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Carpet Steam Cleaner | Learning More On Complete Carpet

Carpet Steam Cleaner | Learning More On Complete Carpet

Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrinas. And today I want to talk to you about getting your carpet clean from your pets. Uh, just talk to the customer just recently about how what’s the steps that they need to do our four step approach to dealing with your pet spots. This applies to really all spots in your carpet, but it helps specifically for pets Carpet Steam Cleaner cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093. All right. So as we get back into this, we’re going to jump right into the four steps. I’ll give you the four steps and then we’ll go back over and break them down that way, right off the bat, you can be like, okay, write this down. You got a pen and paper, step number one, that removal you must’ve knock out. Whatever is there.

Get it sucked up and removed in some way. This is a dry suction to say, vacuuming, a blotting, maybe use a ShopVac, something to dry remove. What is there? Step number two, wet removal. So step number one, drive removal, step number two, wet removal. It takes them just plain old water and rinse out. What is left in the Carpet Steam Cleaner. Water is the universal solvent. It will help to break it down and rinse out almost anything. So step number three, now that you have removed all that you can get out of it naturally. Now we’re going to go and start using some chemical. The chemicals that we want to use will be dependent upon what the source of the spot is. If it’s a pet spot or if it’s a makeup spot,

If it’s food, okay,

If it’s a, you know, whatever the spot may be, uh, make sure that you’re using something specifically designed to break it down. Cause what you’re right now, you’ve removed all that. You can suck out. You rinsed out what you can rent out. And now what is left is something that does not break down with either dry suction or with water. And so you’re gonna have to get something to emulsify the product. You need to break it down so it can be encapsulated into some water and be removed until after you’ve used your product. The last step step number four is to rinse again. Once you have broken it down, the product is going to break it down and capsulate it, get it to be into suspension so that it can then be sucked or rinsed away. And so you want to use both. You want to rinse and suck because they part that is important here is that we need to not only remove the spot, but remove the chemicals that we’ve used to break the spot down.

This is the key factor that many people miss in trying to clean up their Carpet Steam Cleaner is that they go through, they remove and they break down the spot. They use chemicals, who to treat the spot and then they leave the chemical in the carpet. Thus it is attracting new dirt and creating a new spot. It is a residual chemical spot. So whatever it is that you use, let’s just say for simple terms, you used a little bit of soap. Now there is a bit of soap on the carpet, leaving a residue of soap, which is going to dry to a sticky tacky residue that dust in the air falls to the carpet. You tried to vacuum it up and it won’t back him off because it’s sticking to the remaining soap. So this is where your rinse side is so important because you need to get, make sure you’ve got that fiber completely clean with no residue left on it to attract new dirt.

This is also a very heinous thing. That’s, uh, carpet cleaners have been known to do in the past. And it’s why some people feel like after they get the carpets cleaned, they get dirty quicker is that carpet cleaners are known for using soap in the water that they’re cleaning with. Do you use soap in the water that you’re cleaning with then, or the water that you’re rinsing with? You can clean and rinse so you could go two part process. So we do it in one part ourselves, but if you’re using water in the cleaning heads, so you’re using the cleaning wall and the water and the truck has an injector of soap, or there’s just mixed in with soap in the water. So that as you’re rinsing the water through the carpet, if the soap is breaking down the dirt, you’re also leaving soap in the Carpet Steam Cleaner.

If you use soapy water to rinse, soap out, you leave soap in, you can’t use soap to rent, soap out. This doesn’t work that way. Even with all the clear and the dry rinse formula is you always leave some type of residue left in the carpet. So you need to do a clear water wrench and the hotter, the water, the rinse, the better, because hotter water helps to break down the soaps assaults, the sugars that are in the Carpet Steam Cleaner, that would be all of your sources of stickies. And by doing that, it breaks down those sources of sticky, allowing them to be floated away into the water. You can do it with cold water. It just takes two or three times as much water because you’re running a cold water, cross something. And most things, when they’re cold, they coagulate, they slow down. They stiffen up and if you get them hot, they soften up, they loosen up and they flow more freely.

And that is what you are shooting for. That’s what you’re wanting to have happen. As you’re trying to rent, as you want all of the dust, dirt, debris, soap, grime, and stuff, that’s in the carpet to be able to rinse out easily. So let’s go back quickly through those last four steps. As we wrap up today’s podcast, we want you to go over first, try to remove removal, dry removal, use a dry cloth, a dry towel, a shot back something to suck up and remove what is there so that it is no longer. Cause if you start with a soap or you start with a product and you’re going to dilute what is there and you’re going to spread it farther into the carpet. So try and just lift it up, suck it off just directly. If you took a packet and spilled a packet of Koolaid on the carpet, not mixed up the dry packet, and you’ve got the dry packet of Koolaid, you spill it on the carpet.

You can suck that back up without leaving anything on the carpet all, but if you pour water on top of that, you’ve now taken the dry crystals and turn them into Kool-Aid. You’ve reactivated the dyes, the sugars, everything. And now it’s going to seep and go, wherever that water goes, it’s going to take the Koolaid with it. And that’s a good example of what we do. Sometimes we’ll try to break up a spot. We ended up making it deeper and more evasive, more pervasive into the thing that we were trying to clean carpet cleaning Tulsa. Since 1998, we are complete Carpet Steam Cleaner Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093.