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Carpet Steam Cleaner | How Can you Learn More About Us?

Carpet Steam Cleaner | How Can you Learn More About Us?

Welcome to the carbon diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrinas. And today I would like to talk to you about achieving your goals perfectly and told us in 1998, we are complete Carpet Steam Cleaner as you’re. One of your goals you may have is to get a new home. And as you’re moving into the new home, I want to give you our five steps. I know you’re like five steps. Can’t you just make it two for sure. We’ll make it two steps. And then I’ll give you another two seconds and then I’ll give you that one bonus step. You’re like, wait a second, two steps plus two steps. Plus the one bonus. Hey, wait a second. You gave me five steps anyway. Yes, exactly. We are going to be very tricky in this aspect. So we’re giving you two steps and then we’ll give you two steps and we’ll give you one bonus step perfectly.

He told us since 1998, we are complete Carpet Steam Cleanert. So here are the steps that we tell people that you need to do. When you’re moving into your home, you’re moving into a new home. You’re taking possession of someone else’s home. Now some of these steps would not be applicable. If you’re buying a brand new home, it still could be applicable even with a brand new home, because you don’t know if it was a show. Was this a lot model? Was it built a spec who has been in your home, building your home? A lot of times that people will say yes, of course, it’s my, I mean, I build this home. It’s a brand new home. It’s mine. I’m the first person to live in this home. How long did that home take to build and say, well, I mean, did it take one week?

Well, no, no. I mean, it was like, was it a month? No, no, it was, I think it’s, I mean, I think we, from the time that we talked about it and they poured the slab, it was about a sheet and it was like four months, maybe six months. It just depends on the builder. And this time of year it is and how much it rains. Okay. For six months at home is being built. How many hundreds of people built that home? Well, every one of those hundreds of people lived in your home over the last six months. Eventually when they’re finished building that home, they gave it to you. But there has been a load. There has been a ton of people going in through there. And when we were installing carpets for a long time, people would be absolutely flabbergasted when we pull the Carpet Steam Cleaner up and then see all of the stuff that’s sitting on the concrete underneath the carpet, and this is not odd or normal.

The way that every single home is because most people, when they come in to install Carpet Steam Cleaner, they don’t go through and wipe and scrape and clean the concrete. They throw the pad over top of it and they just put the carpet in, right? They don’t go through, they might sweep it lightly, but there’s not going to be some really intensive, deep dive, cleaning process that happens before they put the carpet in. They just get the main, chunky book stuff out of the way and then put the carpenter. And so that is a similar. So this, these tips, these two plus two plus one tips can help you as you’re dealing with these different situations and scenarios, to be able to make sure that you’re making good choices as you’re moving into your new home. So tip number one is to change out your air filter tip, number one, change out your air filter.

You need to get a $20 air filter. Now you’d like, well, I’ve been told not to use the really expensive air filters because they’re really hard in your system Carpet Steam Cleaner. This is correct because they filter so much stuff. They drag the airflow down tremendously, thus really damaging your system because your system is designed to have a certain amount of air flow going through it. And that airflow gets resisted or dropped. Then you’re going to have real trouble with your system. It will be running too hot, too cold. It will be a drag, a strain on the fan. It won’t be able to spin properly. You have a lot of issues. So make sure that you’re using the proper filter for your system. Typically the seven to $10 filters, the best fit for most all air systems. But right now, what we’re going to do is we’re going to strain your system a little bit and do it on purpose with that $20 filter, which is a kind of smoke level, the super allergen level one, it’s the high level Merv super Merv rating system.

And it’s not going to hurt your system in a week or a month or a day, but over five years, you’re going to definitely reduce the life of that system by having too strong of an air filter or really what truly happens most of the time. It’s not the strength of the air filters. The fact that that stronger air filter is going to filter a lot more dirt and it’s filtering a lot more dirt. You need to replace it quite quite frequently. If you allow that to build up over time, it’s eventually going to clog the filter. Now air can’t pass through, it’s all plugged up. And so you end up with a filter that’s clogged and a system that can’t pull air through because it’s already got a lot of dirt and dust and debris and wishes exactly what we’re going to try to do here.

Tip number one is put a super duty airfields in there at $20 a filter turn the air conditioning system from on, from auto to on. So the fan is just running all the time. Won’t change the temperature of just keep the fan movie. We’re now going to turn your whole house into this kind of HEPA air filter. So all of the air that is in your home, new construction or current is the air that was in your home for the previous people, the 50 to a hundred people that built your home. They all were in there. Every noise, every sniff, every smell, everything that they did is now still the air that is in that home. So take him filter all that air out and just sit there. And after three days, go ahead and look at that filter. And it’s more than likely going to be kind of a light Brown or a dark Brown color because it is fully absorbed and pulled all the dirt out of the air.

As it’s filtering the dirt throughout, uh, pools work the same way they use a big sand filter and they move all the water through that filter to try to make sure the water stays clean and clear in your pool. Cause he want to do the same thing with your air. You want to turn over all the air in the home and we find typically about three days is a good measurement stick. Um, we’ll get into the other tips in our next podcast that I took way too long, setting up the amount of tips that we’re going to do. So unfortunately, this tip was the only tip you got in this super podcast about Carpet Steam Cleaner cleaning and house cleaning. Excellent perfectly. And it’s also since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Then joy your castle again, your castle is your home. Your home is your castle. So enjoy it. Get to where you say, Hey, I want you to run home, not run away from home. A lot of times there’s, we’ve all had that guy who just doesn’t want to go back home because this is his home is not where he wants to be.