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Carpet Steam Cleaner | Finding Our More Information?

Carpet Steam Cleaner | Finding Our More Information?

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. And today we’re going to be talking about the heat of your water Carpet Steam Cleaner. This is a great topic. And if you want to learn more about this and more topics, just, just check out our, check us out on the website at complete carpet polka about Tom, or maybe you like that person to person connection. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 and get on the road to enjoy your carpets again, your house is your castle. So always look forward to coming home. Perfect cleaning houses since 1998. As we talk about the heat of the water, what to, uh, encourage you whenever you’re doing carpet cleaning, but he is a fall home carpet cleaner, just a bottle of, uh, spray. Uh, whenever you do your rent, whenever you try to rent stuff out of your carpet, always use a of water is available to you.

You don’t have to get off of the stove and boil the water, but you could just use straight hot water from the tap to really help because he is the catalyst that makes things happen. If you give a good example of this, when you are doing your, your chemistry or physics in high school, and you went in and you sat there and you said, okay, what are we going to do today? Professor and the professor comes in and says Carpet Steam Cleaner, today we are going to work on the effects of sugar or salt and it’s dilution ratio and this solution seed. And so you would get in there and you take some sugar, you take salt, you take a cold glass of water water. So day before the sugar in, and then you’d take the beaker. They probably called beaker of water. I guess if you take the beaker, if you take the little beaker, sir, and you mix it around and purposely spin it.

So you got the, all of the sugar or the salt to dissolve it to the water that you had. I didn’t take how long, Hey, Rebecca, to how quickly it was, there’s all this, but then you would apply heat to the situation. So you get to water, fresh water and put the beaker over heat. So now you get the water up to a roll in foil. And once you have a rolling boil, then you put in the, uh, then you put some water into the, or you take that water. You put some of the sugar or salt down into the beaker while it’s boiling as the salt or the sugar just disappears. And you’re like, Whoa, where did this salt or the sugar go? Well, it’s still there in the water. It just got dissolved down into its liquidy form. And the heat caused that to happen fast.

The little air bubbles that are popping and forming at the bottom of that beaker of water are forming because of the oxygen and the water molecules are more active. They’re bouncing and moving and sitting together. Hello, Heather, they bounce and move and spin against each other Carpet Steam Cleaner. They create little pockets where the air is separated. Certainly the gas and all of this extra helps the, uh, helps to create more energy. There’s more function and energy going on there inside of the, uh, inside of the bottle. So like you run into it, you have happened is as they, you go through that salt and that sugar will be moved with the heat of the movement of the water. It will be moved faster as it dissolves into its next bus perfectly and tells us in 1998. So we translate it as real world. So that’s a theoretical application, but you want to go into the real world application.

Now, here you are. You got the real world you’re sitting there and you’ve got a large ice tea and hold IC, but you want it to be sweet. I see here gonna take a bunch of sugar packets and you’re going to open a four sugar packet, five sugar packets for all the sugar into, to the IC. At that point, you realize, okay, I got a large lump of sugar at the bottom of my IC. As you take a long stirring spoon and you start seriously sitting that water, mixing that water up and all that water will dissolve the sugar and it will all come into suspension Carpet Steam Cleaner. Now you’ve got a nice sweet tea. Now, on the other standpoint, if you take a nice green tea, yeah. High, hot CP team, and you take, say two lumps of sugar, you take your two lumps of sugar.

You put it into the T and now you take that hot Jesus poured over the lumps of the sugar. There’s no story, almost no story involved needed at all because the heat of that water dissolve the sugar cube almost instantaneously, and it will mix directly into the water. So here you can see the power that heat has and the IC or in the hot tea, uh, in a hot coffee or in a cold coffee. Uh, you, you know, you have a different, if you’ve got cold milk and you pour in chocolate syrup to try to make chocolate milk, it will take the good story to try to get those two to mix together. Whereas you got hot chocolate boiling on the stove Carpet Steam Cleaner. There’s almost no story necessary. The two will mix with each other almost immediately. So use the heat of your water as your friend, because it will help.

They have, uh, the conditions is a mixing of the two will happen faster because of what you are trying to accomplish. Thank you for joining us on the carpet diem podcast, carpet cleaning tools. This is 1998. We are a complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093, or just go online and get yourself on the schedule and on the way to enjoy your carpets. Again, in this podcast, we covered the importance of heat of the water and how that, that could speed up the reaction time because you’re creating more energy and more function and form the next time we will cover how to make sure that your vacuum is properly maintained. So make sure you join us next time on a carpet progress carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet.