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Carpet Steam Cleaner | Never Seen Cleaner Carpets

Carpet Steam Cleaner | Never Seen Cleaner Carpets

Welcome to the carpet diem hot desk. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina. And today we are going to talk about watch her the heat of the water, that Carpet Steam Cleaner. Since 1998, we are complete purpose. They’ll give us a call today. (918) 494-7093. The heat of your water is important to the cleaning of your carpet. This is also not exclusive to the cleaning of your carpet. If she wants to deal with the delicates, you deal with a lower heat. If you want to dry your clothes, you deal with a, um, you’ve got to be with heat. If you want to wash your dishes, you’ve got to deal with something type of heat and all the different areas that you are accomplishing and doing things in your house and in your kitchen, in your laundry room with your clothing. If you want to take a shower, I mean, you can bathe yourself in cold water, but it is more enjoyable and actually works faster and easier in warm water.

The reason for this is that everything needs a catalyst. Catalyst is the thing that will help one thing to do something. Everything can happen, but without gasoline, the engine does not keep turning. It needs as a, for the explosion to happen Carpet Steam Cleaner. And so the gasoline then gets ignited that puts it in pressure and then ignites keeping the engine moving in a circle. And so that keeps it progressing forward. Uh, if you need to get, uh, Oh, if you want to be able to get down the road, it was a walk, but if you put, jump on a skateboard or a bicycle, something to improve the one to one ratio of your feet moving, you could change it into two, to one or five to one or 10 to one ratio. You get a 10 speed bike. You get up to one of the higher speeds and you grow 25 miles an hour down the road.

Whereas you try to get out there and just clip it on foot. And you’re not gonna be able to go that fast Carpet Steam Cleaner. Cause you’re dynamically increasing the power of your, um, what’s your feet can do on their own by giving something that has a ratio to it. And the hotter something is the more that ratio seems to be cranked up. Uh, we can see this an easy side of giving this example many times before, but we’ll give it again. Now, if you take and you have a, an iced tea and you’re like, yes, honey, I would love to have my ice tea. And I say, bless your soul. How would you like your ice tea? Do you want unsweet or sweet? That’s it? You can take, let’s say, you know what? I want to unsweet ice tea and you get it. You take a sip of it.

You’re like, Nope. I changed my mind. I want to make it a sweet tea. Instead, you’re gonna have this sweet iced tea that sweet iced tea can only become a sweet ice tea after you’ve put some sweetness in it. So you grab a bunch of packets of sugar, take the sugar of your choice, whether you’re taking the blue packet or the, the packet, maybe the yellow packet, or you’re a traditional white packet person, or maybe you’re a little bit more healthy Carpet Steam Cleaner. And you’re like, you know what? I’m going to go with. Those I think are slightly Brown packets, which are just real raw, you know, actual sugar cane sugar, and you take it. You poured in to your iced tea, your cold, the tea, and you pour it in. And now you’ve got, you put like a six pack in there. It’s a big glass.

So you need a lot of sugar because your six packets of sugar into there. Now what will happen to all of that sugar? We all know predictably right now. We can tell you, I can tell you without even looking, but that even being there with you in the same room, I can tell you through the power of this podcast, that all that sugar you poured into, that ice tea is now sitting at the bottom of your drink. And like, wow, is this guy, is he a mind reader Carpet Steam Cleaner? Can he see into the future? Does he know what is happening in other places in the world? No, it’s because we all know you put sugar into cold liquid and it will stay sugar down at the bottom. Now you can get it to dissolve. So all you gotta do is grab a spoon and you get one of those long stir spoons.

That way you can get to all the way down to the bottom of that IC and you just furiously start shaking and spinning and twisting and shaking, spinning, twisting, shaking, sending twinning, and you get that thoroughly, thoroughly mixed up. And eventually all of that sugar will dissolve into the ice tea. And now you’ve got a sweet ice tea. Now, what happens if you, instead of using ice tea, let’s say that you’re sitting there in your life. It’s a cold winter’s day, or it’s a nice brisk fall afternoon. And you’re sitting there. You know, what I could really use right now

Is a cup of hot,

Maybe green tea. You want to do it a little hot green tea. You’re going to kind of like an herbal kick. We’re going to with a hot green tea, you want to have that maybe a little bit of a, a mint flavor to it. Something that would help to open up the sinuses, something that’s going to help soothe your throat. Maybe having a little bit of lemon in there to just really kind of make sure that we get all of the full effects that she can have for you. And now you’re wanting to make that hot tea. Sweet. So now you’re going to take, you know, let’s see typically with tea, you two cubes of sugar instead of lumps or anybody, you will take that sugar Carpet Steam Cleaner. You put it down into the hot tea, and then you may take your stirring spoon and go down to stir it.

And it looked down to realize that it is almost all dissolved away already. It didn’t require you to spend a long amount of time stirring and mixing it up. It actually all happened pretty quickly because the heat of the water caused the water to be moving faster. It’s almost stirring itself. You can see this phenomenon happen when you boil water. If you get a, take a pot of water, it’s a cold pot of water, sit it on the stove and then add heat to it. And as the heat starts to move, you’ll slowly start to see that water turn and move. It will actually start moving. If you pay attention to the surface of that water before it gets to boiling, it’s already starting to move. When it gets all the way up to boiling point. Now it’s at Rory and boil it, actually moving all over the place.

You actually see it escaping out of the pot, up into the air, as it continues to move a lot. And that is the power that boiling water. The effect that he can have against water in general is that it can get it to be more active and have more movement as it goes throughout. And that movement helps to dilute and mix things in. So you can do your dishes and you can get all of the dirt and soap and everything off of the dishes with cold water, but it will happen much faster with warm water. The warm water creates everything is the catalyst that helps the soap to dissolve, helps the oils to break down. It helps everything to get into solution quicker, faster, better. So, as you’re doing your carpet clean, or you’re dealing with your different portions of your home, as you’re doing cleaning and maintaining of these areas, you want to make sure that you’re using something hot because hot is going to make it faster, but also to make it more thorough and deep. Okay.