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Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 249

Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 249

[00:00] This is episode 2:49 and we’re gonna continue talking about a good maintenance throughout the house for your dirts systems. We are complete carpet,carpet stretching Tulsa and our fiber, and we’d love to talk to you today. Give us a call at nine, one, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine, three, or check out our Or you can also connect with us on facebook at facebook. You can add complete carpet on facebook, forward slash complete carpet. We can continue our talk before as we’re continuing talking about maintaining and containing your dirt throughout your home, sort of like a your wastebasket systems or your toilet systems or your system that you have for even just holding your laundry here. carpet stretching Tulsa You’re close. Just don’t lay out everywhere they’ve got a system, a hanger, or maybe address or system that you’re using. A file management system where your computer, your cell phone contains all of your phone numbers.

[00:50] They’re not just randomly written a little pieces of paper that just lay around your house. Um, you’ve got a cabling systems. You just don’t have the cables running straight to the middle of the house. You typically will lay them through the walls and you have little outlets conveniently placed, allow you to access that power grid throughout your home. Maybe it’s your food system where you’ve got a pantry that keeps your food in certain places, you know exactly where it’s at, or you got a refrigerated system to keep food that could spoil from spoiling, or you’ve got a dish management system or a civil war management system either like all the different systems you have throughout your house are all they’re designed to do, to maintain and contain the different aspects of your health. Do you want to keep them in their proper place? A bookshelf contains all of your books and keeps them in their place.

[01:30] Carpet stretching Tulsa. Since 1998, many people have neglected or forgotten to even put a system in place to manage their dirt. And this is just the regular, um, movement of dirt throughout your home. We’ve talked at length and last couple of episodes about the importance of having a dirt management system before you get into your house. You had your entry, Matt, something that’s fluffy, that’s not decorative, something that can knock the dirt off your feet, something that you do maintain on a regular basis, something you remember that needs to be cleaned because it’s exposed to the elements. And now we’ll move to the interior space. Um, it is good to have some type of an entry Brugge, something that you’ve knocked off the big main dirt off of your feet, but also now you can have a secondary source that can kind of do that next year.

[02:11] You’ve got to have a real hard find a real hard course brushing outside. Now you can get kind of a fine brushing experience inside. And also plays that you may, some people for their dirt management system. They’ve got a little rack right at the front of the door that has a place for you to put your shoes. So it kind of incentivizes people or motivates them so that they would stop and think about it. Just like the seat covers in a public bathroom, you never think about covering your seat before you sit on the toilet until you go into a public bathroom. Then you see them, they are on the wall next to him. You Think, oh well, I mean why would I not do this as completely unsanitary if I don’t cover up the seat lid so I don’t sit where someone else’s set of you but you don’t think about it until you until it’s presented there in front of you.

[02:49] Um, so just even inviting people to take their shoes off at the front door. I personally like to keep my shoes on at all times. So I create more systems in place to be able to maintain that dirt or knock off the. So I doesn’t get throughout the rest of the house. carpet stretching Tulsa the 1998. I’ve seen this many times where people just don’t care for or they do do a good job caring for their carpets, but they never think about caring for that entry. Matt, where all of the dirt source comes from to begin with. And so they have all of this stuff laid out and set out and it looks really nice, but then they never clean it. It’s like having a wastebasket that you never empty. You may have it there and it is good. People are trying to throw stuff into that wastebasket, but it has a certain point that waste basket gets full and people walking by will actually step in to the dirt and the waste that’s around those supposed to be inside of the trash container and has now spilled over and it’s now contaminated the rest of your home.

[03:39] So this is a good place to make sure you’re sensing those on a regular basis as people walk across on. The next part that I think is real important is to go through and identify the areas of dirt throughout your home and then see what ways can you do, what system can you put in place to limit the amount of dirt that ended up containing and being there. carpet stretching Tulsa Um, the main areas that I see in most homes is in front of a couch in front of a rocking chair that’s facing the TV. I’m at the dining room table, the chairs around the table and have your main walk paths that take you from the front door to the kitchen, from the bedroom to the bathroom for one of your main points of things. We will go to the bathroom anytime throughout the day. We will go to the kitchen many times throughout the day.

[04:21] Um, and we will typically go to the living room or the dining room many times throughout the day. So you’ve got these little walk paths or walk areas, um, and the two things you can do to maintain those areas as vacuum frequently vacuum on a regular basis or protect them with rugs. The, this gives a second layer of protection. It’s kind of like a runners who were two pairs of socks. They put one pair underside to make their feet feels soft and they put another pair on the outside to be able to create a second layer of friction. And so instead of your shoe instep, your skin rubbing against something, your sock that you have on your against your skin rubs against whatever it is that against another sock, creating a second layer of friction that can lessen the effect it has on your skin. And so by doing this, you can actually take a rug, throw it over the carpet, and now you will protect it.

[05:05] So you put a rug down in front of the couch, you can put a rug down in front of the rocking chair. You put a rug down on the walk path between your bedroom door to your bathroom door. You could put a rug down the hallway that connects to all of the bedrooms. And so as that rug gets worn out, it gets weird out, worn down, but people physically walking on it and getting dirty, you then take the rug and clean it on a regular basis or at it finally gets worn down enough that you just take the rug and you throw it away and so that you just remove that whole source of dirt, put it as you pull it back. You’ll notice the carpet underneath looks almost brand new. He could see this the most in a desk chair. Now you need to always have a desk mat if you’re going to have a chair there because you’re putting your full body weight down on coasters, a little rollers, and every time you shift or move those rollers are kind of grinding against the carpet, so put a hard math there so that they’re moving to get something that makes it easier to roll the chair around and also removed all the friction against the carpet and the carpet will stay virtually.

[05:56] Brand new underneath their carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. Uh, we love to connect with you. Visit our, carpet stretching Tulsa at our fiber. And we’d love to talk to you about what we can do to help you maintain the health and wellbeing of your carpet. And give us a call at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine three carpet stretching Tulsa carpet diem. Seize your clean today.