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Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 239

Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 239

[00:01] This is episode 39 carpet stretching Tulsa is one of our services that we offer and we’d love to be able to connect with you at nine. One eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero nine. Three. This episode we’re going to talk about the different parts of a restretch, what you can expect and what will be done. Uh, we have, uh, been carpet stretching Tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998. Carpet stretching Tulsa is in our fiber and we’d love to connect with you, whether it be on facebook at complete carpet or directly at www dot complete carpet. Tulsa Dotcom. Uh, we’d love to hear from you. Carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. As allowed us to add new services, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning. Uh, we also do patching, repair, restretch a pretty much everything that your carpet needs after it’s been installed, we can help you to maintain the health and wellbeing of your carpet.

[00:58] Uh, one of the things that a lot of people wonder is what to expect when we come out to do a restretch. Um, most of the time all re stretches or easier if the room is just clear all furniture that gives us the capacity to do the best research possible by being able to go any direction with the carpet. Some rooms need to be double stretched, some can be single stretched, a double stretch versus a single stretch means you break up all walls in a room on a double stretch. So you’ll actually pull up one half the room, stretch it into place, then pull up the other half of the room and stretch against the other wall and stretch it into place. Also, sometimes this is necessary, uh, for rooms that have some type of a center, like a, a, a fireplace that’s in the middle of the room or a, um, a bunch of doorways.

[01:47] Maybe there’s some type of structure in the middle and he can’t shift all of the carpet in one direction. If you moved all the carpet one inch and one direction, uh, you would move the whole cut out of the fireplace by an inch to the left or the right. Um, it takes a little bit more time, a little more expensive to do double stretching, but a, it can be done for those more tricky, more delicate type of stretches. Um, most of the time we do single stretches, which means you leave, you take up half of the room, he lead the other half attached and you pull away from or against the other half of the rooms. The other half of the room is tight and you’re pulling against it and you take all of the extra carpet and you put it into one room. So they have a room that on one wall has a closet and a doorway and on another wall has a, a door to a bathroom.

[02:28] And the other two walls are just straight and flat that you’re going to stretch to the straightness of the walls because you want to be able to go to the part that has the least amount of cuts and the least amount of parts of the wall that would be potentially moving. So if you stretch towards the quality that you’re going to move the entire closet, he’s stretched towards the doorway. You’re now going to break, bring, bring the extra carpet goes in. Now we’ll go into the hallway. Now there’s times where that’s unavoidable. Sometimes you can’t stretch it. You may be. You’ve got a room that has a doorway on both sides and the rick wrinkles in the middle. So you’re going to have to go towards one of the two doorways. I’ve actually had a few times where we’ve had to restretch a room that actually had four doorways.

[03:07] Every single wall had a doorway going into another room. And so I’m in those situations. You’ll have to actually break the scene. We tried to avoid this. If we can harvest stretching Tulsa since 1998. We’ve done the majority of our stretches where we just stretch away from or into the slat wall, but sometimes that’s just not possible. And you have to stretch towards the doorway. Break the same, cut out the excess, receive it back together. Uh, we try to avoid this because the original seems, uh, we can receive back the other, make it look great, but the original scenes have the original amount of wear on the Siem. So the Siem has been put together and it has been a theme together at the installation. We’re all the fibers are new and they’re all fluffy, they’re all standing upright and as you walk across the carpet, you slowly start to break it in, slowly start to wear down carpet, stretching by carpet stretching Tulsa.

[03:58] Tulsa is in our fiber and I’m slowly. This were down process eventually causes all of the fibers. Zebbie, individual fibers just sticking up. They all start to test together, kind of like a, um, like a dog’s hair that started a matt or a a, a rope that’s got a little frayed on the top of that. All the fibers start to mix together, kind of clumped together. You get that slightly poodle look and because of this, your seems will really blend together well. And if you cut them apart, you now separate all those fibers and now you’ve got two separate fibers again on each side of the scene. And when you seem them back together, they still are two separate fibers and they have yet to really mix together. And the only way to get them well mixed together is by walking over and walking over, walking over, trying to get all those fibers to then tie into each other, just like the original fibers have.

[04:44] So we always try to avoid doing a break of, seem to take the excess out if we can, but we’re really good at St [inaudible] and we can also take and break those themes if necessary. Or at a hallway where the whole connects to all bedrooms on all different sides. And so sometimes you have to break the middle of the hallway to take you stretch all of the excess out, put that same back together. And now you’ve got the hallways flat again. Um, it’s important to go through and do this. And while we’re on this specific topic, one of the things that we also can do a seem repair, which happens mainly the main seem repairs that we do is because a dog gets trapped in a bedroom, carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. We have seen so many times that a dog or a cat, sometimes it is mainly dogs will be in a room.

[05:27] And they accidentally shut the door on themselves and now they panic because they’re trapped in a room they don’t want to be at. And so just like if they were in the backyard and they wanted to get out of the backyard, they didn’t, they didn’t want to be caged in by that fence. They will go up to the fence and they will start digging under the fence. They’ll dig through the dirt until they got a sufficient hole and then they try to just wiggle their way underneath the fence so that they can get to the other side. Uh, in this particular scenario, your carpet is the dirt and the door is the fence and they will just keep digging until they can try to get underneath that door. Now, common sense says that you can’t dig underneath the door through the concrete, but they try anyway because they just believe that somehow it’s going to work.

[06:00] And so you ended up coming home and seeing the open up the door and then you just see shredded carpet everywhere. And in that particular case we can actually patch in that whole area. Sometimes they just dig it the seem a little bit, so you just break that seem. Put a new piece of carpet, put it back together. You always get the carpet from something that’s existing, so maybe a closet or somewhere like that. We are complete carpet, carpet stretching Tulsa is in our fiber. We love to connect with you and let you know more about our services. I’m here on a website and complete carpet or give us a call at nine. One eight, four nine four seven zero nine three carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. We are complete carpet, carpet dmcs your clean today.