying to improve and he’s trying to become better so he can impress his wife, but he’s now stuck at home taking care of stuff. So his friend comes over or a contractor comes over and he’s trying to get it all taken care of. He’s like, wow. So what are you using? What kind of electricity they’re using their to, to run that either? Well, I use a two 22, 21, whatever it takes. He has no clue about the amount of electricity that he’s handling or what are you supposed to do with it?

He’s just trying to fake his way through it. Everyone around him realizes. Yeah. Yeah. You can’t, you can’t, that’s not a, that’s not a guess. It’s gotta be exactly an amount that you just guess at how much electricity there it’s either one, 10 or two 20. You can’t like that. Can’t be, uh, uh, whichever one, you know, whatever it is, I’ll just, you know, I’ll make it work. You can’t make it work. Cause they’re two vastly different things. And so a lot of our life, we have to look down and say, what is it that I’m learning? Who am I learning from? And what is the dialect? What is the cadence? What is the flow of my life? And why are I choosing to follow it? Or should I leave it? And that’s very difficult because sometimes the hardest thing

To do

To change your life, that, that you have to leave your family. I am not suggesting that people should run away from family. The family has a great source of love and comfort and care for your whole life. But there are times where if you want to go somewhere different than you already are, you have to go and be with people who are there. And most of the time we can only grow as much as our family will allow us because they are our source of wisdom up until a certain point. And we hit a certain point. The way that we were raised will have to change. For example, I talked with a young lady yesterday, fantastic has two young kids, her parents, a way of training or teaching them was any mistake was met with a belt. If you spilled a glass of milk, you got a weapon. If you did a,

Yeah, have you, uh,

Moused off, you’ve got a woman that it, she got to got to the point that her dad who was an alcoholic would come home. And if he was in one of those moods, they realized I better just go get the belt. Cause you know, like even if I just stand here and don’t do anything, I’m going to whip him for not doing anything. Like it was just a, every, all of life was all about getting a spanking for all situation. That was the answer to everything. And having a, a strongly alcoholic father meant that everything revolved around his despair and frustrations. And so she had to get out of there, but she also had to realize and had to be encouraged to say, look, that’s not a healthy environment. That’s not an environment children should be raised or lived in now, can you learn from that environment?

Yes. Bad dads still teach. So even though you have a, an issue with a parent or you have an issue in a situation, don’t give up part, don’t give up hope. Because in her situation she saw it. She saw that shit, that the harm that, that brought to herself and her siblings, she saw the problems that it had, that alcoholism had on her father and her mother. And so she swore she just wouldn’t drink alcohol at all. And just avoid that temptation, never go down that rabbit hole and that she would train her children and raise her children in a different way that she would have some different form of doing. And she had to work really hard because her knee jerk reaction is it’s something that goes on her natural impulse it’s banking because that’s the language that she had learned as a child.

So she had to teach herself a new language. And so I was encouraged and I said, look, you know, don’t cut family completely out because they are useful in, they do have an application, but don’t hang out with them very often because they are currently living a life that you do not want to show your kids if you are in a really crude example. But on very useful example, if you are out there doing whatever it is, but pick whatever it is you want to do in your life. If you’ve got a business, if you’ve got a movie theater, if you’ve got, you know, like whatever it is, fill in the blank of any business, anything you have, if you have topless ladies walking around serving drinks at your business, um, the type your clientele are going to be men older men who are interested in looking at topless lady, you won’t have any children there.

They’re not going to attract any children. If somebody brought their child to a place with all those people, is that the type of person you would even want to hang out with. Like, you have to realize that the people who are willing to make that type of compromise or decision in their life are people that you don’t want your children to be around. Cause they’re okay. Exposing their children to topless women. Well then they are okay with exposing your children in that same fashion. So you’ve got to say, is this person living a life that I want to follow? And now plenty of people out there, I don’t go out and ask everybody what they do all the time in their personal life. Cause I’m not going to judge them in that way. But I do judge people based upon the way they behave in public, around my children.

And I have to make a good conscious decision to say, okay, are they examples? I want to do. I’m not sheltering them. I’m not hiding them from something. I’m going to talk to them about everything that’s appropriate for their time and there age. But I also, at the same token, don’t invite them to go play out in the middle of the street because they’re going to get hit by a car. So I make sure that they’re not in places that are going to hit me then with things that they can’t unsee, that they can’t unlearn. Uh, you don’t know, it takes one significant horror movie to scar your child in a way that they can’t go through at the terrible stat. But the number, if you look it up, the number of young ladies who have been sexually abused through their life is staggeringly high.

The number of young men who have been sexually abused is like half or one third, as much as the women and those women do not live the same life as a woman who never been sexually abused, they deal with everything. They see everything differently. Now, if you’ve ever gone to a shelter, as you go through, just walk, go to a shelter, one time, go to a shelter and walk through and try to pet all the different dogs I live there. And you will see an instantly and be able to tell which dog has been kicked in which dog has been beaten because will shy away from you. They will be scared when you extend your hand towards them. They will be afraid because they have been exposed to violence. They’ve been exposed to something that scarred them in a way that they still have yet to recover from.

So do not in your life, expose your children or expose yourself to things that are going to scar you in a way that you cannot recover from in a high school or before high school. I think it was a 10 to 12 years old, someone there. And my neighbor, a really super nice kid. I just go over there. We’re gonna go over there all the time because he had the Nintendo. So we go over there. He has an agenda. We had never got to play. The Nintendo games, got to play super Mario would play duck hunt. He came over to our house because I had a BB gun. We had a motorcycle and go-karts. And so we went over to his house for the technology. He came over to our house for the, um, outdoor play equipment. And so we just had tons of fun together.

And one time we had this Creek that went behind her house down, across Mingo, back across 91st street, all the way down to the Walmart. And we go walking down that Creek all the time. We just go out there, spend a day out there exploring, going through swimming in the muddy Creek water climate on the beach, the, the, um, sides of the Creek. You could just go in, you know, like, just like what kids should do is just go out and have a just fantastic grand old time. And me spend all day out there. And one day we went down to check on him. They were like, Hey, let’s go play. And his mom said, I’m sorry. He cannot come out to play today. I’m like, okay. Then the next day still couldn’t come out to play with it. What happened? Why, why can’t you come out and play?

And so they finally talked to us and said that look, he went down that Creek underneath the bridge, over Mingo. And when he was down there, he’s saw somebody. And so he, I went and tried to move them and found out that they were dead. It turned out it was a homeless person who had gone down there and just through exposure or don’t know the full, uh, part to it, but had died underneath the bridge. And I don’t know if they were murdered or if they just died down there, but he found them. And I got to say it was a year before. He was, I think, 10 to 12 at the time. And it was a good solid year before he became his normal, jolly self. He just found somebody who was dead. Like he didn’t witness them being killed. He didn’t witness anything that happened.

He just happened to stumble across somebody who was already dead. And it affected him so badly that it was a solid year before he got to be the normal young boy. Again, he lost six months to a year of his life through that tragic accident or tragic incident. And he was not involved in it. He just happened to be the one that found it and told people about it. And he couldn’t shake that like death scene something tragic like that just affects you in a way you just cannot walk away from her, shake yourself from. So our job as parents, our goal in life is to say that we are going to make sure we are going to be the gatekeepers of things that get to our kids. Because as you were being formed, you will make your decisions. You will make your, um, the rest of your lives, uh, uh, processes, everything that you’re going to choose that you’re going to do or not choose.

What you’re going to do will be informed based upon the internal structure given to you has a child where you’re exposed to it, whether you’re taught it or whether it’s just something through that happens to you, that you have no control over. You can either get better bitter or you can get better. And you have to be careful about the bitter things that you allow. Now, some things I need my kids to be exposed to some things I will let them, I want them to face adversity. You want another kid to take their toys from them? And you’re like, well, why do you want them to take their toys from this kind of brutal? Because at some point in our lives, we will have our stuff taken from us. The question is not, will you have something taken from you? The question is, how will you respond in a military setting? The whole goal of any a boot camp is to try to talk to the kid, try to talk to the young recruits, these little kids and turn them into men, turn them into heart and train soldiers. And part of that is to one break down your identity and what you thought about yourself. Get rid of all these presuppositions, all these ideas you had before to

Implant a new idea structure and new supposition, a new type of thought about what family, what camaraderieship, what having someone’s back is like, you can’t go out there. If you’re a type of person, that’s a solo Rambo style person and be a part of a team, be a part of a structure that says I’m going to look to make sure my squad has always taken good care of you would jump out there. And instead of taking care of and making sure that your squad is well taken care of, you’ll only take care of number one. You’ll be like, say, Hey, look, it’s just me against the world. And if when push comes to shove, you’re going to run and they can’t have that in a military setting because you then become a liability. And you’ve got to make sure that you were always a positive source of reinforcement for your squad mates and those around you so that you can be, they can rely on you, that you were going to be the person to get that stuff taken care of a great story.

I heard from a, I think he was a Marine. I may, I may have the part, but he was a part of the military and he’s there in a firefight and they go into an area and there’s guys that come out and it’s dark at night. They’ve, they’ve hidden. And they’re sneaking up on this facility to try to get in and infiltrate. It, capture the people that are inside so that as they’re getting close, somebody comes out, some noise gets made. The person comes out and thinks that they hear something. They have no idea where they are. They’ve surrounded this building. They’re in all different, um, uh, lines of sight and places around the building guy just fires wildly out into the air. One of the bullets just happens to hit his leg. And he says, he, he just, he knows that he should not make any noise.

He knows that he can’t do anything, but he yells out in pain because of the stuff. And he falls down on the ground and he just like, okay, I just gotta be very focused. I can’t make any noise. Can’t do anything. I’ve just gotta be very careful here. And, uh, as he’s sitting there, he reaches, he tries to move. And as he tries to move, he knows that he should make no sound. He knows that he can’t do anything, but the pain is just so excruciating that he Yelps. And he now realizes I am an now a liability to my team. Like I said, you know what I will. I decided right there in that moment, I will just lay here and just bleed to death and die and not move and not do anything that could possibly make me make any noise. He said, cause right now they have no idea where my squad is.

But if I start yelling and you know, how will they in pain? All they gotta do is just throw grenades towards the, the yelling and the screaming. And he said, and they will kill all of us. I will get my whole squad killed because I can’t keep my mouth shut. So I said, I reached down, grabbed a tourniquet, pulled out a belt, tried to try to pull and try to get my leg and says, I pulled on it. You tried to do it. I, I almost yelled again. The pain was just too strong. I couldn’t muster to do it. So he said, I resigned myself to just die right there on the thing is that I will die. These people will live. And they says, you know, that’s all I had in that fight. That’s all I could do. He said, but those people, the other guys there, they went ahead and started to clear, move in closer, keep throws. I didn’t, I didn’t give away our position. I made sure I was there. I’m bleeding out. I’m probably close to dead. When

A squad, you know, they radioed in. So there’s one man down. So they created a diversion, attracted the fire toward the other side of the building. And then this medic came in, grabbed him, told him you are not going to die on my watch. Tourniquet. His leg pulled him up and drug him out of there. And he said, I spent the rest of the time trying to recover from it. And he said, you know, I hit my very lowest point. I, I wanted to commit suicide, even had a gun and a bullet for it. And he said, one of those guys came by, looked at me in the eye and said, you know what? We’ve gone through. You’ve been through the hardship that we’ve been through. You learned everything that we learned, where you’ve got the camaraderieship that we’ve got. I didn’t go risk my life to save your life in that firefight.

Only for you to end it. Now you owe me at the very minimum to live a good life because I risked my life to save you. And he said, and that turned him around. And he said that he didn’t like it at the time, but he realized there’s this comradery ship. There’s this fellowship. There’s this unspoken oath, or honor that, Hey, this person risked their life to come and save mine. I better do something with the life that he gave me that he allowed me to have, that he let me, that he gave to me by risking his own. And I said, in that sense of family, that sense of connection is what there’s. I personally think that almost all suicide. And I mean, there’s some, there’s some other cases where there’s just, in my opinion, demonic, possession, or just things that are beyond human comprehension stuff.

That’s just horrific that somebody just can’t live with. But I believe all the there’s a good chunk of the case with all the rest of the cases are just people who, if they had the right structure around them, they had the right people around them. They had somebody there to reframe what life means to them and the importance that they have in life. Most people are just, they don’t want to end their life because they love life. They want to end their life because they feel like there is no reason for them to be there. They have lost their own personal hope, that connection to humanity. The thing that they’re going to do, don’t matter, like everything gone, everything they’ve done, they become despondent and they’re losing that identity of who they could be and where they could be and what it could do, the impact that will have.

And if somebody can communicate that again to them, which is what I love about Christianity is that it instills in us, both the process and the thought of community that we are important to those around us. Like there are a lot of things in this world that will never happen if I’m not here, but also the importance of individuality and that you have a specific purpose. The community can not accomplish more than what the individual does. The community is only as strong as the individual, also personal responsibility. We are all flawed. We have all screwed up. We’ve all sinned. And personally between me and God, I need to find and come to a point of reconciliation so that I can be strong enough to help somebody else before I can help someone else before I can even be helped. I have to be in a place where I am making

A difference to those

Around me, that I am able to take care of myself, that I have come to that decision point for myself. And it’s the old adage that only the sick need off doctor, the healthy do not need a doctor. And so you kind of have to become that healthy example in your life. You need to take that responsibility burden and realize, okay, what has happened to me in my life has led me to this point. And right now, what will I do to lead myself into a different place? Number one is just to say that I can do it. You’ve got you. You, nobody can convince somebody, a man convinced against his will has the same opinion. Still. You cannot convince somebody that they can do something they don’t believe can be done. Even if you show somebody a there’s a good example in the Bible where Jesus is being baptized and the spirit of the Lord comes down like a dove and a voice from heaven says, this is my son who I am well pleased. You know what happens? Those people they’re standing, watching this exact event. They heard there was a God and they saw a dub come down and he would say, all right, everybody heard that everybody saw it. Cause they were there, right? No half of them heard the voice of God and saw the miracle.

The other half

Rationalized it. They internally said, you know what? That was just, it was just a thunder. It was just, it was just a noise. It was just, I didn’t, I didn’t hear the voice of God. I just, I just heard a noise or a thunder Jesus. When he went back to his own hometown and said, he could do no miracle there, except for heal a few sick people. Um, because of their belief, if you do not believe even the creator of the universe. And he sent his son who did walked around, the land is doing massive miracles. You can see it in the Bible, or you can see it in other, the Roman writings of the time would talk about the things that had, had happened in the different events that happened during that time. But you know, here it is, he’s got doing these amazing miracles and you see a lot of them.

Most of those miracles, you know, I’ll just name a couple of them here, but there’s the Samaritan came up to Jesus and it’s kind of a little harsh the way he responds to him. But he said, you know, Hey, can you heal my person? You know, my there’s this miracle. Cause you do this miracle for me. He said, no, no, no. He goes, I have not come for you. I have come for the fathers, children and the fathers, children, the Jewish people by the children. It would be wrong to take the father’s bread. The father’s food meant for the children and give it to the dogs. They referred to this apparent. And as a dog, which is a little hurtful. I haven’t, I can’t deny it, but I’d be like little bummed out, right then, you know, coming to Jesus. I know that he could save me and he calls me a dog and I’m like, Oh, well, well bummer.

That’s kind of a, if you’re going to have a down day, that’s probably it. There’s your down day right there. You’re like, man, the first one I thought that could save me does, and you know what this person does, they don’t give up. They take it and say, okay, I accept that. I accept that you came here for your, for your own children. And they respond to him in a way that Jesus says, I have never seen faith. It will be done for you. He responds to them and says, but even the dorms can get the scraps from the master’s table. And he’s like, Oh, just throw me a scrap. Don’t have to give me the food that you’re going to save for your children. But just throw me a scrap. I will take even just a small scrap. I know we’ll do it there.

That person, their life was changed. Not because of what Jesus could do. Not because of anything else that they’re it’s because what they believed would happen, they believe they knew that if you are willing, you, you can do this for me. He said the guy who came down to the leper who came down or the guy was leprosy or the guy, the blind guy or the like, there’s all these different stories of people. And it’s based upon their faith. Even the Roman Centurion came and said, no, I will [inaudible]. Then he said, no, no, no, you don’t have to come. I know that you just like me. I’m I manage many men. If I tell them to do something, it will be done is I know you can just say that will be done and it will be done. He said, again, never seen so much faith as you.

Yes, it will be done for you didn’t even require Jesus to come and lay hands on her. He was able to heal her just by the amazing faith that the man had. And so the first route in your life that you need to do is make sure you’re surrounding yourself. As we’re talking in this series about making sure you are becoming the best version of you can be, make sure you surround yourself with people who see, who you can become around people is there are some times we get trapped and it’s great. We love family. Family is fantastic, but sometimes you have to cut family back out of your life. They are not bad people, but they only see you just like all of them. Jesus, uh, the people, okay, Jesus grew up with as a child, they only saw him as the carpenter. They only saw him as this little boy that they used to see.

That would talk a lot about stuff. They couldn’t see him as their savior as a miracle worker. And so he couldn’t be that to them. And so a lot of times you’ll say, well, I really want to become this amazing. How many times have we seen an uncle, an aunt, a niece, a nephew, a grandma, grandpa, father, son, daughter, somebody who just amazed us. So they went and did something. We didn’t think that they could do. We didn’t think they had that in them. We didn’t think they had that capacity. They ended up being this amazing missionary to off to some other country. They’re like, wow, really little Tommy. You became the most amazing missionary that I’ve ever known. No, I don’t think so. If they had stayed with you, then every time they talked about being a missionary, you probably would have laughed at them when you were discouraged them because you don’t see them as being a missionary.

But if you can get around people who are there in the space that you need to be, the Bible talks about this phenomenon. I said that one could put a thousand to flight, but two can put 10,000 to flight. And Frank cubby, Stephen Covey, sorry, Stephen Covey and his book, seven habits of a successful person. He talks about the fact that if you are going to take and work together with somebody, there’s something powerful that can happen. When two people work together towards a common thing, you get synergy happens. It’s not just additive. It’s not just I’m doing my work and you’re doing your work. That’s just, that’s just additive. That’s just two people doing two things separately. And the result is two things. Instead of one thing, two things get done. They said, but there’s something that can happen. Synergistically. When I can build upon what you’re doing, like an assembly line, where this guy does something, and then he looks at that something he improves upon it.

And then the two of you start working together in harmony. And because you are on the same mental track, you’re on the same connection together. And then not only does one person do something, but two people do 10 something. It all of a sudden explodes. Now the reverse can happen too. If you were in a place where you have two people fighting against each other, you get the opposite of synergy. You get the business. And the affects of the two people does not equal to and might equal 1.1. It might even be equal half because they start fighting with each other and neither one gets even one thing done. And so you have to be super careful about who you are getting together with and how you’re allowing this to come together and how you go through a, I think it was Steve jobs talked about the fact that he said, Hey, a small group of a level coders.

You said 10, a level code is remembering the quote correctly. So the 10 a level coder like high level, you know, just, you know, exceptional coders could program what’s 50 or 500 or 5,000. Something like that. I think it was like, I think you said 101 or a thousand to one is said they could do a hundred or a thousand times more productive then C or average level coders could. They said the synergy that happens when those guys start to get together, they can accomplish and crank out and produce something way more complex and way more intricate than a common verse ever could even think of achieving because they don’t the certain level of greatness that starts to change. It’s like a, uh, an amazing surgeon who has super steady hands can accomplish and do tasks that a team of a hundred surgeons could never accomplish because they don’t have that specific skillset.

And that synergy comes together with a good team behind every person that you ever see, any president you ever see any CEO of a company, they’ve got an amazing team around them, but that team believes in the vision. You have to be able to walk over to everyone in your life and say, what do you, where do you see me? Where do you think I’m going to go? What is your vision for me? And if that person tells you what they believe your vision to be, and it agrees with what you believe, you’re going to go somewhere with that person. If they tell you something, you’re like, Whoa, wait a second. You and I are not on the same page. You and I do not agree with where I’m going to be unfortunate. That person needs to be cut out of your life. They’re not a bad person.

They just aren’t where you were going to go. They just aren’t in the place that you’re wanting to do. If you’re trying to speak French. And you’re only in a place that everyone speaks Spanish, there’s no way you can improve your French. It just is an impossible thing. There’s no way you’re going to learn better. French talking to people that only speak Spanish and like, look, I’m in a life right now. And where I’m going is to be fluent in Spanish and French. I want to learn the French language and everything about it. So it means anybody that speaks Spanish to you. If you’re going to have to walk away from for a time, it doesn’t mean you can’t come back and converse and still have them as friends, but they can’t be your daily thing. Cause they’re not in the place you want to be.

And the place you want to be is to learn French. Well, if you’re sitting there around Spanish speaking people, you will eventually learn Spanish. Won’t you’ll have this weird hybrid of French, Spanish, or as we have here in America, it’s the Creole down in the South. You’ve got French and American kind of just hodgepodge that stuck together because you had a lot of French speaking people, a lot of English speaking people, and they just kind of merged the two together a little bit here. We’ve got here in Oklahoma. We’ve got people who speak English and read deck, which is a kind of a bygone. You’ve got your kind of slur, all your words together. You know, it’s not uncle Ben, B E N a rice. Rice is not R I C E R a C E kind of like a racetrack, but you call it rice like the food.

And yet you pronounce it. Like it’s a race. Or even here, we’ve got Miami, Oklahoma, M I a M a instead of AMA a M I, Oh yeah, we call it my Ima like M I M a it’s spelled the same as Miami, Florida, but we pronounce it completely different because we have been around people who are doing things a bit different, be around the people in your life that are doing things a bit different. I give you permission to find the people. They’re doing things that are in the past, in the direction that God has for your life. It’s not that your parents are bad people. They are fantastic, lovely people that God created. And they are going through their struggles in life. They’re going through their individual journey. And that journey may not be there with you where you’re trying to get to, they may be raising their kids.

They may have raised you in a way. You don’t want to raise your kids. They may be an example that you don’t want to be an example to your children. When your children are older, they can then make their own decisions. When you’re in your twenties, your parents’ decisions don’t matter. We all have gone through and made different decisions than our parents did. We find a different way to live life, but when your children are two, when your children are five, when your children are 10, when your children are 15, they will only have a core principle by those around them that have taught them. There are no bad students. There’s only bad teachers. And the people around them have taught them. And you have taught them to, you’d be like, I didn’t teach my kids to act to behave that way you did. You allowed somebody else to teach them.

You are the only person who allows people to have access to your children in their lives. And sometimes you have to step back and say, okay, this is the part where the birdie needs to get out of the nest and fly on their own. And they’re going to make some of their own connections and their own decisions. And you are now backup plan. You are no longer the primary teacher. You’re the backup plan that keeps trying to instill quality advice into their heads, into their hearts so that they can achieve and do more than what they think that they are possible. That you can give them that person who believes they will accomplish something more than what it is. And they may not believe you. And then you will tell them that they can accomplish more than what they believe. And they may not believe you, but some point down the future, your kids will look back and they will think, why is it that other people don’t think they could do something?

And I just have this burden inside that I haven’t done it yet. The boy I feel like have yet to live up to my potential. It’s been their whole life thinking, man, I have not lived up to my potential. And yet other kids that their whole life thinking, this is the most I will ever do. I can never do anything better or more than this. I have maxed out my potential. And so will your kids live a life of saying, will you, for that matter, live a life saying I have maxed up my potential, or are you going to sit there and say, my life is more amazing than this is. I have more potential left inside of me. I’ve got something greater and better. And I tell you right now, all of us have infinite amount of potential. We can always infinitely do more.

Now whether it’s McDonald’s or McDonald, Douglas really doesn’t matter whether it’s being the president of a country, the president of a business, or just the president of your house, where you just say, I’m just going to make sure that for me and my household, we will serve the Lord. Me and my household. We will do well. It all starts with me. I, I think this is part of what Paul was talking about. When he’s writing to the church and saying that, Hey, to be a deacon, you need to be the husband of one wife. You need to be a father to your children. And then you need to be an example, because if you don’t know how to raise your own household, if you don’t know how to care for your own house, how can you care for the house of God? And I think there’s some parallels there that sometimes we need to say the fruit does not fall from the tree.

We need to make sure that we are saying I’m going to practice in this space so that I can be ready for an even bigger responsibility. So I tell you each day that you will never be given something greater than what you can handle. And if you are, it will, it’ll kind of crush you and destroy you, and you’ll have to start over again. So we try to, throughout our whole lives, try to prepare ourselves. We’ve tried to prepare our kids by sending them to school. We try to teach them their manners and they’re pleased. And the thank you so that when they go into society, when they go into life, that they will be able to be in a position to do well. If you don’t have the schooling, or if you don’t have the understanding of business, you can never run a business.

If you don’t have the understanding and the fundamentals of how a car operates and how to drive a car, you’ll never be able to drive a car. We won’t give you a license, unless we make sure that we test to see, do you have a firm grasp on the way that the automobile works? Are you a safe driver? And if you get into multiple accidents in one year, what are they going to do? You’re going to get enough points on your license. They’ll take your license away because they’ll just say, you know what? You have proven to us that you have failed to understand properly how to operate a motor vehicle in a safe way. That is not a danger to those around you. So we’re going to take that privilege back. We’re going to remove that privilege until you prove to us that you’ve earned that privilege again.

So all of your life go through and just say, man, what a privilege I starting to look to earn right now, some of us have worked at our jobs for a year or five years or 10 years. And we feel like we’re stagnant. We haven’t moved anywhere. So go back, open up that book and say, okay, what privilege have I learned? What have I earned up until this point? Just living life is not a privilege, figuring out and learning what it is that you do and give into life is when you expand the privilege you got there’s plenty of times where I think God really wants to bless us, but he won’t. I, I specifically heard that the voice of God talked to me and tell me that I did not deserve what I wanted. I wanted to be really successful. I wanted to be there.

And I just, as clear as day, just heard you are not ready. If I gave it to you would destroy you. And I’m like, Oh, that man, that was really tough. Thank you. Thank you. Hear from God. You’ll be like he has ever from it instead. I was like, what? No, man, I totally have this. And the more I molded it, the more I thought over it for weeks over days over months, I realized that if I had the, the success that I wanted, I had no clue what to do. That’d be like sticky me in the middle of, in India. Just dropping me straight into India with me. No translator, no computer, nothing and saying, okay, cool. You’re now we’re in control of all of it. Yeah. And you’ll be like, ah, hold up on a second. I don’t even know how to speak the language.

I don’t, I don’t even know what the cultures are here. I don’t know what the, I don’t even know how the government system works. I don’t know anything about this country. Well, exactly. You can’t run the country of India. If you have no clue. I mean, there’s, there’s 1.5 billion plus people there. What are you going to do to meet the needs of over a one and a half a billion people? Do you have any clue? Do you have any idea of what you do? No, absolutely not. You can’t be dropped into a situation like that. You’ve got to learn and earn your way back up into that position if that’s where you want it to be. So whatever it is you want to do, wherever, the places that you want to see, find the people who actually already are there. Why, why do you need to find people who are already where you want to be?

Because they’ve already gone through all the training, all the learning, all the stuff you can copy them just a little bit and that helpful. You could just look at him and say, well, I mean, it works for them, but that is only slightly helpful, which you need to do is find out how did they get there? What was the common base? What was the knowledge they needed to get up to that place? Because if I just copied someone’s actions, then I can only be as good as a copy of them. But if I can learn what they learned to get those actions, then I can become anything I want to become because I no longer am copying someone’s actions and responding only in the ways that they did. I now know why they respond that way. And I now can use that logic. I can take my critical thinking, not just know what, but actually know why I can take that critical thinking and build that in to a system.

And that system can say, here’s how much I will respond in varying circumstances. Here’s what I will do in different varying circumstances. This is the reason that I will do them because of what I’ve seen as a response to that situation. So I want to encourage you to you. Don’t have to get rid of, I’m not telling you, Hey man, you need to drop all the different people in your life. But I am telling you that there are people in your life that are not where you need to be. They are not. And they have not gotten to where you want to go. And if, as long as you surround yourself by them, they will only ever see you as somebody who can only go so far, because they’ve only seen what they think you can do. And you need to show them, you to find people who see

You doing something greater than that. A great coach tells his players that I see what you’re going to be able to do. Not what you can do, but what you’re going to be able to do, because I know that right now, if you follow my training system, you can follow my, my path. If you stand in my mentorship and you stand in my thing, I know what I’ve already done with other players. I know what I’ve already helped them to accomplish. And I know that if you follow my path, you will get the same results all the other players have. Whereas if you go to people who aren’t there and have never been there, they’ll look at you and say, I don’t know how to lead you there. So I don’t believe you could get there because they don’t have any idea. They’ve not seen the mountaintop. They’ve not been there. It’s really difficult to climb

A mountain pass without having ever climbed the mountain pass.

If you go there with a guide though, you will just flow right up there. Cause he knows H turn. He knows what to look for. He knows where to rest. He knows where the best spots are. Western, where the best food and fishing places are that guide can get you to the top of the mountain. Fast. If you try to just rough, it there’s a good chance. You’ll never make it at the top of the mountain because you’ll just end up walking around the base of the mountain, not knowing which path takes you all over the top. You’ll just be randomly following paths. You could get there by luck, but it will definitely take you 10 to 15 times longer. So I wanna encourage you today. Get out there, find the things that you are passionate about. Things that you know, that you’re wanting. Look at the things in your life.

Just do an either or say yellow or blue, and then just go through every, just go through every word, every picture, everything in your life. And just say, just identify the things that you care about. Make a sheet and just put down. What type of car would you like to write down? The type of car that interests you? Uh, is it gonna be a truck? Is it gonna be a convertible? Is it gonna be a sports car? Is it gonna be SUV? Is it gonna be a motorcycle? Do you like to be outdoors or indoors? Do you like to play golf or tennis? Do you like to play video games or do you like to, um, go to a shooting range? Do you actually like to go real hunting or do you like to go swimming? Do you like to go fishing or do you like to, uh, have a fish tank?

Like, I mean, there’s so many different things were just there. I just named all those things. All of you picked something different on all that list and it’s going to be a completely unique, different thing and probably than I would pick or that someone, the next person would pick that is who you are. And that’s some of the things that like, uh, that, that interest you, that turn on that light that inspire you to do that next thing that you want to accomplish and do. So as you’re moving forward and going towards there, start looking for people that are where you want to be, that you admire anybody that you would look up to or admire, or you think you’re greatly about. And then, you know, that are the people, those are the people that are in the place or modeling or showing behaviors and patterns that you admire because it connects with you who you are now.

There’s plenty of people that you don’t pay any attention to at all. You don’t even notice them or you there’s a lot of comedians. I mean, let’s use comedy as an example. There’s I love comedy. I really like a good comedy. And there is a lot of comedians I could never listen to because the type of comedy that they do just to me is annoying at a port. I just, I couldn’t take it. Don’t stand it. And yet there’s other people that find them hilariously funny. And I just don’t just don’t get the humor. I just don’t like their delivery. I don’t like their presented presentation. There’s other comedians that I just really, really connect with. And so just sit there and look through Netflix and just watch like a dozen comedians. It all does, it are on there because they’ve got good stuff and they’ve risen to a level of prominence. And I guarantee you that doesn’t, there’ll be like four that you enjoy. And the other six or eight of them, you’re gonna be like, Oh, how did this guy ever get here? He’s not funny. I don’t enjoy it. Well, it’s because you’re seeing life through your lens and your lens is unique to you. So go out there and find somebody who’s in your unique lens, put them as your mentor and travel up that path and get to there because I know with hard work and dedication, you too can achieve greatness.