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Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 277

Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 277

[00:01] This is episode two 77. We are complete carpet, carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. And this episode we’re going to be talking about doing a seam repair, uh, doing some patching, a carpet stretching Tulsa is and our fiber. We are complete carpet. We’d love for you to connect with us. Give us a call today at nine, one, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine, three, or look us up on the web at complete carpet, And you can find more podcasts like this, more informational podcasts that can give you more behind the scenes or do it yourself. Information that we can help you to be able to better take care of your own carpets and for the times where you run into something that’s beyond your scope of your skill or technicality, we will be able to help you with. I’m stretching, cleaning, upholstery, cleaning. We also do tile cleaning, repairs, patching, whatever it is that you could use to build to keep your health and wellbeing of your carpet.

[00:55] After you have it installed, we can get taken care of for you. Carpet Stretching Tulsa since 1998, one of the things we do on a frequent basis is that we get into repair a threshold, a seam or a place that typically it’s because a pet or an animal has gotten trapped in a room. The door is closed or maybe the pet themselves close the door and now they’ve tried to get out of the room. This typically manifest itself in a dog trying to dig its way out underneath your door is real similar to when your dogs in the backyard and decides it wants to try to go underneath the fence and it starts digging and they’ll dig through the ground until it gets under a hole deep enough underneath the fence. They can kind of climb its way. Crawl it’s way underneath the fence. Come up out on the other side.

[01:35] The problem is, is that in your house you have concrete floors and carpet that feels like dirt to the dog, but the dog doesn’t know any better. So he will just continue to dig through the carpet trying to find the way to get underneath the door. Uh, and if they can’t get through the carpet underneath the door, a lot of times they’ll reach down, just bite the carpet and start tearing it out. Had one dog that actually grabbed and pulled the carpet 10 feet across the room and just rip the carpet all the way back across the room in his attempt to try to find a way to get underneath the door to get his way back out. Carpet Stretching Tulsa on our fiber. One of the things that we can do for you is to repair these types of situations where the carpet has been badly damaged by the pet along the scene.

[02:15] Sometimes if it’s just a small area like a cat has done the a little bit of something, little string, something’s gotten up on the things, call the attention and the cat just starts clawing or scratching at it, pulling the little fibers free. If it’s a small area, the size of your hand or smaller, we can just get in and patch around that area. A lot of times we’ll take existing carpet. If you’ve got some of the carpet that has an extra piece, a good reason to keep extra pieces of the carpet after you’ve had it installed so that you’d be able to do patching and case a pet or an animal or some type of damage happens to the carpet in this case along the door, along the seam there. Um, be able to take a cut that area out and make it like a puzzle piece to where it’s a nice perfect square or something that would match that area.

[02:56] Take that damaged piece out and a cut in a perfect from the existing carpet. Sometimes people do not have some extra carpet. And so what we’ll have to do in those cases is go to the closet and find a match for the carpet and bill to cut that piece, put into the closet, take that damaged piece into the closet and take a good piece in the closet and put it in the place where the damage used to be. Carpet stretching Tulsa. Since 1998, we’ve done hundreds and hundreds of these types of repairs. Um, and one of the things that we found that is an absolute must when you’re doing patching is that you need to use the existing carpet. I’m, you can’t buy or go and get a close match to the carpet. Has to be the actual carpet that was installed originally. Um, even if you bought the same carpet from the manufacturer but you bought it a year later, the carpet is going to look different because every run of carpet they do and lots and the dialogue will come out from the manufacturer and they make up about 10,000 yards of carpet at one time and they make up one batch of dye produced that entire thing of carpet.

[03:57] And then they go onto the next chunk of carpet and then each dialogue can vary from one to the next. And it varies enough that you could actually see the scene into each one. And so we always use either a closet or an existing piece of carpet to do the patch with. Now the patch that you put into the closet, that can be different, that sometimes have a large damage like where the dog pulled back 10 feet into the room. Um, we actually took an entire claws out and they buttoned bought a new piece of carpet for that closet because it didn’t have to match exactly because it would be behind a door and nobody would really see it. Whereas the piece in the front and the room was going to be seen as anybody walked into the room and you needed it to match up.

[04:36] Exactly. You didn’t want to have this to co two color, two tone effect going down in the middle of the room. Carpet Stretching Tulsa that our fiber we love for you to see what we can do for you or give us a call and get on the schedule at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine three. Um, so if it’s small patches, we can actually just cut a square around the patch. That needs to be done. Other times when a dog really starts to get in and starts digging through the door, they’ll dig across the seam enough that we need to cut the whole doorway out. Um, and this is what we’d call a double seam or another times that this needs to be done is a lot of times if you have a water leak in a hallway or something happens where some someone has to come in, cut through the carpet to open up an area to build to pull it back and let it dry.

[05:16] A lot of times there’ll be at the doorway to a Siem. They’ll cut that area of pull it back and we’ll have to go back and repair that seam and get it to connect back together to get two rooms to connect together as one. Again, I’m typically the damage on the edge of it is enough where the, whether it be a pet or somebody just cutting the carpet of part roughly, that it can’t just be seamed back together. So what we’ll do is cut about an inch on either side out to get a nice good straight lines. You have a clean seen the importance to any scene that you ever do is that you’re using a fresh blade and that you’re using. I’m good at chunk of carpets. You got to get back to where you have a good strong backing and you don’t have carpet that’s frayed or falling apart.

[05:53] Once you get back enough, you can do two. Seems want across the inside door, one across the outside of the doorway. Cut all of that damaged part of the carpet out and put a new piece of carpet into that scene. We are complete carpet, Carpet Stretching Tulsa, so since 1998, we love for you to give us a call and get on our schedule and we can get the carpet back into good health for you. Give us a call today at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine, three a. We are complete carpet, Carpet Stretching Tulsa is in our fiber. Carpet Diem. Seize your clean today.