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Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 302

Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 302

00:01 This is episode two, 302. We are complete carpet this time where we’ll be talking about the importance of good equipment and our carpet cleaning machine, Carpet stretching Tulsa in 1998. We are complete carpet. We love to hear from you to see what we can do to help you with your restriction and carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning of patching needs. Give us a call today at nine, one eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine, three. Or you can reach us on the You also can find us on facebook at complete carpet. Carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998 has allowed us to expand our offerings into carpet, stretching a carpet cleaning, upholstery, cleaning, furniture, cleaning. Pretty much everything you need to keep your carpets healthy and wells after they are installed we can do to extend that life of your carpet. This episode we’re going to talk about the, um, the type of carpet cleaning machine that we use.

00:56 There are lots of different options out there and I’m very surprised that a lot of our customers actually ask us on a fairly regular basis whether we actually use a truck mounted machine. Um, evidently there’s quite a few people out there who will show up to do a, um, a medium to cheap, low priced cleaning, but they show up with a small rug doctor in the back of a, of a vehicle and you know, they’re about to just use a $60 rental and rented machine to try to clean your carpets for you. Uh, this is in my opinion, uh, you know, not worth your money if you wanted to do that. You could have just gone and get the $60 machine to do it yourself. But they are such small machines with very low suction. They’ve had almost virtually no heat at all. Carpet stretching Tulsa And they do not do a good job of the carpet, typically get it very wet, but do not getting dry as much as it needs to.

01:46 Especially if you have pets. It typically will make the carpet smell really bad afterwards. Um, carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. I’ve been asked this question at least three or four times every week since we’ve been in business. Um, and so I figured it would be a good topic to talk about in this podcast is going over the type of machine. What makes it a truck mounted machine? There are the small portable units. Uh, there’s rug Dr Stile Hoover Bissell makes us small rug Dr Shark and they all make a small carpet cleaning machine that either runs off of a, they’re all plug into your wall, off an AC outlet, and they helped to try to clean the carpets. The problem is, is that you only have a one to five gallon tank on them. They move very slowly and do efficiently clean with them. Uh, average house would probably take six to eight hours to be able to clean them properly with a house going over and sucking everything dry enough and rinsing all the carpets enough to be able to get it totally clean Carpet stretching Tulsa.

02:43 Whereas a truck mounted unit uses a gas fired engine or a direct drive unit actually uses the van itself to propel the machine and so it has anywhere from small engine that might be 30 to 50 horsepowers. Whereas the band mounted ones could have up to two, three, 400 horsepower van engine running the whole machine and a large blower with extremely high pressured water that as I can get up to 200 to 220 degrees. So you have this really strong massive cleaning force carpet starting Tulsa since 1998. I’ve always described it to customers as having a. it’s kind of like taking care of your yard. You could get out there and you could mow your yard with a weed eater, which is what a small rug doctor or a portable unit is like. Was like trying to mow your yard with a weed eater. It could be done and if you have a lot of skill you could go over it, but it would just be this really long arduous task.

03:39 Or You could get a zero turn lawn mower and just quickly breezed over your yard and have it done and probably one 10th the time it would’ve taken to try to weed eat your entire yard. So that’s what a truck mounted unit is like. It’s like pulling in with a big Husky Guevara 48 inch riding lawn mower that you right across the yard and just get a nice even clean cut all the cross first time first pass every time. And so it’s important that you have a good, uh, a good setup, a good equipment, but that big equipment and a good setup is only as good as the clean filters that it has a, if you’re not paying attention and keeping your filters clean, uh, which you need to be able to filter out the water. So all the junk in the debris doesn’t end up Peter into your machine.

04:24 Those filters get clogged up with pet hair, with a debris, with cheerio’s and things you get sucked up from the house. Then those filters get clogged up. Then it can reduce your suction tremendously to the point where it doesn’t operate any better than a shot backwards. I’ve had plenty of times where someone will come out with a customer, will have had a company come out with a truck mounted unit and they cleaned the carpet and it can take 24 to 48 hours for the carpets to dry and if that happened, that means that they were putting lots of watered down, but the filters were clogged in their machine and it was not being able to suck the water back out. Carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. I haven’t seen this many times where I’ve actually had to come out and clean up after another company had already cleaned the carpets and I came out to clean it a second time just because they didn’t feel like they’d really done anything to the carpet.

05:10 And so having good filters, a good hot water and using the right chemical really makes a big difference on what type of clean you can get, how thorough you can get that carpet’s clean. And so maintaining your machine to maintain your equipment makes all the difference in the world. Having a cheap carpet, cleaning the equipment and having cheap you’re going to keep a rug doctor will give you a very cheap, clean. You don’t need to buy the very best, most expensive equipment to get a very good clean, um, because it really anybody can use any type of chemical in machines, cheaper process. So there is some skill involved for the technician to know what chemical needs to be used, how long they should go over it, how many times they should get over it, and how to keep it as dry as possible because dry times matter a lot. Also Carpet stretching Tulsa Since 1998. We are complete carpet and we’d love to answer any of your questions. So give us a call today at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine, three. Or reach us on the web and complete carpet We are complete carpet, Carpet stretching Tulsa and our fiber. Give us a call today.