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Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Serena. And today I want to talk to you about, um, something that’s a little bit more personal in nature, more about your life and what you do and where you can go, what you can do and accomplish perfectly in Tulsa. Since 1998, we are complete Carpet Steam Cleaner. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. So I’m gonna jump right into it because I think it’s a good topic that I won’t be able to cover in one podcast, but I want to give a least a general coverage or light coverage over it is that you are the power of your words, the power of your beliefs. I wanted to challenge all of you today to, to become the best version of you. Now here’s part that I think that a lot of people maybe get hung up on is that they look at who they believe that they could be.

Um, and this, then they say, well, okay, I’ve got a captive potential. I could only become whatever it is. You just, you put a limit to what it is now. Can you go through here? What I firmly believe that if you are called, if you are supposed to be doing something, we all know at any point in your life, you would know what you should be doing right now. That is not the same throughout your whole life. Let me give you an example. I know this would be a little bit more controversial for a lot of people, but there’s very few instances in the Bible or anywhere that God will tell somebody specifically who they should marry. Now there’s a good example where, um, God calls Elijah to marry a prostitute. And so, I mean, I’m going to have to tell you right now that if you believe that you should marry a prostitute, that you better be absolutely sure that that is what God has told you to do.

Not that you catch the ball. There’s not redemption for everybody Carpet Steam Cleaner, but I tell everybody like, look, you’ve got to live the life. You’ve got to be the type of person that you want to marry. You gotta be the type of person you want to be friends with. You got to be the type of person that you want to have a father, your mother, your children, you got to be the type of person that is going to live up to the expectations of what you would like in society. He goes, otherwise you will never receive from somebody. There are a few unicorn events, but we all receive what we have the capacity to give. If I believe I can be very successful, I will hang around with people that believe that they can be successful. I will repel. I will choose not to be with people who do not have positive, upbeat mindset.

Okay? If you are a type of person that looks at life and believes that you are going to lose inherently, always you’ll just lose inherently. And life is always out to get you. Then I can’t hang out with you. I just really can’t be with you because you are going to feed my mind with your negativity. If you had in mind a positivity Carpet Steam Cleaner, well, then you are going to be looking for those around. And I would love to hang out with you because you’re going to look at life through the lens of what it could be, what it is not. It’s a, in a more simplistic form. We talk about it as a glass half full or a glass half empty. No, I personally like just drink a whole glass and enjoy it. Like sometimes we focus so much on how much is left or how much there is.

And I said, you know what? Just drink the glass and go find another there’s so much of life that, uh, for example, if you come, somebody comes in and says, okay, should I buy this book? Or should I buy that book sometimes in life? It’s an either or choice. Like I can not both go to the movies and to a basketball game at the same time. So the question is, which do I go to? But I can’t look at that and say, well, why do I have to choose Carpet Steam Cleaner? Well, because they don’t both play at the same time. Yes. That is limited mindset. That the limited thinking that is the part that I’m wanting to try to get a convey in this particular podcast, is that I’m wanting you to see that there is more options than a and B. And so you look at that and you say, okay, I can either go to the movie or I can go to the sporting event.

Well, you know what? I will choose to go to the movie first and then go to the bus, go to the sporting event first and then go to the movie. Afterwards, a sporting event is set at a set time. Those people will be there at that time. The movie on the other hand, it’s probably got multiple showings. It’s probably got multiple times is going through, or I could say, you know what? This team has another game next weekend. So I will go to the movie this weekend and I will go see this team that weekend after this team will be playing a different team at that time, but they still play in another game. It’s not the last time. And a lot of our scarcity mentality. A lot of times we look at stuff as if this is now the last thing to do. And this is a good reason that anytime you’re listening to a radio broadcast to a standard radio, if you’re watching TV, you need to, once the commercials pop on, turn those off, just stop watching commercials altogether.

Just do not engage in commercials. When you want a product, go out there, do the research and find the product that you need because you know that you have a legitimate desire, right? Genuine belief. If we could turn off all social media, all new sources, everything from people’s lives, they would be genuinely happy people. They would have a much, much better life overall because the whole goal of any type of news thing is salaciousness. They need something that’s going to attract your attention Carpet Steam Cleaner. They want you to have a slight addictive instance. That’s why you hear the news. People say, check in with us on the fives on the ninth, on the, on the, because you know that every five to 10 minutes, they’re going to tell you something. And if you listen to it all day long, guess what they tell you the same three to five things.

They don’t change it up because they’re always looking. They’re assuming that nobody has listened to them yet and they need to re hook the next person. And so you’re in this perpetual cycle of saying, okay, what is it that I need to learn? What do I need to do now? Obviously it’s going to be a bigger podcast and I have to go into part two of this in the next podcast. But knowing that you can have more than one option is now going to unlock inside of you Carpet Steam Cleaner. The capacity to start looking at things in a different way. I can both go to the movie and go to the basketball game. I don’t have to choose either. Or, and a lot of times life will try to trick you into saying you can only choose one. And I’m telling you start looking for both.