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Carpet Steam Cleaner | Do You Need More Information On Us?

Carpet Steam Cleaner | Do You Need More Information On Us?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. And today we’re going to continue our talk about different flooring surfaces and where to use them. We picked up abruptly off of our last podcast about talking about Carpet Steam Cleaner and where are good spaces to use your carpet in your home and dealing with the different parts of your home? We will quickly recap some of the stuff that we went over. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete Carpet Steam Cleanert. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoy your clean carpet again. And so here you are. You’re working hard at trying to get to the perfect arrangement of hard and soft surfaces throughout your home. And we’re trying to give you a good comprehensive list of things that you can do. So let’s just bolt through the list really quick, and then it will break down the why’s of each one.

But, uh, so start off right off the top. You want to have a, all of your wet areas, anything that has a source of water in the room. You want to have tile. If there’s a water fountain, if there is a sink, if there is a toilet, if there is a autonomic automatic dog bowl, water dispenser, if there is a fish tank, if there is a, uh, let’s see, what else can we have that would have water. We have a bathtub, a bath, a sink, a toilet, a shower, anything that’s going to have a laundry room where you have moisture and wet clothes and wet things. You want to try to make sure all these areas have tile. That way mold and mildew can be easily cleaned up and won’t have much problem. The only caveat is if you’re in any place with elderly people that have trouble with stability or walking, then you want to have carpet everywhere so that if they do fall, it’ll be have a Patty and be soft for them to fall down too.

And you’ll help them with traction because walking on tile, you can slip and fall. Easy. Walking on carpet is much, much more traction, much more stability as they move throughout the environment. So you don’t have as many slip and falls that are problematic. So I see older people with tile in their bathrooms, and then they cover it with Carpet Steam Cleaner so that they can increase that traction. Don’t put rugs down because rugs have corners and edges that can curl and they, they may slip or trip on the edge or the corner of something lift up. It’s better to have wall to wall. Something that covers it completely getting back to where should you put carpet? That was our next section of wood floors. You get into the areas that don’t have a source of water, but are functional or nice or high traffic. Uh, so any of your hallways, any of your, um, entryways, uh, your dining room, maybe an office, all of these areas could the right place to put wood or a wood look, tile.

Um, I personally with an office like carpet because of the getting into the quiet part, and we were going through the different steps of where you would put carpet and why you should have it there. So the three pronged steps that we were just talking about for the living room is that you want to have one. You want to have it be soft. If you’re going to be doing something and fun and playing with the kids and getting down on the floor, well, then you need to have Carpet Steam Cleaner because getting down on wood floor on your knees is going to destroy your knees quickly. It was not a fun thought. It does not feel good. It’s something that you need to try to avoid at all costs, unless you do like to have worn out knees. And there, like some people just have a pension.

They’re like, man, if I could just wear a knee brace, if that, if I just had a reason, a really good, solid reason to wear a knee brace on, man, I just, maybe I should do something that would cause me to wear a knee brace very soon. And so that will be one of your, I can’t understand that particular mindset. So I’m going to skip ahead right into step number two and step number two or part number two reason. Number two would be that you want to have somewhere. That is a good noise. Deadener you’re going to be watching a movie. If you’re gonna be watching a, uh, you didn’t have talk in that area. I tried talking in a large tile area with a group of friends and it turns into a cacophony of sound. It’s just echoes everywhere. Try to go into a cathedral and talk to somebody and you just have this, you know, echo, echo, echo for what, what, what, what, how, how, how did did, did, did you, you, you and you’re like, Whoa, okay, hold on.

That is way too much reverb. And it’s very difficult to understand what we’re saying. You want to have crisp and clarity. That’s why studios, wherever you go to record sound, have padding and carpet up on the walls, on the floor, on the ceiling. They actually cover everything with Patti and Carpet Steam Cleaner so they can kill any reflective sound that they can they’ll add reverb or they’ll change the sound later, but they want it to be as clean a sound, a direct sound as possible. And so they try to remove all of that extra noise, that extra rebound, that bounce with soft surfaces that will not reflect the sound again. That’s what the soft serpent does. It absorbs the sound does not cause it to reflect back. And which helps if you go into a movie theater, you’ll notice this because you’ll look at the movie there and it will have carpet all up the walls.

Why is that? So they can control the sound specifically so that it will come to the listening ears. Um, and then you want to have carpet in your bedroom areas. This is twofold because the bedroom areas help again with a sound. So if you’re sleeping in, they’re much easier to sleep without getting a lot of noise. As other things happen, as your dog walks into the room, you don’t hear the clickety clickety. Um, and then our third reason for having a carpet in the area is because it makes the area more soft. It is also a great wastebasket to collect the dirt. So you don’t have to clean the area quite as often, you can vacuum an area, um, a couple of times a week or once a week. Whereas if you have wood floors in there, you’re going to have to sweep and mop those floors daily. Because if you’re in there every time you’re in there, Dustin debris accumulates in there perfectly. And he told us since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today, (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoy your clean Carpet Steam Cleaner. Again, we are complete carpet. We’d love to get you and service. You help you to make it make and maintain your castle is your home. So enjoy it today.