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Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 237

Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 237

[00:01] This is episode 2:37 and we’re going to wrap up some of our talking about carpet stretching, carpet stretching Tulsa is in our fiber and we’d love to connect with you. Give us a call at nine, one eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero nine three. And that way we can help you with whatever it is that your carpet needs. Maybe, uh, you can also reach us on the or on facebook at facebook, on facebook at complete carpet. Uh, we are going to continue on here. Carpet cleaning. Carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998 has allowed us to add on carpet cleanings, tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning, repair restretch you, we just do anything to help to maintain the health and wellbeing of your carpet throughout the life of your product after it’s been installed. We’re there to help you enjoy your carpet, uh, for the rest of its duration.

[00:56] Um, uh, the next part of the carpet stretching process that we covered a whole bunch of different parts in the last episode recapping, we get up to where a year and a habit restretched and what we would do to restretch your carpet, um, is to bring it up back up onto that tack strip you want to. It’s kind of like putting the point to point stretch. So one side is going to be a, have tax that face one direction and the other side’s going to have tapped because that face the opposite direction. And so you kind of put the tax through the carpet on one side and then as you pull away from it, you create a rubber band effect, sorta like I’m putting a bungee cord against one side and then stretching it to the other side to create that tension. And so you, uh, all carpets wall to wall carpets are installed, are stretched in just like a trampoline.

[01:41] And so it all stays there nice and tight and they kind of a traveling effect across the room. And the reason that you have the trampoline effect, the reason you have that extra stretch, that rubber banding is that you’re wanting to be able to have any excess carpet we can be able to be pulled into the extra rebate, a rubber band like stretch that’s already put on the car, but you want it to be able to absorb any extra growth that may have from just regular wear and tear or people using and walking across the carpet. carpet stretching Tulsa Um, and so, but every now and then, either through poor installation, somebody taking the carpet up, removing the stretch or somebody’s just not paying that much attention during the installation process or through the no fault of anybody that has carpets, especially here in Oklahoma, overtime, they just start to grow because a, a, a high humidity, low humidity, high humidity, low humidity.

[02:30] So the carpet’s relaxing, stiffen up and relax, stepping up, but relax and stepping up. And over time they end up being slightly bigger than they were before. It doesn’t take a lot. Typically we only restretch maybe a half an inch to an inch out of the carpet, but an inch of extra carpet creates one big buckle. We are bleak carpet, carpet stretching Tulsa and our fiber and we’re going to continue on in this part of the series talking about carpet stretching and what we can do for you. One of the things that’s important I think is knowing what it is that you want to try to accomplish with your carpet stretching. And uh, sometimes this means that you are just trying to get it cosmetically flat. You’re wanting it to look right. Other times you’re wanting it to be structurally flat and you’re wanting it to last for another five, 10, 15 years down the road.

[03:19] And so you have to figure out what is it that you’re shooting for with the carpet. Sometimes I’ll come in and tell people a independent, you know, it’s not that, not that often, but we do try to always be honest with somebody and say, hey, this carpet is so old or it’s so worn out or the laminated that it’s best that you save the money on stretching. And just save that money and put it towards a new carpet, new carpet budget, and you know, Kinda just reserve that money to the side that you would’ve spent on stretching. This is pretty rare that we run into this because most of the time we can make a carpet look better and it’s almost always advisable to stretch it out and look, make it look good. But if we do get in there and the carpet is just, it’s thread bare or it’s the seamless starting to crack or break or those, you know, it’s just, it’s really hit the end of its life cycle.

[04:03] I’m in situations like that. Um, I just in good conscious it just doesn’t make sense to, to restretch and repair a carpet when it’s probably time to replace it. And as a general rule of thumb, but carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998, I’ve run across this many times where I will, uh, my general rule of thumb is that if it’s going to cost more than 30 percent to, to repair a carpet, that it’s better to replace it. Um, if you’re getting to the point where you’ve got so much pet damage or so many big wrinkles, or it was water damage and mildewed and in such a strong way or it needs such a deep strong cleaning that is going to come anywhere near a third of the cost of the carpet to replace that. It’s better to just to save that money and go through and replace the carpet.

[04:46] Um, uh, for example, if we’d come into a bedroom and it’s maybe 12 by 12 bedroom and it would cost, let’s say $400 to put new carpet into it, new carpet and pad, um, and there’s a bunch of really strong pet spots and it smells of urine throughout the whole carpet. Then we could get in there and treat the carpet and clean it and get rid of that pet odor smell, but it potentially could cause to pull the carpet up, replace the padding, treat the pain, treat the top of the carpet. You may be at two to $300 in costs to try to treat and get rid of the smell, smell. Whereas you could just pull all the carpet and padding out and replace it for maybe say four or $500. So personally I think it would be a better choice to go ahead and replace that carpet when you’re getting to a threshold, but so close to that where you’re going to spend two to $300 to fix it as opposed to just four to $500 to replace it.

[05:41] I almost always suggest people go ahead and get that done. carpet stretching Tulsa Now there’s plenty of times where we spent three, four, $500 repairing a carpet because it’s either in a large room, um, it’s in the middle of an area. Uh, they would cost, you know, it would be thousands of dollars to replace the rest of the carpet. So a couple of hundred dollars or $500 will make sense to repair it or it’s just in a place that somebody needs to sell it, but they do not have the extra money. They have enough to get it repaired, but not enough to completely replace it or they’re going to change out flooring surfaces. There’s lots of times that we’ve done that also where we’ll get in there and we are just making the carpet work for about six months to a year until they have enough money to go and just put in wood or tile or some other type before and service they were just getting by with what we have. Um, we will continue and talk about more of these in future episodes. We are complete carpet, carpet stretching, Tulsa’s and our fiber. And we’d love to connect with you and give us a call at nine. One eight, four nine four slash seven zero nine three a carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. We are complete carpet a carpet dmcs your clean today.