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Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 265

Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 265

[00:00] This is episode 65. We are complete carpet, carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. Today we’re going to talk about treating spots in your carpet. Uh, we have been here in the Tulsa area serving our customers for over 20 years. Apartment stretching, Tulsa is and our fiber and we’d love to show you what we can do for you, whether it be cleaning, repair, restructuring, maintenance, tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning, staircase cleaning. We can take care of it for you to make sure that your carpets last as long as possible for you. We’ve had many times where we’ve come out of a job that they thought they would have to replace the carpet on and we were able to get the carpet’s looking good enough that they were able to keep it or keep using it and only have to spend a few hundred dollars and not in a few thousand dollars to be able to continue to use and continue to enjoy their carpets.

[00:50] I’m going to talk about this. Time is about the personal maintenance that you can do the do it yourself side of spot cleaning and really removing stuff out of the carpet I think breaks down to knowing the basics of what it is. It’s how I learned to clean carpets. The first places that I wanted to know what it is that I was trying to do. You can tell somebody the steps to do, you can just say here, do this, do this and do this and that can be a kind of a broad blanket statement over the whole industry about having these things to do. Carpet stretching Tulsa You can tell somebody, you know, Take Hammer, hit nail on head and until nail into wood, but that doesn’t really cover all of the different ways that you would hammer the nail in. That wouldn’t cover all the techniques you use to hold the nail or what type of to how do you hold the two boards together.

[01:37] There’s so much more to it and why are you putting the nail into it in the first place and why not a screw. And so I want to address some of those underlying not just the physical, the physical characteristics, I’ve actually just using a spotter and breaking down the spot, trying to rinse it out, clean something, but why are you doing it? What are the steps to do and what’s the point of it? So hopefully that this can give you a little bit more guidance into being able to help to maintain and take care of your carpet. A Carpet stretching Tulsa in 1998 I’ve seen many times they come in and seen somebody who got carried away with trying to clean a spot out. And so one of the first things that is important is that you want to try to use a light pressure light amount of friction and more.

[02:21] I’m renting action. You want to be able to suck out, make sure you can always suck out anything you put into the carpet. Don’t put more into the carpet. Then you can suck out. I’m typically a little home carpet cleaner unit can help with this or using. I personally just recommend all of our customers get a shot back. And then you have nice, good, strong suction right there. So any moisture you put into the carpet, you can pull right back out. Tip number two, always make sure tip number one, always pull out as, make sure you can remove or pull out as much moisture as you put in. Otherwise you’re going to flood the area and make the spot worse. Tip number two is make sure that you’re, uh, that you’re removing as much of the contaminants out as you can first before you go into renting.

[03:03] Say many times that I’ve seen a customer carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998 over that 20 year spirit of a maintenance of the customer got in there and started rinsing the spot before they removed the contaminant and they end up diluting the spot and make it a lot, a lot bigger because they’ve now added moisture to it, which allows it to spread. Um, so try to move as much as you can right off the bat. Um, the next part to that is a very important is that when you are going through to um, remove a spot, you want to spray the water, not for the water. The reason for this is that if you spray water, it gives a nice even missed and get, brings up the moisture of the whole area. Slowly overtime have you pour the water, you will overload the, um, the fiber with more water than they can hold and the water will just pass straight through the fiber into the backing, potentially into the padding below, creating a really unique smell of kind of a musty, wet, wet towels smell.

[04:00] Because now your water’s going in faster than you can suck it out and it will be down to the pad causing this musty mildewy smell of the carpet. So I recommend all of our customers to follow these three steps and what you’re trying to accomplish when you go in, make sure you remove as much of the contaminated you can’t first. Then when you go to rent it and make sure you’ve got enough suction to be able to suck out whatever you put in. And then number three, as you’re renting, to try to read the product out that you use a spray bottle and spray water over it and suck and try to use as much renting and sucking and don’t use a rag in a physical abrasion. I’ve seen many times Carpet stretching Tulsa of 1998 or that 20 year period where I’ve seen someone take a rag and tried to keep rubbing a spot to try to break it up and they take that whole area and they’ve sold so aggressively rubbed it though they now made that whole area all fluffy and matted down compared to the carpet around it because they physically use too much friction to try to break the spot up.

[05:01] So the, after you’ve got those first three steps out of, make sure you remove, then you lightly spray and then you make sure that you, uh, that you rent and be able to suck out whatever you got there. Carpet stretching Tulsa If a couple of times of renting like that with just straight hot water, see if you can get out as much as you can and then go to a fourth step of adding a little bit of product to it and again, don’t scrub. Try to just break it down. You’re wanting to let it soak a little bit. Break it down like you would think of trying to get a a spaghetti dryden, spaghetti off a plate and so you want to. You could grab a scraper and just start aggressively trying to brush it off, but really if you just take a little bit on and a little bit of hot water, put it on the plate, let it soak for a little bit to get it back into solution.

[05:43] You can then take the plate over and just rinse it off. And then really as a professional cleaning, that’s how we based our whole cleaning model after is that we use a priest spray to soften up and break the dirt up and then we come through and just non aggressively rinse out all of the dirt out of the carpet. Carpet stretching Tulsa Because once you can get it soft and broken down, what’d you can use a little bit of a detergent to kind of break up the oils and sugars in the carpet. Then they can just quickly be released and wrenched back out without putting any friction or putting any on the carpet. And that’s where the garbage can last a really long time. So when you’re doing your spotting and when you’re doing your touch up things, making sure that you use a minimal amount of water as hot of water as you can, uh, always suck out as much as you can get out first before you start rinsing rents as much out as you can before you start using any soap or product.

[06:24] That way you first dry it out. Take out as much as ten second, try to rinse out with just hot water as much as you can. And then third, use a little bit of product to try to break up whatever’s left and tried to get that out. We are complete carpet, Carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. We’d love you to give us a call, answer any more questions you have at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine, three, or reach us on the web, a complete carpet, Carpet stretching Tulsa is in our fiber. We are complete carpet, carpet diem. Seize your clean today.