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Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 280

Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 280

[00:00] This is episode 280 and we’re going to talk about the importance of doing more than what you’re being paid for. We are complete carpet, Carpet Stretching Tulsa since 1998. I would love to reach, uh, reach out and touch base with you and be able to talk with you about the things that you can do we can do to be able to get your carpets taken care of or answer any questions you have that’s beyond the scope of this particular podcast. Give us a call at nine one eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero nine three and we can answer your questions or get you on the schedule. We also have online scheduling through our website at complete carpet Carpet Stretching Tulsa where you can get on the schedule and find what openings we have to be able to get your carpet maintenance needs taken care of right away.

[00:41] Carpet Stretching Tulsa since 1998. Has allowed us to add in new and varied services like tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning. We do carpet cleaning, patching and repairing. Re stretching, even a cleaning stairs and the chairs. Today we’re going to be talking about I’m doing your best work regardless of what you, what you’re getting, what your compensation is going to be. One thing I think that’s important that I learned long ago was that you should always ask yourself, have a basic question. If I was paid more, would I do a better job, and I think about so many of us don’t. Maybe consciously are aware of this, but we have the right person. You have the right reason. A lot of times we will do our best effort if we’re feeling like we’re being watched or if we know that we’re getting paid more than we think we’re worth.

[01:30] All of a sudden we try to rise to the challenge, but I think the really the trick in all of life is, or the thing that’s difficult for anybody to do, is to to rise to the challenge. When you feel like you’re undervalued or you don’t feel like you’re. The thing that you’re doing is it has that much importance as the. As the ability to lay the same amount of importance on every task that you do so that you’re always giving your best effort and your best thing. And this is not something that people naturally gravitate towards. Everyone naturally wants to go towards being a little bit more lazy, a little bit more slothful, or when somebody’s not looking or nobody’s gonna really care about this, then why do I even do it for me? I first ran into this principal probably 15 to 20 years ago and it was, it was told to me this way that if you were to be paid more, would you do more work?

[02:18] And if the answer is ever yes, that means you are currently choosing to do less work than you’re capable because you don’t feel like you’re being paid enough. And um, you will always be not paid enough because you’re unwilling to do more work than what is required of you. And um, I ran into this when I was doing work for the Tulsa Housing Authority because there was many times where I would go in to do jobs. And the, um, I knew that the carpets weren’t going to pass an inspection because they didn’t look that good. And so for awhile I struggled with this because I thought, why am I even trying to clean the carpets if I don’t, I don’t think they’re going to pass an inspection. They need to get them cleaned anyway because of their protocol. So I just kind of get in there and sometimes I’d catch myself just doing a mediocre job because I knew the carpets, it’s going to be ripped out the next day and replaced.

[03:06] And I heard this, um, this phrase is actually from my pastor at the time and he was sitting there in church and he said that, you know, if you got paid more, would you do a better job? And it’s, if the answer is ever yes, then that means you’re not doing your full potential right now today. And so that really struck home with me and struck a chord. And so from that point forward, every job that I did, um, I did it as if there was somebody gonna move in the next day onto that carpet. And was there any way that I was able to save that carpet in a way or make it the nicest possible perfect for that person to build, to go in the next day? It didn’t matter what I was getting paid on the job. It didn’t matter what it was now mattered about somebody.

[03:45] This is going to be somebody carpet. There’s going to be somebody’s baby is going to, is going to crawl on this carpet at some point. Um, there’s a chance that that could happen. Maybe they replaced the carpet the next day, but what if they chose not to and I hadn’t done my best work and the next day someone came in there and put their baby on the floor and it got dirty knees because I’d only done a partial job. I hadn’t done a full job for that person. And so I approach every job from that point forward of saying, you know, is this person’s grandbaby, is this person’s a little baby? Is this, is the baby that’s here in this house, going to be able to get down and crawl on the floor once I’m finished with it. And it needs to be up to that standard every single time.

[04:21] Carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. I’ve had thousands of opportunities to be able to help many people get their carpets, saved their carpets, get them back because, um, I had a ton of experience dealing with the Tulsa housing authority and carpets. They’d always send me in on ones that they wanted to see if there’s any possible way to save the carpet before they replaced it. And I couldn’t save every single one, but a ton of them. I finally through, you know, these were really difficult to cleans them and they’re ready to be replaced. Um, and yet I was able to get people to be able to get the carpets up to past the TJ inspections and bill to get up to where people would feel good about living insane on that carpet again. And so it was a really good training ground to be able to get to where I’m, I know what is capable and what is not possible and I don’t how to get.

[05:08] Even if it’s doesn’t. Look, it’s best to know that it’s clean and sanitary, that you can get it up to a level because sometimes I’ve had many in a carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of times where I will go in and I’ve and I meet with a couple and they’ve called me out to clean their carpets and they’ve just bought a new house and they’ve maxed their budget out. I mean to get this house, they’ve. They’ve gone all in. I mean they’ve, they’ve put everything they could into their deposit. They put everything in the code into the down payment for the house. They’ve done everything they could to just get into this house because it’s their dream house, but the carpets are just awful. That was the last thing that they did. They thought they’re going to be better than other people moved out and when they got in there they looked around and said that we don’t have any money.

[05:48] There’s no way to replace these carpets. We’ve already maxed ourselves out just to buy this home. And so I’ve been tasked with the job of taking the carpets that they have and making them good enough that they can move in their family and live on this carpet until they’ve been able to collect enough money to replace them at some point in the future. Carpet Stretching Tulsa And so I think that every time you go in and you look at a project just like the just like that, where somebody, they have no other option, you, you are their only other only option they’ve got left and it really at that point doesn’t matter about how much you’re being paid. It matters about how much are you willing to work, what are you willing to do in that situation? And so I think character is born because you make the decision, I am going to do more.

[06:31] I’m going to do the right thing in this situation. I’m going to do more than I’m being paid to do because this is what needs to be done right now. I’m not just going to go up to the level of of my paycheck. I’m not just going to go up to the level of my hourly wage. I’m going to go up to the level of the situation and be able to exceed the expectations of those that are around me. Carpet Stretching Tulsa Since 1998. We are complete carpet. We love for you to give us a call at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine, three and let us know how we can help you today. Carpet Stretching Tulsa in our fiber. We would love to connect with you. We are complete carpet, carpet dmcs. Your clean today.