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Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 286

Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 286

00:01 This is episode two 86. We complete carpet. Today we’re going to be talking about suction and the importance of suction. Carpet Stretching Tulsa of 1998. We are complete carpet. Give us a call today at nine. One eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine three. We’d love to have you check out our website at complete carpet, and find out all the different services that product that we can offer for you. We can help you once your carpets and installed to do everything needed to maintain and extend the life of that carpet so that it gives you not only a long jeopardy of life of the carpet, but also quality of life every day that you’ll have nice, good, fresh, clean carpet, carpet stretching, Tulsa since 1998. It allowed us to expand into carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, stair cleaning. We can pretty much get your floor care needs taken care of.

00:51 So give us a call today and we can get you on the schedule and get you on your way to fresh, clean carpets. Again, one of the things that’s important about the amount of suction that you have, we talked in our last episode about how I’m needing to make sure that you check to see what your carpet professional is using to be able to clean your carpets. I’ve had at least one or two calls a week where somebody will ask us specifically is this a truck mounted clean? And evidently there’s so many people out there that are doing a process that is just using a rental rented rug doctor that people actually feel the need to have to ask. Um, and uh, really makes me feel bad, especially for my profession, that people are out there creating such a bad example for this profession because it just should not have.

01:41 That should not be an option. Um, I’ve also had customers ask what is included in the cleaning. They go, there are so many charlatans, I believe in our profession where they will come out, they will tell you, they will clean your carpets. But the problem is, is that, uh, they do not include in the carpet cleaning the things necessary to clean the carpets. And this happens many times, the carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. I’ve had so many customers ask me directly what is the extra fees, what are the hidden charges, what will there be that’s that’s extra or add on or additional. And I tell them it’s included in our flat rate pricing and they just because they’ve been burned so many times, they just don’t believe that that’s even an option because so many other carpet cleaners out there will come out for a carpet cleaning, but then upcharge for every spot for every.

02:34 Every priest pray for everything that they do to try to clean the carpet is an extra charge that given on its basic face value. If you had them come out and clean, they technically will just rinse your carpet. They are not going to clean your carpet. Carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. I’ve heard so many different customers asking me or telling me that they have actually had a professional come out and tell them that they’re special. Would they like for them to use either a deep clean or would they like us to use a priest spray or they like them to pay the additional charge for, um, pretreating the carpet. And they said, well, if we don’t do that, then what are you going to do? And said, oh, well we’ll just, we’ll just just clean your carpets with the water. I said, well then that’s not really cleaning, that’s just renting.

03:17 And they know what I mean, you know, but it’s really, you know, and they always pitch. I’m like, well, I mean we could just rent your car, we just clean your carpets with the water, but really you want the good clean, which is the one where we do the pretreatment and we add soap and it’s to me that’d be like going to car wash and they want to charge you extra to use the water to wash your car sick. Well, isn’t that what this whole service is? So one of the things that’s important is that we go through and we do a included in every carpet cleaning is a full pre spray. And that gets in there. And does all the things that we had talked about before in our last podcast about how it helps to soften up the dirt, helps to break the water tension down and honestly it helps me to do a better job and give you a thorough longer lasting clean carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998.

04:04 One thing that’s incredibly important to me and our business is that I want to make lifelong customers. I didn’t want to be able to come in there and you to feel at ease about what our service is going to do, what our service will provide for you and that you will be ready and you’ll will be competent. That when we are finished with our service that you will be able to know that it has been done. That the way that it should have been done. If you don’t have to go back there and feel like I’ve got to check all the areas and make sure they cleaned everything or that I am going to have to look a second time to see if there’s any visible difference. Did they, did it really change anything that so many times where customers have said that they had a previous carpet cleaning company and they were in and out in 15 to 20 minutes and they said they visually, you just couldn’t tell that they had even cleaned the carpets.

04:53 And so with our carpet cleaning every time you can visually tell that we’ve cleaned the carpets because no matter what you’ve done with the carpets, there’s always some level of dirt or debris in that carpet. And as long as you do a good spray over there, you’re going to break all that down so the carpet’s can get back to their very best looking things. And also it’s a selfish reason. Carpet Stretching Tulsa us since 19, 98, 20 years of servicing tolson surrounding communities, um, I have had the honor and the privilege to be able to, uh, repeat customers and clean their homes 10, 15, 20, 30 times over the years where I’ve get back in there, over and over to. And if I do a bad job one of those times and I’m going to come back and clean it again. That makes my next job even more difficult and the more clean I can keep carpets and the better and the deeper clean I can do, the longer the carpets will last and look good and that customer will have a good experience while they’re there with their carpets and not only that, but the next time I come back it will be easier because if I don’t clean it out now, I’m going to have to clean it out next time.

05:51 So why not now Carpet Stretching Tulsa since 1998. We are complete carpet. We love to hear from connect with you. Give us a call at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine, three, and we can get you on the road to having clean, fresh carpets. Again. Carpet Stretching Tulsa is in our fiber. We are complete carpet, carpet diem. Seize your clean carpets today.