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Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 234

Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 234

[00:00] This is episode 2:34 and we’re going to be talking about carpet stretching and the effects of having too much padding to make, or how much too much movement can make on that carpet. Uh, one of the things that we run into carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998, uh, that we’ve seen on many occasions that the patent has become too loose or somebody is used to pick of a padding. Um, we are complete carpet. We’d love you to check out our, or give us a call at nine, one, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine three. And we can get you on the schedule and help get this taken care of for you because a wrinkled carpet can be so frustrating and it’s one of the things that makes your house look like there’s really a major problem when the actual fact of it is that it very, very simple.

[00:45] Just a quick restretch you can get that all taken care of and no longer have a problem with the carpet throughout your home. One of the things that we run into often is that that people will have neglected their carpet and they’ll just kind of let it go by either not cleaning up on a regular basis or they will forget to a vacuum or they just, they’ll see a wrinkle. I was like, oh, well, you know, I’ll just take care of it later and then a year or two years later, all of a sudden it’s become a major problem. The carpet started need to get damaged, or did he get on top of those problems early on? Then you won’t have to worry about the carpet losing usable life or because it’s just become too loose and too wrinkled. Carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998 as allowed us to add in new services like carpet cleaning, cleaning, repair, patching, upholstery cleaning.

[01:31] We’re trying to be there for you. All of your carpet maintenance needs. Carpet stretching Tulsa Uh, one of the things that we found that carpet stretching Tulsa is, and our fiber that we found that really works well is to try to maintain a good healthy habits within the house. And one of that is keeping the carpets tightened flat. Now typically carpet doesn’t need to be restretched a lot. Typically one time we’ll do it. Um, you know, you’ll have times where the carpet has just hit some type of a major thing. We’ve talked to the past about 80 now peering done for the home and sometimes you need to relay the carpet then or if you have a water damage where you got to pull the carpet up or you might have a um, a time where say a dog tears up a corner of the carpet and it’s about loose.

[02:15] Or another one that we’ve run into a few times is where somebody will get out there and they will pull all the carpet back because they want to run the cables for their sound system or for something. They want to run them under the carpet. So they run them under the carpet, but then they don’t stretch the carpet back properly. And so the whole room starts to wrinkle badly or an AC leak on an upstairs hallway and it gets the carpet’s wet around there and they have to pull it back to let it dry. One thing that also we have as far as the story goes, carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. We’ve got lots of different carpet stretching stories, but this particular one is have a customer who wanted to have extra thick padding. They thought if half an inch a padding was better than a quarter inch patty and then surely one inch of pattern be better than half an inch.

[03:00] And so the problem with this is that every, every bit of padding you put down on the underneath the carpet adds to the movement of the carpet and it allows it to break down faster. If you took the carpet and just glued it straight to the floor, straight to the concrete or wood floor, then the carpet wouldn’t move at all and it would last the maximum amount of time that that carpet could last. So he put in to half inch layers of padding. So he had one full inch of padding underneath this carpet. A one big downside right away was that the carpet was so squishy that it was just a pain to walk on. It actually hurts your knees and ankles because he was like walking in sand all the time because it was just so squishy. Also because the carpet could move so much, it was so squishy. Carpet stretching Tulsa

[03:40] The carpet wrinkled within almost a month after having it installed. And by the first year afterwards, every room had four and five wrinkles, just everywhere because it has become so soft and squishy that the carpet was breaking down at a phenomenal rate compared to what it should have. And so he had to, at the end of a year, we’ll all the carpet up, take all that patty extra padding out and reinstall it, restretch it all out to get all those extra wrinkle that it had grown almost three inches in one year just because the pattern was too thick and it was allowing too much squishy movement across the carpet. And so, um, I don’t advocate in your own personal home, you got to find the right balance to where it feels nice because you’re, you’re kind of going between that middle line of the carpets need to be stiff, but you also want to have a comfortable walk across the carpet so you want to be able to enjoy your carpets, but you also want them to last as long as you can.

[04:34] And I personally don’t think as much enjoyment if the carpets just glued straight to the floor, but you get too thick and too soft of a padding and then it will start to hurt your joints because it’s just moving too much of. It ends up being like walking through sand all the time. So my personal recommendation is a half inch or a seven sixteenths, eight pound pad. It gives a nice firmness to the carpet so that it will last a long time, but has enough squish to it to where you can enjoy it or you can get down on your knees without feeling like you just bend your knees against concrete. And so, um, one of the things that I think is important in picking out to your carpet is that you pick out the right pad to go underneath that particular carpet. Carpet stretching Tulsa

[05:16] Carpet cleaning a Tulsa is one of the things that we do, but at carpet stretching tosses just as important to us that we make sure that we get every household is in good shape and we want to make sure that, you know, one of the really passions, the reason I like stretching carpet is that I know that a wrinkled the carpet in a room can really devalue a home because the first person walked in and said, set eyes on that carpet, thinks that there’s some type of damage to that carpet. And they believe that it’s just going to have to be replace it. There’s just, you know, there’s a massive expense. It’s almost like coming up and seeing paint peeling off of your house where really the carpet is not damaged, is not broken down, is just loose and it needed to be tightened back up.

[05:54] So unlike the paint is peeling off your home, it’s more like a scratch in the paint that just needs to have a little touch up paint, put over it. So it just for a few hundred dollars sometimes you can get a what looks like a $5,000 problem to be removed and now it’s the carpets look normal and natural. Again, the surprise, the look on people’s faces after we reached out to a room and they go, Oh really? That’s all that there was. I’ve heard this so many times. Carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. Many customers that come to me and said, I wish I would’ve done this for five, six years ago when I first noticed the wrinkles and I didn’t realize it was such an easy process that it wasn’t going to cost that much money, that we could just get this all looking better. Again. Carpet stretching Tulsa. Since [inaudible] 98, we are complete carpet. We’d love for you to get connected with us at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine three, a carpet stretching. Tulsa is in our fiber and we would love for you to see what we can do. Carpet Diem. Seize your clean carpets today.