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Carpet Steam Cleaner | Helping You Make History?

Carpet Steam Cleaner | Helping You Make History?

Welcome to the garbage DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete Carpet Steam Cleaner Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. And get on the road to enjoy your clean carpet again. Uh, one of the things that I think a lot of people miss in their carpet cleaning process is the value of daily maintenance. Uh, this is something I’ve been trying to teach and work with my own family on. I think we all need to work in our lives to look at some of the things that we do and figure out are we finished yet? I know kids as they’re growing up, they’ll always ask you the very simple question of, are we there yet? And in your life, you need to ask yourself another question too, to come along beside that and say, are we finished yet? A lot of times we do something, but we’d never finish.

We started, we get close to doing it. We get down the path quite a ways, but we don’t finish. We are very close to being finished. Sometimes we are like right there on the cusp. We mean like you could call it finished, but as not. And so you need to make sure that what you’re doing does line up with what is supposed to be done. Sometimes we never finished and here’s a, here’s a big secret behind why we don’t finish something that we start is because we don’t know. We don’t have accurate definition of what finished is. We have, we have a definition of what we’re supposed to do Carpet Steam Cleaner, but we didn’t define the end point at the what point. So let me give you a good example. And we’ll just use this as our definitive measuring stick away to try to gauge how we are doing in our lives.

Is that when we go out, let’s say that you need to leave. You’re going to go to the movies and to go to the movies. You need to drive the car to take you from where you’re at, to where you’re going to be. And as you go to get in the car, you sit down in the car and you’ve got, you got everything. You need picked it all up. You got it all with you. So you sit down in the car and you tell the car to turn on and the car does nothing. And you’re like, that’s weird. Why is the car not turning on your kid, looks at you and says, dad, obviously the car is not turning on because you haven’t put the keys in the car and it’s not a voice activated car Carpet Steam Cleaner. It’s a key activity call. You’re like, Oh, that’s right, Alexa at home can turn the TV on or turn the lights on.

But when I’m at my car, I have yet to have a voice activated car though. Back when I was in high school, my first vehicle that I bought myself was a 1984 Nissan, 300 Z. It was actually a Nissan Dustin. It was the year that they had transitioned over and we’re using these on the curb. It still had the Datsun name on there. And so it actually had the Nissan and the dots and labels on the back of the car and the 300 Z. This is the first year that they made 380 and they made it very futuristic and cutting edge right on top of the time. And so when you get in, you’d open the door and the car would say, door a jar. The car actually talks to you. And so as you got into the you’re driving the car, all of us, the car would tell you fuel level low.

And you’re like, Oh, that doesn’t cut the light for the fuel level on which prompted the system to tell you that the fuel level is low. It will tell you that passengers, her driver’s seatbelt, driver’s seatbelt. And you’re like, Oh, I’m gonna put my driver’s seat belt on. And then all these little things they would talk to you about and tell you has your own trunk, a jar, all these tire pressure low. And like all these little things they would talk to you about, which at first is a really novel thing Carpet Steam Cleaner. I tell you, your car talks to you just telling you warning symbols all the time. Or if you’ve got a sensor that doesn’t work now, every time you get in the car, it always tells you something wrong. You know? So, uh, if you’ve opened, it turned the car off, but not take the keys out instead of just dinging at you, it would say keys in the ignition keys in the ignition, it would tell you that this is what has happened.

This is 1984. Evidently was such an amazing, uh, Trenchill success of getting your car to talk to you. That it had never been. It’s never been repeated since then. I don’t know if I’ve ever driven in a car since that time. That would talk to you as you were going about your driving tasks. And so one thing you want to try to think about here, the reason that we’re bringing this up is that there I am sitting in the car without the keys to start the car Carpet Steam Cleaner. So obviously, what am I going to do? I’m going to go back inside. I’m going to find those keys, right? So I go through and I go to look and let’s just cut that story short. Let’s say I searched. I searched for an hour or I could search for one minute. And I find the keys and they’re sitting there in the cup holder where we keep all the little keys.

That’s what I grabbed. One of them and grabbed the set of keys. Boom, we’re ready to go. And you know what? I don’t do any time after that, I immediately stopped looking for keys. I no longer am looking for keys, but until I have the cheese in my hand, I do not. I do not stop looking for the keys guy. I got to get to that movie. And so we’re going to tear that house apart until I find the keys. Now, as soon as I found the keys, everybody could correctly say I would be an idiot. I’d be crazy to once I find the keys to keep looking for another set of keys and be like, look, maybe it’s multi-dimensional universe here and there Carpet Steam Cleaner. And there’s another set of keys out there that I could find your kids are looking at. You like a dad, what are you looking for?

I’m looking for the keys. Yes. They’re in your hand. Oh yes, yes. I found this set of keys, but maybe there’s another set of keys I can keep looking for. Well, no, that would be ridiculous because you wouldn’t keep looking for another set of keys. If you found them and in our life, we need to figure out, have I decided that I no longer need to keep looking? Am I finished? And I’m finished the moment I find the keys, right? That makes sweet sense. Some men leave the men’s restroom and they are air quotes finished. Once they finished going to the bathroom and they put their pamphlets, but they have not washed their hands. There are pretty much every woman I ever know would say, you are not finished. You need to go back into that restroom and wash your hands young man. And so they have yet to get the keys to fully leave. They stopped looking for the keys without finding the keys. And I think that you need to make sure that as you’re going through your life, you find the things, the keys to success in your life.