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Carpet Steam Cleaner | How Can We Find Complete Carpet?

Carpet Steam Cleaner | How Can We Find Complete Carpet?

Well, welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete Carpet Steam Cleaner today. We want to continue talking about your hard surface versus soft surface, your tile, wood, stain, concrete, linoleum, and carpet. So where would you use what we’ve talked about last time? We’ll just do a quick recap about what you want to have. Do carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093. So going back to our previous topic, we want to quickly recap you had, um, any of your wet areas, your bathroom areas, that areas that have sources of water. Uh, you’ve got your tub. You’ve got your toilet, you’ve got your sink. And so they all are a source of water. We want to use those areas. Every time we go to use those areas, it’s always for moisture based reasons. So you’ll have

A lot

Of, uh, spills or humidity or just active splashes that happened around it Carpet Steam Cleaner. So you want to have some surfaces, very easy and durable to water, which we serve. We suggest ceramic tile, grouted tile. It could be a wood look, tile, but any of your, uh, ceramic solid tiles are going to help you because when water spills down, you just throw a rag or a towel down and you just absorb it back up. It doesn’t go anywhere. It doesn’t do anything because it is a surface that can just sit in water and be just fine. Just like in a pool, you have, the edges typically are tile. There’s this decorative tile that goes around it because it’s meant to be on the inside. If you take a shower, a lot of sh most showers are tiled because the tile can stand up to water and be waterproof. And I have no problem there. So we want to make sure that you have a surface there that matters,

Which is the use of the room.

Now, if we jump ahead to, um, our kitchen, again, kitchen should be some type of tile, because again, you have access point to water. So someone could be doing the dishes and use the vegetable sprayer. And then if somebody walks into the room, they turn the vegetable sprayer on the person and it starts spraying the person. And the water kind of goes everywhere. They laugh about it and they get a mop and they mop it up. Whereas if you were in an area with Carpet Steam Cleaner in there, then every oil, butter, water, food, particle, everything that falls down to the floor Carpet Steam Cleaner, we’ll get grounded to that carpet. And then they get very nasty, very quickly carpet cleaning Tulsa. Since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today, (918) 494-7093 and get on the road to enjoy your clean carpets. Again, the next space that we want to move into, where your dining room, there is no source of water there.

So there’s no place that somebody could turn on a water spicket or flush the toilet or take a bath. So the only way you get water in there is if someone brings a glass of water in, and then we don’t typically spill our water that often. So you can upgrade that to say wood floors Carpet Steam Cleaner, have something a little bit nicer, a little bit more Shrinky. And so that scenario that you could switch over out of your tiled areas. So we’ve talked about all the tile. There is another good area for the tile area is a little area going towards the back door, little area coming in from the front door, because those two get a lot of hard traffic. Also, you could have people coming in and out of the rain there, and it’s nice to have a tiled surface. That’s easy to touch up or clean.

Next. We’re going to move to a hallway hallways or all of your choke points, your funnel points, where everyone has to go through that spot to get to somewhere else like your entry. And we’ve got to come through the front door to get to, um, the living room. Everyone’s got to go down the hallway to get to all the bedrooms. So it has to go around the corner and down the hall to get to the bathroom. Uh, everyone has to come in through the garage. If they want to get into the kitchen, I’m going to have to come in the back door, the back entry to access the house from the backyard. So you want to take all of those areas and say, okay, where we’re going to take those areas and make sure that they get the proper amount of resistance to where, because they will get a lot more.

So everyone that comes into the house must access through three points. They may go to 12 different bedrooms, the bedroom itself, and gets very little where only the one person that lives in that bedroom goes there. Whereas the hallway connecting the six bedrooms, all six people walk down that hallway every day. Whereas only one person goes into each bedroom every day. So let’s say that you went into a bedroom to go to sleep. You get out of the bedroom to go to work. Can you come back into the bedroom? When you come back to go to sleep, six people going into six different bedrooms. They leave in the morning. They walked down the hallway once and they go back in the evening. They walked back down the hallway. Obviously there’ll be a simplistic example, but just to give the math for you. So each room has somebody in the room twice, once in the morning and once at night.

So somebody walks into the room and somebody walks out of the room. Whereas the hallway, all six people had to walk down the hallway and they walked down the hallway twice. So each room gets two people walking across it throughout the day, or gets two times of being walked on. Whereas the hallway has all six people walking down at twice. So you have 12 times of walking on it. So that is six times more wear on the hallway than the bedroom. So that’s a lot of times it’s good to put a hard surface down the hallway so that you can, uh, take some of that wear. And even it out Carpet Steam Cleaner down a hallway typically will get worn out a lot faster than the bedrooms, which is why you’ll see people replace the halls with some hard surface so that they can keep the carpets in the bedrooms that haven’t gotten much walk on or a guest bedroom really almost gets no use at all, because it only happens a couple of times a year when you have family over.

And so those areas don’t get the same use that the other areas do. And they end up looking different in compared to the rest of the carpet, compared to the rest of the areas. Cause they last much longer. Now another part that is definitely helpful or needed is get into the bedrooms. Now these areas I, 100% say use carpet all the time. There’s multiple reasons for this one. You want the area that you’re going to sleep in to be as noise deadening as possible so that if there is noises or if there is things happen, it could be minimized. If you try to walk across a tiled room while somebody is sleeping, they are probably going to hear you. They’re probably going to wake them up. Whereas if you walk across a carpeted room, it’s easy, you can soft foot that all the way across without being noticed is no problem at all.

Really helps sound that I also in any movie room, any entertainment room, I always suggest the Carpet Steam Cleaner. And the reason is threefold. First. It is fun to lay down on the floor and do games or activities or play with the kids, or even just lay down to watch a movie. And then you don’t get hurt. It’s really does not feel good to get down on wood or tile and sit on the floor and have activities. You’re gonna just wear your knees out. Uh, you’re going to be a more hard, not soft, not fun surface play down if you slip and fall, which is much easier, um, you’re going to through, so the higher activity areas, the fire play area, the higher, um, enjoyment areas. I say, put it in a soft surface that has a pad underneath it. Carpet is fantastic for this. Uh, the reason number two is that if you are in an area that has a high volume of traffic, you’re also going to have a higher volume of dust and dirt and debris. And so the carpet helps as a, um, helps as a wastebasket. And the carpet is just a wastebasket to collect all flooring in some type of waste. Basket is going to collect all the stuff that you do perfectly in Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093.