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Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 272

Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 272

[00:00] This is episode 72, um, and this time we’re going to talk about a proper cleaning in or around or under your furniture. We are complete carpet, Carpet Stretching Tulsa since 1998. We’d love to connect with you and talk to you. Give us a call at nine, one eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine, three, or you can find us on the web at complete carpet. Tulsa Dotcom, a Carpet Stretching Tulsa is in our fiber and we love to be able to show you some of the other services that we offer, whether it be tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning or construction and repair. Uh, we’d love to go to get out there and get you taken care of. Give us a call today. And what we’re going to talk about in this particular episode is about cleaning carpets and plate furniture placement. Uh, one of the things that we run across a lot is that, um, sometimes people feel like they really want to try to, if they get their carpets cleaned, they want to clean every thing.

[00:56] They want to move all the furniture cleaner, all the different parts. And that can be done. I’ve got some customers that will just move all the furniture into another area. We will clean all everything. After the carpets dry, they move all the furniture back in and that’s, you know, if you do want to go down that route, that’s the best way to do it because you want to let carpet get totally cleaned first. They let it get totally dry and then put the weight back on it. Now the problem that I that I’ve seen over the 20 years of doing this carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998, we’ve seen this so many times where somebody will go in and clean an area and then they move all the furniture back in on the damp or wet carpet, the hot wet carpet. They may put a little plastic feet underneath the little plastic things underneath the feet or they might put little foam blocks underneath.

[01:38] And now you’ve got these heavy pieces of furniture sitting on damp, wet carpet and all of the spots where they’re sitting now create these big, long, deep, dense into the carpet. And the carpet will dry in that shape. And remember them fabric remembers its shape as it dries and so now when you go to move with the furniture and the next time you’ve got these big, uh, like concaved a dips in pockets throughout the whole room where all the feet of the furniture had been sitting because it sat on heavy furniture against moist, wet hot carpet that is now very malleable and the carpet kind of molded to fit around the feet of all of the furniture. And so we actually don’t move the furniture or don’t I, we always advise against that. If you choose to do it, that’s your choice. But we always advise against moving the furniture onto the dap moist, wet carpet because we don’t want to leave those big debts.

[02:28] The feed of the furniture can also leave a little marks on the carpet, but it also, it’s mainly the dense. Now if you’ve gotten the carpets cleaned before he moved all the furniture in, which we do on a lot of people who are moving into their homes. We clean all the carpets everywhere. As long as that piece of French or sitting somewhere. It’s typically always protecting the best looking carpet in the house, carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. I’ve seen this over and over where somebody would go to move a a chair or a dresser or a bed or something that they move and when it’s moved, they’ve moved out of the home. You see all of these little circles or these squares of almost brand new perfect looking carpet surrounded by dirt and you could tell where all the pieces of furniture used to be because around the furniture, it’s very dirty.

[03:10] Under the furniture. It’s almost brand new. Carpet just needs to be vacuumed. And so for the most part, doing a traffic area, cleaning where you get all the visible carpet space is, uh, is the optimal clean that you can do. If you want to try to get under everything. Then we suggest people move the big pieces of furniture onto a tiled area. That way you can let the, let the carpet dry appropriately before you move it back and let it stiffen up a little bit so it’s not moist and wet and that it can get nice and firm and rigid against so that when you put it on, it just kind of squished the fibers instead of bending the backing. Um, one thing that we’ve also seen quite often that, um, that I personally push away from is anything that’s got a rocking a it ability or has metal wires and spring stuff in it.

[03:53] You don’t want to move that right back over the, uh, the damp wet carpet even if you block it up because now as the carpet dries, that moisture is going to condensate inside of the piece of furniture. And so it’s best not to put it over that I’m drawing carpet because the only place that, that cart air for that carpet for the moisture to go, he’s going to be up inside of that piece of furniture. Carpet Stretching Tulsa us since 1998, I’ve had many times where a customer will move something that actually sits flat on the floor. And you don’t want to clean underneath anything, no matter what the item is that sits flat on the floor. If it’s a plastic tub, like a, a one by two or two by three plastic band, you don’t want to put that ben right back on the carpet at the desk mat, or if it’s a rocking chair or a swivel chair that has the big circular slap bass, if you put those back onto the carpet, the moisture now has nowhere to go.

[04:43] It’s trapped underneath that big flat base on these carpets. If you moved to a desk mat, for example, put it back over the damn carpet. It’s going to get foggy into the estimate and eventually mold and mildew under there because you’ve got hard plastic that does not breathe. And there’s nowhere for that. There’s nowhere for that moisture to go except for just stay trapped underneath the plastic. Uh, so we always recommend you to moving the furniture off of the carpet completely. And we can do it. I’ve got a few customers take all the furniture in the house, but all in the garage. And we just cleaned everything all the wall or as the majority of customers, I’d say 90 plus percent of them just move all those small things up off the floor and up off the clear all the open spaces on the floor, and then we go through and clean all of that and we cleaned in and around all of the big pieces of furniture and just leave them in place.

[05:31] We are complete carpet, carpet, stretching, pulses and our fiber. We love to connect with you and answer your questions. Give us a call at nine, one eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine, three. Or you can check out our website at complete carpet, Carpet Stretching Tulsa And find our online scheduling where you can find a way to see what our schedule is and be able to get all the schedule yourself. If you don’t want to, have to stop and talk with somebody about what it is you want to try to accomplish and get done. A Carpet Stretching Tulsa is in our fiber. We are complete carpet, carpet diem. Seize your clean carpets today.