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Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 284

Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 284

00:00 This is episode two 84 and we’re going to be talking about spots and how to
navigate to the merit of chemical options to clean up your pet Carpet Stretching Tulsa since 1998. We are complete carpet. We love for you to check out our, or give us a call at nine. One eight, four,
nine, four, seven, zero nine three Carpet Stretching Tulsa. Is that our fiber?
We’d love for you to check out our other services like carpet cleaning,
upholstery cleaning, patching the stair case cleaning, rug cleaning or tile
cleaning. We’re going to talk this time about a pet, uh, problems. Uh, we’ve, we
the whole wide range of different things that your pet can do to kind of damage
your carpet. And so we’re going to cover some of the different options and
things that we do on a regular basis to be able to help to maintain the health
and wellbeing of your carpet.
00:55 Now, one of the big thing that we run into is I’m past that, make accidents on
the carpet. And so we’ve got a couple of different categories of chemicals that
you can get and use yourself, um, and it helps if you figure out what it is that
you’re trying to accomplish so that you will know which chemical you’re wanting
to try to get. Um, the main categories, the big categories that we run into is one,
people have an area that they feel like it’s unsanitary. So this will be a
disinfectant. A good product that would fit in this category would be auto band.
You can pick that up at home depot when you’re trying to get your carpets
cleaned. You may remove all of the contaminants, you may have, um, a number
one or number two on the carpet and you remove it. You rent it out, you kind of
cleaned it up, but you want to make it safe and sanitary so that, you know, if
you were walking across it or if you put a baby on the floor, you’re not worried
that they’re going to get some type of, you know, weird biological stuff that
might be an issue or a problem.
01:50 So you would use a disinfectant. And this does not clean, it doesn’t remove stain
that just kills off bacteria. I’m good. Disinfectant is the Oto Bam product. There’s
many others, micro band and um, uh, typically try to keep away from your
kitchen disinfected and they’re almost always bleached based. So if you used a
kitchen disinfectant on your carpet, it’s almost always going to leave a yellow
spot or pull a color out of the carpet. Um, your second part, your second
category are your pet cleaners. So you’ve got a stubborn spot and you’re trying
to clean it out. And so you’re going to have a ones that are just designed to try
to clean out to the whatever thing that the pet has done into your carpet.
They’re going to be a little bit more detergent based, maybe have some type of
stain removers in there. And then you’re going to have your full on stain
removers, which are normally not designed to clean.
02:37 They’re not designed to disinfect their, just, you put them on, give them a good
dwell time. They’re supposed to try to remove the yellowing that, um, that the
urine can leave in the carpet of. These are typically more acidic type of products
so they don’t work well with a disinfectant and they typically don’t work as well
with the cleaners. You want to use them separately after you’ve tried to clean it,
active disinfected. If there’s still a little bit of the yellow spot left, did you get
some of the pet urine? Stain removers also kind of can be used as a, some of the
tea and coffee and Tannin wine, those types of reminders. Sometimes it’s all
that’s that general line of chemical Carpet Stretching Tulsa us as 1998, we’ve had
many different products and many different um, situations where somebody is
trying to clean it at, in their home and have gotten very frustrated because they,
they’re not being able to do what it is they’re wanting to do and a lot of these
products are not well described your wells shown or they just don’t believe a
pet cleaning product is a cleaning product where there’s so many different ones
that do a lot of different things.
03:39 The next category you have or your enzymes, which are kind of a cleaning
disinfectant type of agent, but really at its core, what is doing is trying to soak
down into the areas you can’t normally get to or clean to try to remove, um, and
consumed the salts and the, uh, the stuff from the urine that’s still in the carpet,
say down in the backing of the carpet or down below where your regular
cleaning products can’t get to. So these are normally your dwell products. They
will need a four to 12. Our dwell time maybe longer. We’ve got a few of them
are enzyme products that will last up to 14 days. And so they get in there.
They’ll typically have some type of odor neutralizer and all of an enzyme that
gets in there and chews up the, um, the content, the urine out of the carpet.
04:24 But it gets into places that you can’t clean like the back end of the carpet or the
padding or other areas that you typically want to put as much of those down as
there was urine. And just let it sit and soak. ‘Em. Carpet Stretching Tulsa And so these are your main
core products, these typically the four areas, um, and then your final product
you have or your deodorant, and these are like a freestyle product. It’s not going
to get in there and really kill off any bad bad bacteria. It’s not going to clean. The
SPA is not going to remove the urine, it’s not going to do this in fact, or do
anything along those lines is going to typically just immediately change the smell
of the room, kind of like a glade plugins. And so these are your deodorant
products. They make be called an odor neutralizer, but they for a time, we’ll
make it smell better there.
05:09 It doesn’t remove it and stop the smell. It just for a time changes the smell of
the room. For example, if I put an a smell of cherry in a room, you typically can’t
smell anything else because the chair is an overwhelming smell. One thing that
you do want to look at when you’re looking at doing an odor neutralizer carpet
stretching Tulsa since 1998. Is it important to note that you need to make sure
that you’re using a primary odor and not a complimentary odor? If you put
enough vanilla in an area, it’s just going to smell like vanilla, whatever the smell
is, but if you put it up cherry in the area, the cherry will overwhelm any other
smells. So there’s certain smells that will, um, like popery or something like that.
Something that’s a more softer flavor, smell or flavor. Um, we’ll just, we’ll just
join with the other owners that you already have and instead of overwhelming
the other others have, it’s typically citrus and jerry will overwhelm any other
smell if you put enough of it. Carpet Stretching Tulsa. Since 1998. We are
complete carpet. We’d love to talk with you more about some of the different
things that we can do for you and be able to get you taken care of. Give us a call
at nine. One eight, four, nine four, seven, zero nine three. Helping you to
maintain the health and wellbeing of your carpets since 1998. We are complete
carpet, Carpet Stretching Tulsa is in our fiber. Carpet Diem. Seize your clean