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Carpet stretching Tulsa | Episode 296

Carpet stretching Tulsa | Episode 296

00:00 This is episode 296. We are complete carpet, carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. Would love to connect with you. So give us a call at nine. One eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine, three. carpet stretching Tulsa is in our fiber. We’d love to show you what we can do for you, whether it be carpet cleaning, restretch and upholstery cleaning, patching, tile cleaning, even a stair cleaning or a carpet repairs. We can help you to get your carpets looking like new again, or to help extend the life of your carpets. So anything that you need done to your carpet after it’s been installed, we can do to help you maintain the health and longevity of your carpet. A carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. Uh, we are complete carpet. We’d like to talk to you this time about furniture cleaning. Uh, there is a lot of different types of furniture out there in different processes.

00:54 Our particular process is a water based cleaning. So some furniture out there. We are not able to clean because it needs to be used a dry clean process or a chemical cleaning process and typically you can tell by looking at the, I’m looking at the furniture’s care tag and it will say, you know, do not use moisture, do not use water dry, clean. Only those types need to be done by a little different process. But the majority of the furniture out there, it was all a microfiber, micro suede and they can all be cleaned naturally with water. It uses a little bit different. One carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. We’ve had the opportunity to be able to take care of not only stretching people’s carpet but also getting some of their furniture cleaned at the same time. Most of the time the pressure needs to be cleaned because, um, it has just been used.

01:46 Uh, we don’t think as much about the furniture because we just kind of get on it, use it. But most of the time we touch it with our skin. Our arms around the armrests are hair or hair gel or oily hair lays against the back of the head rest area. Um, we sit on it, whatever we’ve been doing. Kids have been outside playing with 30 genes to come in and plop down and just immediately sit on the couch. So we have all of this build up of typically oils and grime that just kind of sit on the surface and dingy out our sofas over time. It does take a little bit longer because you have to use a very small upholstery tool. And he was very light amount of water with a lot of suction to be able to try to clean the fabric without getting the cushion inside wet carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998.

02:29 One of the things that, um, is also possible and we sometimes set our customers up to do it. We can always come out there and get your furniture clean, dwell, but I personally have bought a microfiber couch and made sure that all of the Christians were removable and that they were all fairly square. So that way I could just take and machine wash the covers to the cushions as they got dirty. Um, one thing that I think is, is good that if you go to buy a piece of furniture, it is always good to get the um, the fabric protective package added to it. Carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. I’ve seen as many times where somebody will get in there, they’ll do the, they’ll add the fabric protection package to their fabric when they buy the couch or you can buy a, some scotch guard and just apply it directly yourself because this will help that thin fabric to be able to be more water resistant.

03:22 And that way if you get something on that couch loveseat cushion that you grabbed some warm water and a rag and just kind of buffet right off of the surface. It was did it to my own couch about a nine to 10 years now. And even with kids and pets over the years, the couch still looks almost like brand new because on a every one to three months I’m out there making sure that I’ve touched up the couch. Don’t let spot stay out too long and rinse out the cushion or result the covers completely. Now, the one trick to it, carpet stretching tells us in 1998, I’ve told many customers this and I’ve done it for my own couch for almost a decade now, is that you don’t want to dry the covers. If you drive them, they’re going to come all they’re going to get there, good shrunk.

04:04 They’re going to change shape. They’re not going to fit your able to get them on the couch again, so you want to wash your covers on the delicate cycle in the washing machine with just like as a regular load of towels or something, but then when you pull them out of the washing machine, you want to put them back onto the cover. Damp fabric remembers its shape as it dries, and so if you put it back over the cover, back over the cushion and zip it back on, and then they let it dry, that way the fabric will dry in the right shape of the cushion. Now, one thing to remember, carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998 is that when you go to put the cushion, the cover back onto the cushion is that the cushion inside is springy and moldable. You can squish it down into a smaller shape.

04:49 The fabric on the outside is not very stretchy. It’s typically I’m stiff and it will hold in just the right shape to cover around that cushion, so if you’re having trouble putting the cover back over, don’t force the cover over the cushion, squish the cushion down and fit it inside the cover. And also when you go to do the Zipper, the Zipper is not a structural functional zipper. It’s more of a decorative quick on and off type Zipper, so make sure that you squish down the the cushion just a little bit, compress it shapes a little bit to and then zip it up while the fabric is released. All the fabric is a relaxed so that when you release it, it will pull tight against the liver. Don’t try to zip it back up with the full push of the fabric or full push of the cushion inside, pushing against that zipper.

05:36 Um, you’re, you’re potentially going to pull the zipper or break the Zipper as you come across it. So make sure that you release that tension off the zipper before you zip and unzip it. Carpet stretching Tulsa. Since 1998. We are complete carpet. We’d love for you to find out more about us. They’ve given us a call at nine. One eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine three or find this on the web at complete carpet. We are your complete carpet source to be able to take care of the health and wellbeing of your carpets after you’ve had them installed. We can do everything you need to do to keep them in good, healthy working order and sometimes even beyond just keeping them in good health. Just just so that you can enjoy the carpet, um, each day and each week, each month, each year as you go throughout the life of your carpet. Um, that way you can at anytime feel I can get down and just lay on the floor, play with the kids, enjoy your pet’s, watch a movie, whatever it is you want to do on the floor without worrying about coming up with some type of dirt or stickiness or smells after laying on your carpets. carpet stretching Tulsa. Is that our fiber? We are complete carpet.