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Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 256

Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 256

[00:00] This is episode 2:56 and we’re going to be talking this time about customer service. Uh, we are complete carpet, carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. We’d love to get in touch with you and talk with you about what we can do for you to help you to maintain the health and wellbeing of your carpet, to keep that maintenance up so that your carpets will last as long as you would like them to and they don’t wear out before you expect them to give us a call at nine one, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine, three, carpet cleaning Tulsa and carpet stretching Tulsa is in our fiber and we’d like to connect with you or whether it be on the web at www dot complete carpet, or on facebook at complete carpet. Uh, we’d love to answer any questions you have and you can reach us directly.

[00:50] We also have online booking available so you can go onto our website and just schedule your own appointment. We’d be able to get out there and get that taken care of for you. We’re going to talk a little bit about customer service, what it means, what it means to us, and uh, and what we can do, what we do to try to provide the best service possible. Uh, one of the things that’s important, I think with every business is that you provide something of value to the customer. Um, everybody has something that they can do and I feel like all of the business is that I’ve ever gone to or seen. Um, when I walk away. The reason I don’t go back is because I felt like the first time I either did not get my value of the dollar that I spent. I felt like it just wasn’t worth the money or the experience.

[01:41] It may have been worth the money, but the experience was not worth the money. Um, I know these two are similar, but, uh, I believe that they are quite vastly different if you could have tremendous food at a restaurant, but the waiter is just rude and, you know, really off putting. You probably wouldn’t go back because the experience was bad, but the food may have been delicious, but the experience was bad. So you felt like you got, you got your money’s worth in your food, but the experience was just awful. Or the vice versa can happen where you’re going to have just a fantastic waiter who, you know, you would want to hire in your own business if you could, but the food is dry and it’s bland and it’s just nothing there. So you have to build a marriage, the two together properly, and there’s a fine balance between providing the right experience and giving the right value for the money for what you want to do.

[02:31] In our last podcast, we talked about how um, if you got paid more, would you do more? And I think that leads to giving someone the best experience they can cause you’re always trying to, no matter what you’re being paid, do your best effort and a carpet stretching Tulsa. Since 1998. We’ve had a lot of experience in being able to refine our processes and bill to nail down what it is that we can do and provide and also to become a wealth of knowledge for our customers at. One thing that’s important, I think for a complete carpet experience is that we always try to give you the why of what we’re doing so that I think the more educated that the consumer is, the more educated your customer is, the more they understand what you’re doing and why it’s important to get done. Also, it makes it easier for them to maintenance and take care of the carpet in between times and so the more that they know, the more they will be able to help me to be able to be a good cleaner.

[03:31] Inability to do good maintenance for their carpet by keeping it in good shape. Inbetween carpet cleanings. Think of it like picking the weeds out of your yard in between mowing. carpet stretching Tulsa I mean, you could just wait until you mo, but if you can catch those dandelions before they go all the way to flower, all the way out to sea and stage, then your yard is going to be a lot easier to keep weed free if you’re kind of doing some maintenance in between your modes or in between your normal garden sprays. And so that’s what we like to try to empower our customers to be able to do is that in between maintenance between the main big carpet cleaning because we know the better that you take care of your carpet, the happier we’ll be with the carpet and the longer it will last for you and the more times it will be able to come out there and clean it for you.

[04:10] Carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. I think it’s important to always remember that we do a car, a full walkthrough with you when we first get to the job, and that is to establish a proper expectation to allow you to tell us what it is that you’re looking for us to do. That way we can match and meet your expectations. That way we can exceed them if, if possible, but we always try to do at a bare minimum at least the things that you want us to do. We’ll always look around and see if there’s some little thing that we can do that we’ll be able to put a little extra spin or extra little spice or actually a little a wow factor on what it is that you’re needing to get accomplished with our carpet cleaning service. Another thing that we do through our walkthroughs is also look around and see if there’s anything that, that you may not have known that could be fixed or taken care of.

[04:58] I’ve run into many times where I was in a, for example, I a carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. I was in cleaning the carpet, um, uh, last year. And while I was cleaning it, I saw that the transition going into the kitchen and come loose and that it had to kind of expose the tack strip there. And so I talked to the customer and while I was cleaning I said, you know, you know, if you want to, you don’t have to, but if you wanted to at some point we could fix that for you so that you wouldn’t have to have those exposed tack strip anymore. We could, you know, do a little repair and put that back together for you. And then the carpet would, you know, wouldn’t be showing the timetable. And they said, oh no, no, I’m sorry but that can’t be fixed.

[05:38] And so I’m a little curious until I asked them, why do you think it can’t be fixed it? Well, because the last carpet cleaner that was here, he looked at and said that the only way to fix that is to replace all the carpets. And the reality is that the last carpet cleaner didn’t know how to fix it. carpet stretching Tulsa So he didn’t want to recommend somebody else who would take his business. So he just told them that it wasn’t fixable. Whereas really it just needed to be a little bit of a patch, a little bit of stretching. And, and it was all put back together. So I told him, I said, you know, I believe that I can do it if I do it and it doesn’t look right, you don’t have to pay me anything but I, I’m positive that I can fix this for you.

[06:11] And after it got finished, about 30 minutes later, he came over to me and told me that he said, oh my goodness, I thought I would. I thought we’d have to replace all the carpet in the house to ever get rid of those, like tax being shown or any department. He said, my feet will forever. Thank you. carpet stretching Tulsa. Since 1998. We are complete carpet and we’d love to get to know you know, what it is that we could do to help you to be able to bring restoration back to your carpet or just to maintain it in between times. So it give us a call today at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine three carpet stretching Tulsa. We are complete carpet, carpet, Diem. Seize your clean today.