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Carpet Steam Cleaner | What Are You Looking For From Us?

Carpet Steam Cleaner | What Are You Looking For From Us?

Welcome. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s to the carpet. [inaudible] with complete carpet Callie. This podcast, the Carpet Steam Cleaner diem podcast is funny because when I look at the transcripts, it always comes out as not DM. Like Carpay diem. It comes out as D M the letter Z, and then the letter M which, if you’re reading this podcast, you’re like, Oh, it doesn’t, isn’t the carpet. D I always wonder what the D and the admin stands for. Was it like a don’t mess or double man or early you’re coming up with something that you think that the D and the M could be stand for is like a deuce mechanism, Deus machinist, you know, you’ve got all these different, uh, ideas and concepts. And so today we do need to talk to you about something. And I wanted to talk to you about a slime kids, slime.

Oh, man. The bane of Carpet Steam Cleaner person’s existence, about three or four, maybe five years ago. Slime came into the scene. Slime is this exciting exuberant fun thing for kids to play with and make good. They can create it all on their own, and they can have this fun experience of creating it home Depot, even sold the, do it yourself, a little packets. And I feel like all of those people hopefully get one special day just in hell, where they get to just only, the only thing they can do for all those that created it. They have to remove slime out of any fabric for a whole day. You know, w well, maybe it’s a, it’s like a craft project you get to do while in heaven. You don’t have to go to hell, but it will definitely, there should be some pendants being paid for all of those who created this.

Cause if you look at the ingredients, when they sell you the pack, you realize at first it starts off with a bottle of glue. Now, I’m not sure how anyone looks at that and thinks, Oh yeah, this is going to end well, but you start off with a bottle of glue, like Elmers glue or white glue, crack arts and crafts glue. And then you add other ingredients to thicken it up and to make it more sticky and jelly. And then it becomes more viscous. And you add in food, coloring, food color, right there. You’re adding dye here, adding a dye to it and add glitter to it. You all these different things. And then you get it finally finished up only to have the kids play with it. And all of them will drop it somewhere that can’t be found by buying a couch on the floor.

And then somebody steps on it. And just, just squishes, just a good old full-on squishing right down into the Carpet Steam Cleaner and the fibers. And you’re like, wow, how did they get completely squished down into that carpet? It was because somebody dropped it there. Didn’t mention it and then stepped on it. It’s all embedded down into the fibers. And then somebody without thinking about it says, Oh, well, I won’t tell anybody about this experience, which is the opposite of what you need to do. We talked to one of our previous podcast about the four step process to removing something. You want to remove it. You want to rinse it. You want to wash it. Do you want to rent it again? So here’s what you need to do. You see a bit of slime and you instantly go into like super cleaner mode. You grabbed some rubbing alcohol, you grab a rag and you pour the rubbing alcohol into the rag.

And you tried to bust that slime out of the carpet. First, try to remove as much time as you can, if you can pick it up and remove it, just grab it and pick it up, pull it out, kinda, kinda pull on it, get it to get as much as you can just walk out and then use the rubbing alcohol on a rag, and then use that rag to rub off whatever’s left. It’ll kind of ball it up till it up. It’ll break it down just enough that it turns into these little gummy balls. And then you can remove those off the carpet. If you leave it on the Carpet Steam Cleaner, eventually all the extra stuff dries out. And then it turns into almost like a hardened acrylic. It turns into this really, really stiff, concrete, like a substance because half of the substance is glue.

So once that finally dries out, Oh, it is. It’s just not a, it’s not a good time. That’s typically the point where you have to patch out the Carpet Steam Cleaner, but if you can catch it while it’s still soft, you typically can be able to break that down without too much trouble, little rub, rubbing alcohol separates that glue breaks it down. So it can then be removed. I would suggest using a shot back. If you can, if not, then just as you’re breaking it down with one rag of another rag to kind of absorb it or, or wipe it up with a slime can be fun to use. And it can be fun to have a, it just needs to have the right, uh, boundaries placed around it. The same way that we do in our own home. If you want to have a drink, you can have all the drinks you want to do.

It’s an open tap of drinks in the kitchen, anywhere else in the house, no drinks is it because I, I don’t want my kids to stay hydrated or because I don’t love them. No, it’s because, uh, drinks anywhere else get forgotten, no matter where you are. Even as an adult, you put a drink somewhere on a little coffee table or, um, on the corner of the bathroom. And eventually you forget that it’s setting there and it stays there too long. And eventually smells like mold, which is just, it we’ve all discovered a glass of milk that was no longer a glass of milk. It was a cup of cheese and the, the, the smell that starts walking from there. It’s great. Cause you’ll know it you’ll come up to that milk. You’ve had this experience before you’ve already had it. You know exactly what I’m about to describe you are actually, some of you right now are sniffing the air and you actually almost can smell the smell that you’re about that.

I’m about to describe it is it is a nice thick, crusty, almost like a creme Burleigh little top that’s formed over the milk and then you move it. It kind of sloshes a little bit. And the rest of the milk is turned at this watery substance Carpet Steam Cleaner. And all of the cream is like curdled and floated to the top. And so now it’s almost like cottage cheese. And as soon as you break that barrier of sitting across the top of that cup, all of a sudden the smell comes over you and I got to tell you it’s more than a feeling, Oh my goodness. It will just, it will infiltrate your nose. It infiltrates your mouth. You have to be careful if your mouth is open, you’re like, Oh no, I got close with mouth. I don’t want to get that in my mouth. And the coast goes through your nose and you’re like, no, I smelled it.