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Carpet stretching Tulsa | Episode 297

Carpet stretching Tulsa | Episode 297

00:01 This is episode two 97. We are complete carpet, Carpet stretching Tulsa that our fiber give us a call today at nine. One eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine three. Let us, uh, be able to answer any of those questions you have or get you on the schedule to get your carpets into good, healthy looking shape. Again, Carpet stretching Tulsa in since 1998 as loud as expand our surfaces. Services to offer carpet cleaning, repairing, patching, a furniture, clean tile cleaning, whatever it is you need to do to try to help maintain the health and wellbeing of your foreign services. We can help you with a Carpet stretching Tulsa. Is that our fiber? And we are complete carpet today. We’re going to have to be talking about, um, the, uh, the different, the importance of not using bleach on your carpet. I have a run across this many times throughout the years.

00:49 Even had one customer specifically ask us to try to clean her carpets by putting bleach in the water that we’re cleaning with a. The problem with using bleach on any soft fabric or surface is that bleach is very caustic. It not only will pull the color out of something, but it also does not go inert quickly and sometimes can just be left continuously chewing or eating up the carpet. A worst case scenario, I’ve seen carpet stretching tonight tonight. 80 eight is our one job or guide mixed up like a, maybe a 10 percent or 30 percent bleach water solution and spray over an area on the other side of his coffee table or dining room table that a pet had peed and just sprayed over the whole area. Trying to get his white carpet to look white again. He sprayed over it. Got It. Just to look pretty white.

01:37 The problem is is that that bleach stayed in the carpet and over the next month it completely ate up all the carpet turned into dust. The car, uh, the bleach solution was so aggressive, so strong that it ended up making a giant bald spot. The next time you back, you’ve over it all the fibers just fell right out of the carpet because the bleach solution had just eaten up all at nylon and eaten up all the glue in the back end and just. And it all just fallen apart. Now the main problem that I see and I always tell customers is much better to patch or to remove it, just never use any type of belief. Even if you do use bleach. The problem is, is that bleach will bring down all of the colors. And so the contrast between the colors that you’re trying to remove actually ends up staying the same carpet stretching Tulsa’s night to 98.

02:26 I’ve seen this almost on a monthly basis, if not more often, where I’ll come in and I’ll see a spot that someone tried to clean with some type of a kitchen cleaner. This is a big reason not to use kitchen cleaners because all, most, all of your kitchen cleaners are, have a, uh, some type of a bleach base in them because they want to be also a disinfectant. And in the kitchen they use a lot of bleaches to try to clean, bright and disinfect the different services, whereas any of your fabric sides, you don’t want to do this, otherwise you end up pulling all the color out of the carpet. So to give an example, if you had, let’s say a red, that Koolaid spot on the brown carpet. And so it kind of role, you can target 10 carpet Red Koolaid spot and you use bleach over the Red Koolaid spot anywhere the bleach goes is going to lighten the colors of the fabric.

03:19 So it goes over the red spot. The red spot is now going to be kind of a pink color. So it does lighten up a little bit. The problem is is that that red spot was over brown carpet. The brown carpet around the spot and under the spot is also going to lighten up. So you’re going to go from brown carpet to light tan carpet. So now you’ve got a ring of light tan carpet in the middle of a brown carpet. And then inside of that ring of light tan carpet, there’s a, there’s a light pink spot, so you actually end up with three different colors to the carpet. Now you’ve got the ring around the red spot that is now lightened up because it has touched the bleach Carpet stretching Tulsa. Then you add the red spot that is now a lighter pink sitting inside of that ring and that is all sitting inside of a brown splodge, a carpet or the carpet that is round.

04:06 So you actually end up accentuating the spot instead of removing it. And that this is the same with merchant. Any colors you want to choose that you put in this scenario, whether it’d be a blue spot on red carpet, it bleach will bring. It’s not as if it doesn’t discriminate, it just brings out all the colors. And so it actually ends up making the spot stand out even more because now the area will continue to lighten and whitened. Creating a halo, a ring around the spot, making it stand out even more. Carpet stretching Tulsa us as 1998. So I’ve always, throughout all those years, at 20 years of service, we’ve always told customers, you know, not to use any type of bleach solution because, um, even if you did use it on there and we’ll continue to bleach long after you have it, has reached whatever it is that you thought it would do.

04:51 I’ve had people cleanest spot with a bleach solution only to come back one week later to find out it looks good at the moment. But then a week later the whole spots turned white because that bleach is still in their active, still doing stuff on that carpet. It just took a long time for the effect to be seen. A similar to using Sunday and on your hair, you put the sun in, your hair, walk around and Harrison was much different. You’re out in the sun for a couple of days and then all of a sudden your hair just lightens up tremendously. Carpet stretching Tulsa us is 1998. Uh, one thing that is a good substitute for bleach, for disinfecting is used auto ban that you can get from home depot and Sam’s. It was a broad spectrum disinfectant. It can give the same general cleaner, a disinfectant approach from Leech, but without the color removing effect of bleach, so you’ll be able to be knockouts, a foul odors, and make sure the surfaces are clean and sanitary without removing any color or worrying about residuals.

05:53 Residues sitting on the carpet. Carpet stretching Tulsa us since 1998, we are complete carpet. Give us a call today at nine. One eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine three, and we can get you on the schedule and get your carpets back to good healthy maintenance order again so you can start to enjoy your carpets instead of feeling like you have to stay off of your carpet or dreads sitting down. If you ever sat down in your carpets and they felt sticky or you get down on your carpets and he’s just smells musty or a foul or if you have ever walked across and white socks and then take your socks off and realize that they’re brown. Um, then you know that it’s time to get those carpets cleaned against that. You can enjoy being on those carpets. Carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. We are complete carpet.