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Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 305

Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 305

00:00 This is episode 305, and in this episode we’re going to talk about what to do when you have a spill on their carpet before you call out a carpet cleaner or hopefully so you don’t have to call out a carpet cleaner. Carpet Stretching Tulsa in this 1998. We are complete carpet. Give us a call today at nine. One eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine three. And you’d be able to get you on your way to having healthy, fresh carpets again and keeping your carpets in good maintenance and health. It needs Carpet Stretching Tulsa. Is that our fiber? We, uh, we have gone to expand on and add on carpet cleaning furniture, cleaning, upholstery, cleaning, tile cleaning. Also repairing, restructuring. Pretty much everything to keep your Florida in good health and good maintenance. Uh, one of the things I get called on or asked about is what do I do?

00:48 Something that’s just happened in the carpet. And then what do I do? And sometimes you do need to give a call to your, uh, to a professional to become out there and get something taken care of. Like if you spilled a glass of wine on some white carpet, you can do what you can to try to absorb it up, but you need to get somebody out there as quick as you can to use a good product specifically meant for removing wine as opposed to try to just pinterest your ideas into something that may or may remove the wine or it might set it so it’s sometimes it’s best to do call outs professionals, but there’s many times where you’ve just done something small or something that’s easy to take care of. You know, a little bit of soup is built or a Dr pepper spilled or seven up or sprite or you’ve got a little drink.

01:32 One thing that’s generally a good rule of thumb if the drink has a lot of color rush as fast as you possibly can because most of the time if they’ve got heavy color to it, it’s that color is not natural. It’s an artificial dye in the thing and it is currently soaking in. The longer it sits in the carpet, the more it changes. The physically changes the color of the carpet. For example, if I took a little bit of brown black or Red Dye, my hair dye and poured it on the carpet, no matter what I wanted to try to do to get it back up is going to set, but it does take time to set so I could spill it and it fall on there and I could grab something quickly, absorb it up and start renting it out as quick as I could and I could less than the amount of color that changed.

02:14 That is going to happen to the carpet, but I let it fall there and spill and just sit and eventually it’s going to completely change the color of the carpet. Carpet Stretching Tulsa since 1998. And one of the things that I always recommend everybody do first is grab a towel and just throw it over the area that is affected and brought it up. Just stand on it with your physical body weight so that you can absorb up. Squish up as much as you can into that towel. Turn the towel once, standing on again and turn it against Dan and again, keep moving to a dry spot. Keep standing on until you’ve absorbed up as much as you possibly can out of the carpet. The faster you can move on this particular side, the quicker you can get as much out as you can. Most all fabrics are a natural water resistance and natural.

02:57 Um, take a little while to break over that water barrier for it goes from sitting on the fiber to where it starts to soak into the fiber. So get out there first things first and just try to soak up as much as you possibly can. Uh, you can use paper towels and stuff. I always recommend using a big towel, something that’s very absorbent, that way you can use your whole body weight to really squished down at, absorb it into that towel. Or the second thing you want to do. Carpet Stretching Tulsa. Since 1998, we have recommended this to all of our customers. Once you’ve absorbed up as much as you possibly can, they get a little bit of water. Do Not pour the water because that will add too much water too quickly and caused the spot to spread. You want to spray the water on to the spot that’s a spray the water, mist it over the area, get it damp, and then use a towel and set it over there.

03:42 Stand on again. Now you’re trying to rent out of the fiber. Whatever’s left in the fiber from the original source of the spray. If you’re dealing with something that is sugary, you want to go an extra five, six, seven times of rinsing because you’re trying to rent out all of those sugars that have caused the floors to be sticky. One thing is going to help extremely in this particular part of the cleaning phase, is that you want to make sure you’re using those hot water as possible Carpet Stretching Tulsa. Cold water rinses, slowly hot water wrenches fast until you want to use nice hot, warm water to build. Rinse out that, um, whatever the end of the carpet, as quick as you can purpose searching Tulsa since 1998. The third step that you want to do after you’ve tried to remove as much as you can, absorb it first, secondarily rent out as much as you can with just straight hot, clean water, and then thirdly, if there’s still something left in the carpet that use a minimal amount of product to try to break it up, that’s appropriate to whatever the source of the spill was.

04:37 If it’s something greasy, then you want to use something that is going to have some type of a detergent or a grease cutting power. If it’s something that’s made more sugary, you want to use something that’s going to be very hot with a little bit of a, maybe just a small amount of detergent to kind of give it more penetrating power. If it’s something that’s oily, you want to use something that’s more of a grease oil makeup remover. If you’ve got something that’s a more leaving more of a yellowish coffee, tea stain and what have you, something a little more acidic that can help you reduce or remove that yellowing that is caused by the, um, the coffee tea. And so make sure you use something that’s appropriate, uh, uh, to the uh, mentor carpet, but appropriate to the spot that’s there that can break it up.

05:19 Carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. Uh, hopefully these tips and strategy will help you to be able to maintain the health of your carpet between large carpet cleaning so you don’t have to have somebody come out right away on every little spot. You’re able to jump on it and get it taken care of right away. And so we’ll just recap the steps really quick for you. Number one, just grab a towel and just physically try to blow it up and remove as much of the, um, the spill as you possibly can. Number two, get some hot, warm water and spray it on. Do Not pour it on, sprayed out in spots so that you can dilute that spot and be able to absorb more of it out. Try to rent out as much as you can. And the number three, use a little bit of product on it to break it down. And again, a rinse it out with that halt clearwater to put a little product on their break it down, a rented out, and hopefully that will get all of that spot gone for you and you’ll be able to get back to a nice fresh carpet again. Carpet Stretching Tulsa in 1998. We are complete carpet. Give us a call today at nine. One eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero nine three or find us on the web, a complete carpet. Tulsa dotcom carpet stretching, Tulsa’s in our fiber. We are complete. Perfect.