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Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 291

Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 291

00:00 This is episode two 91, and today we’re gonna be talking about commercial carpet cleaning. Carpet Stretching Tulsa since 1998. We are complete carpet. We love to connect with you. So give us a call at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero nine three. Or check out our Carpet Stretching Tulsa is in our fiber. We’ve expanded to include carpet, a patching, repair, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning and commercial cleaning. And today we want to talk about commercial cleaning. Um, obviously we focus a lot in on the repairs and the stretching we focused in on the carpet cleaning for the residential side. We’ve given lots of, do it yourself home tips throughout all of these different podcasts. But one of the things we haven’t covered much is the, um, the importance of commercial cleaning. We’ve talked about it in passing in other episodes. I wanted to talk about it directly now in this particular episode Carpet Stretching Tulsa.

00:54 Um, and one of the things that’s important for any commercial place in any business is that you show your best front of that may be maintaining the freshness of the paint on the outside, exterior, keeping the bathrooms clean, making sure that, uh, the amenities are available or there’s lights on the exterior of your facility. Is there as a parking lot clear? Is your signage up, is your website working? And um, and then when you’ve done all these things, try to get the customer in there and wow them. Are your carpet still looking good? And if you’ve got carpet in any place and we’ve got a couple of different types of commercial cleanings that can be done. Carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. I’ve had so many times to be able to get different opportunities to get out there and help a commercial spaces be able to, to take care of them.

01:41 So I’ll name off a few of the different types that we’ve done. We’ve got your restaurant spaces, we’ve got quite a few local restaurants that use us on a regular basis. And in your restaurant space, pretty much for the most part, they need to be done every two to three months because you’re going to get a buildup. If you are a successful restaurant, you’ve got any number of people coming in there. Those people will either bring the dirt from outside India restaurant or the food they eat gets onto the floor and it ended up getting grounded. If you leave it there for too long, it really starts to build up and break down the backing of the carpet, especially about oily or greasy foods. Getting those greases or getting down into that backing, slowly softening up that glue until you end up with buckled or bubbled areas and so you want to try to maintain that area as much as possible and even beyond just the fact that it may damage or break down the carpet over time.

02:26 One thing that I think is the most important is that customers, as they’re sitting at the table, they do look down at the carpets and you don’t want to have this skin crawl moment led. My wife likes to call it where they look down and they go, Ooh, and especially if you’re in a restaurant where someone wanting to get food, you don’t want them to lose their appetite because the facilities look dingy. They look off and they think, oh, if the carpets look like this, then where their mind runs and all the other areas, carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. Another area that we see very frequently is in your executive space. So we’ve got quite a few local companies that have large facilities. They might have a shop connected to their offices and so they may do some machining or any type of construction work out in the shop area and then they have all their office areas for all of the people that are doing your day to day work.

03:16 And so, and you’ve got this hybrid kind of workshop versus office space. And so you end up with a lot of grease throughout. Um, and it’s similar to the areas that are for a restaurant where it’s going to eat a lot of real good grief cutters and stuff that’s really going to break down. And those need to be on a good regular schedule too because it will extend the life of the carpet. But also, um, as you have people come into a place orders or are they meeting with vendors, are meeting with the executives. They really do. I mean, we don’t, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we all do. I mean, you come in and you see a space and you see that it’s broken down, are dingy, you know, it’s like going into one of those um, uh, uh, turnpike, bathrooms, turnpike a gas station that you go to the bathroom and it just, it’s, you know, that nobody’s ever taken any care of that at all as opposed to go into a really nice facility like a Marriott.

04:08 And you expect that you’d go in there and you look around or Disneyworld know, you know, they’re going to have a nice good clean bathroom and that you’ll be able to enjoy the facilities without being afraid of getting tetchy and some type of weird disease. So you want to get those kinds of commercial executive areas cleaned up or the offices for your industrial type of places. A carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. One the third one. The third type of off commercial spaces that we do is we do the peer executive style and these are just your office spaces. They don’t need to be cleaned as often as the other to the restaurant and the industrial office side where they need to be done every probably three months or so, two to three months. These are typically done every six months to a year because they’re just.

04:50 It’s not a storefront, so this is just offices and this is done more for morale because you don’t have a lot of customers coming in and out of there, but if you’ve got dirty floors over time that kind of brings them around in the building down and people will look around and they see that pops bill that’s been there for a week or a month. They see that coffee still has been there for a long time and so it kind of starts to wear on you every day. Seeing the same spots at everyday since your, this is your, you know, sometimes people spend more time in their work cubicle than they do in their home and so this is, this becomes their home away from home, it becomes their little space and if this space really speaks to them and it really looks well, it looks good that it helps them stay up and positive work and it starts to get dingy and starts to get, feel like they don’t have any control over it, can’t really get it to spruce up or look good.

05:41 Um, and then that doesn’t, you know, that’ll start to bring morale down. And our third, fourth type, which will probably cover more detail in another podcast, but we’ll just cover quickly here. Carpet Stretching Tulsa us as 1998. The third or the fourth time that we run into is your executive space. That is a storefront. So you’ve got your customer facing side. It’s not restaurant side is just, you know, you’re gonna have foot traffic coming in and out and you need to get those spaces clean so that your customer is on a very regular basis. This is probably more like a a monthly, bimonthly space because you’re needing that front to be able to wow the customer. Every customer that comes in, you don’t want to miss a single customer to come in and be like, Ooh, I don’t think I want to go in there because it looks dirty. Carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. We are complete carpet. Give us a call today at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine three or check us out on the web at complete carpet. Carpet stretching. Tulsa is in our fiber. We are complete carpet.