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Carpet Steam Cleaner | What Else Can We Teach You About Now?

Carpet Steam Cleaner | What Else Can We Teach You About Now?

Testing one, two, three. We are complete carpet, perfect landing salsa. Since 1998. Love you to give us a call at (918) 494-7093. Welcome to the Carpet Steam Cleaner DM podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Serena’s. And today we’ll be talking about the importance of free spray. This is a great topic. And if you want to learn more about this and other, any more topics, just check it out on our website at complete carpet,, or if you like it, person to person connections, you can give us a call at (918) 494-7093 and get into, get on the road to enjoy your carpet together. Your house is your castle. So it looks forward to coming home carpet cleaning houses is 1998. We are complete carpet. So we’re talking about chemicals or what they can do for you to help. They can help free spray is the act of getting something to soften the back up, everything that’s in your carpet can come back out.

It’s gotten in the right thing. Obviously something will damage the carpet to get it back out. There is paint sitting in your car, but you could break the paint down and get it out. But you also break down the glue in the back of the carpet. So the Carpet Steam Cleaner will come apart. But if you can’t get something out of the carpet, it’s only going to be able to be gotten out of the carpet by taking and, uh, using, uh, something to break it back down. Think of doing your dishes, sort of like, uh, you got your one side is your soak side and the other side is your risk side. So the one side, your idea there is using soap to break it down, but mostly you’re getting some hot water to get onto the carpet so that all of the stuff that’s in the carpet can be put back into solution.

Perfect lenient Tulsa. Since 1998, we are complete carpet to give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 says we’re getting it back into solution. You are getting it into something that can be written back out, and then the suction can pick it back up. So it’s just like doing your dishes. You got to play to dry down the Getty. You put some hot water and a little bit of Dawn on it, and then you just let it set. And after a little bit, let’s say you gave it two minutes. You just turned the plate sideways and everything on the plate will just slide right off. That’s what you’re trying to do with your carpet. When you’re doing three, three to your spots, we tell people when you run into new spots, do our four step process. One, try to suck out anything that’s in the carpet.

If you could just dry, vacuum it out, get that out first to just take hot water and rinse it out. Water is a universal solvent. And if you could just rent it out, that’s typically the easiest way to address a problem Carpet Steam Cleaner. Uh, three whatever’s left over, just sucking it out and just trying to rent it out. It doesn’t break it down. You then use some type of product to break it down and get it back into suspension. And then three or four, once you get that broken down, back into suspension. Now you need to rent it out. And that’s where you come back and you just repeat steps three and four, three and four, three, and four rent breakdown the spot, suck it out, break it down, suck it out, break it down, suck it out. Carpet cleaning houses is 1998. We follow the same process ourselves or doing carpet work.

We go in and we break down the stuff that is in the carpet, and then we extract it back out. So that pre spray really helps us often it up, but you’re using anything at home and you got a spot that’s been there for a little while, put a little product on it and let it set for event. Remember whatever you put down, you’re gonna have to get back out. If you put too much water over an area, they’re going to get it really soft, but you may have alluded Reddit. For example, if you use a lot of liquid while trying to clean up pets, number two is you got pet poo on the carpet, use a lot of water to break that down. It’s also going to be a lot of water that has broken down pet poo in it. And it may be something that seek further in.

You want to make sure that you capture a remove, whatever you can first before you start trying to aggressively clean it. Cause if not, you’re going to end up having a situation where you break down the liquefies contaminant you’re trying to get to. But in doing that, you also end up spreading it farther and deeper into the carpet or making a bigger spot. It’s similar to trying to get butter off a plate Carpet Steam Cleaner. If you don’t use the right heat of the water or the right chemical, the spirit of the butter through a large layer of butter across the whole plate, instead of one little chunk of butter, which is really what we do. If you think about anytime you’ve done a brownie, you do a brownies. You take a brownie dish, you take that brownie pad, you wipe your, uh, paper towel through some butter, and then you taking it smeared across the bottom of the place.

By staring across the bottom of the plate, you’re going to create a nice thin layer all the way across there and anywhere that that paper towel touches Carpet Steam Cleaner is going to get the butter on it because the paper towel has butter on it. So some stuff is like that, that you try to clean it up, but really you’re spreading it around. So try to capture what you can in the case of butter, you need heat on the water or some type of decreases the breakdown, the oils, the Patty, the fattiness, because butter is the fat off of milk. Perfect leaning holes. This is 1998. We are complete carpet. Thank you for joining us on this carpet diem podcast, carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet, but give us a call today or just go online and get, and get yourself on the schedule and on the way to enjoy your carpets again, in this podcast, we’re coming to the importance of, uh, getting your carpet clean, but also to using the right process, to get the Carpet Steam Cleaner broken down. And one of the processes we talked about with our four step process of cleaning the carpet of this breaking down, what is in there. So we want to suck out what you can wrists out, what you can break down, what is left and then rent it out again. You always want to have rent is your final one. So make sure you join us next time as we cover new topics and get on the news.