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Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 246

Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 246

[00:01] This is episode 2:46 carpet stretching Tulsa. We are complete carpet. Uh, we’d love to you to give us a call at nine, one eight, two, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine three, and we can get in touch with you and let you know what it is that we can do and accomplish for you today. Um, one of the things that we want to talk about in this particular episode is the importance of having a good dirt to collector. A lot of people miss this part of the things I’m a part of their house, part of their dirt collection regiment. I know it sounds a little weird. We have all the rest of the collection regiments throughout the House waste collection. A lot of times we don’t think of a dirt management throughout our house. Also is an important part of keeping their, your carpets healthy and keeping your house in good order.

[00:45] Carpet stretching Tulsa Since 1998, we’ve had the opportunity to help many customers over the years. Hundreds and thousands of customers, uh, deal with the proper dirt flow throughout their house. Um, if you think of your waste management flow, you’ve got to go through just the different major components of your home is a, you’ve got water flow management and we typically just don’t let water get to any other place or just randomly around throughout your home. You will always have specific containment devices that we use to be able to keep it in. If you’ve got a water spigot, you’ve normally got a sink sitting right next to it, or if you’ve got a bowl holding water, it’s typically within a. got a lid on the top. We call it a toilet and he’s got a big. We’ll have two or three gallons of water just sitting right behind it, ready to flush it, but it’s contained in the little place I’ve. Carpet stretching Tulsa.

[01:29] You’ve got water connected up to your fridge has got to shut off valves so you can get water right off the front of the fridge anytime you want to. And we’ve all had that time where we go up to the fridge and we either use our glass or we hit it with our finger before the glasses in the place to catch the water and the water ends up just spraying, kind of going everywhere. Um, so we’ve got all of these containment systems that we use throughout our house on a, you know, a myriad of different places, but we just don’t think of them as a specific containment system. The same way we could switch over to your trash or debris through the house. You typically have wastebaskets in each room or every other room so that if you do need a blow your nose, you have a place to throw that tissue away.

[02:03] Or if you’ve got your feet and a banana and you’ve got the appeal, you need to have a wastebasket there in the kitchen. And we’ll throw it, throw that trash way too. And so one of the other things that we do need to collected, we’d collect it then our vacuums with the little canisters as we collect them. Carpet stretching Tulsa I, we’ve got a, uh, we don’t just let our air just blow randomly. We’ve got filters for our air that are collecting the dirt so that the air being blown out of the system isn’t going just randomly everywhere and one of the parts carpet stretching Tulsa that, uh, is that our fiber is one of the things we’ve seen many times is that people maintain all of those systems, you know, we don’t let the trash get full and then just let the track and to just keep piling trash on and letting it kind of build up in a circle around the, uh, around the trash a wastebasket.

[02:46] But we also, if we’re using our sink or filling up the tub, we don’t just leave the water on after the tub, toughest full and just let the water to keep flowing over the tub and into the rest of the house. I mean, we end up with them and those points. But with one thing we don’t think about is in our entry and exit mats. Say something coming in the garage company in the back door or come into the front door. We will put an entry matt there with the purpose of the intranet is to collecting and catch dust and dirt. I think of it like a wastebasket for your feet. It is there, the front of the house to be able to collect as much and knock off as much dirt and debris that is on your feet so that it doesn’t enter your house, but the majority of people, if you ask them when’s the last time you cleaned your front entry, Matt, or when’s the last time you vacuumed it or when’s the last time you replaced it?

[03:30] Because a lot of those entry mats, once they hit a certain amount of soil, this even if you take them and hang them over a fence or like they did and they will and take a broom and just beat it to knock all that dust out of it. I’m a lot of times it’s just not a. it’s not designed to be able to handle or hold or are contained enough dirt to build really a b of a functional use. So many people by a decorative instruments as opposed to functional ones. Carpet stretching Tulsa, since 1998, I’ve seen this so many times and tell people it’s great to have a decorative inter, but you also need to have a functional one to a decorative ones are the ones that say welcome to our home or um, you know, a home is where the heart is. They have some, you know, nice message might have a big heart or an emblem on it.

[04:12] And the problem with these is that they’ve done, they did a study and they found that that 70 to 80 percent of people when they come up and approach a decorative injury, Matt, they will step over it and they will not step on it. And the main thing is if you’ve got really muddy shoes are dirty feet, you think, oh, this is a pretty decorative inter. Matt, you’ve got a nice welcome sign. If I rubbed my feet on here and they are welcome is now the w and the Z is going to be covered in mud and dirt. And it’s going to be obvious that I know that I dirtied up there. Pretty Nice entry that, um, it’s, I’m, I personally, I don’t know this for sure, but my personal instinct, it reminds me of being in high school when you would have the school and in the middle of the walk area, everyone walked around in the envelope, they just wouldn’t walk on the envelope because that was kind of a school pride thing Carpet stretching Tulsa.

[04:55] Um, you know, a lot of the local schools, they actually put up a little, a little those little kind of, um, uh, a line, a separators where you can put a little rail that goes around the little soft hanging rail or chain that goes around the emblem to block people from even walking through that area because they want to protect us. It’s there, you know, it’s kind of decorative. It’s a nice thing. And so people need to understand that you need to have something that’s more utilitarian and more functional than it is. I’m good looking are pretty as your inter place and it’s good to make a two by three or a three by four entry. Matt, something that’s big enough to force people to have to step on it. To think about stepping on it, a good example of this is when you go into a public restroom, one of the things that you’ll see on the wall there is one of the little seat covers that kind of covers over the seat so that you don’t have to sit directly on it.

[05:44] In normal life. We never go around at any, you know, in our own house or any other places. If we go down to sit and go to the restroom, you’d ever think about going in trying to find something to cover up that lid, this seat. He just, you know, you just sit down and use the restroom. Whereas in, if you’re out in a public space because you see that there is a seat cover there, you all of a sudden immediately think, oh man, I didn’t think about how dirty the seats. Yeah, I better grab one of those seat covers because you physically see that it’s there and so having a good entry, Matt can sometimes spur people on to think, Oh yes, I do need to wipe my feet off because if there’s no intro matt going in through your entry area, if people with dirty shoes, I’m just going to walk straight in. They’re not even gonna stop to think about it, but if you have a nice big instrument that has some type of little thing, or even I’ve had customers that have a little small Arrow pointing down saying, white feet here, please. Um, and then people, oh, of course. Yes. I’ll knock that dirt off my feet. Carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. We are complete carpet. We love to get in touch with you at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine, three. Carpet stretching Tulsa and our fiber. Carpet Diem. Seize your clean today.