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Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 308

Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 308

[00:00] This is episode three, oh, eight, and we’re going to talk this time, what you can expect from a complete carpet services. We are complete carpet, carpet cleaning, Tulsa and surrounding communities. We also do Carpet Stretching Tulsa since 1998 and we’d love to connect with you and let you know what we can do for you. Give us a call today at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine, three. One of the big things that really sets us apart, I believe is that we do a full priest pray. A lot of times people use soap in their water or they just go through and pretreat justice spots only. Whereas we will pretreat the entire carpet that we’re going to clean because the spot may have been dirty and that is where the stickiness is that is collecting the dust and the dirt, but that’s not the only place that has gotten a the dirt because every time you step on it, every time you walk across that area could go through a traffic path or through different areas of your home.

[01:02] You will be moving or transferring a small amount of that stickiness, debris and dirt around the every other area that you, Stephanie, walk on. Um, also if you have pets in the house, anywhere that they walk or go or leave or les or even where nobody walks, just the hair from the pet goes flying through the air as it blows across the room and then leaves a layer of oil and smells and stickiness from the coats of the pets that has now been left around the house. Uh, so one of the things that we love to do here, or we’re always make sure that we do each time here at complete carpet, Carpet Stretching Tulsa since 1998, is that we would like to make sure that we try to make every appointment time. I’m as close to the set appointment time as possible. So instead of giving you appointment windows of time where you have to wait around or a long period of time for the technician to potentially show up at any given moment, we give you a specific set time that you are there that we come to meet you.

[02:08] I’m now in a perfect world. We’d be there on every appointment time editor exactly the time that we have stated, but sometimes a job will entail more than what we had expected or it will take a little bit longer because of technical difficulties or for traffic or something like that. So we do try to make sure that one of the things that we pride ourselves in is that at least 30 minutes beforehand, if we are going to be running late, we will try and give you a call ahead of time. We also, if we do run early, we will give you a call ahead of time also to check to see if you were available. We could get over digital care of earlier twitter so people pick off of work to do over. They are enabled and you know they’ve got other things in their life they want to be do and they just had scheduled out this time to get the carpets cleaned and done sooner than later than it loves to get over and get on to other things that are more important.

[03:02] Carpet Stretching Tulsa since 1998. We have a lot of different ways that people like to get their carpets cleaned and when I say different ways, I don’t mean different styles of cleaning. I mean just different formats. Some jobs like the job I’m currently heading to, they have just left a key in a check and they just want us to go and get it taken care of and that way they have already seen what we can do. They already know that they can trust us and so they they are able to remove the entire waiting process. I just leaving a key once and we go knock it out and then they don’t have to take any time out of their day at all outside of just putting a key, some similar heightened mitten and putting the check on the calendar. We’ve got other customers who are the exact opposite end of the spectrum they need.

[03:50] We need to be able to build a build that trust with them and so they actually will walk around and follow us, see every little bit we do other people or a lot about building trust. It’s about curiosity. Carpet Stretching Tulsa, since 1998, I’ve had thousands of customers that have just haven’t had the carpets cleaned before where the first opportunity that they’ve had to get their carpets cleaned and so they don’t know what the process looks like or even what it does. And to watch your carpets cleaned can be a fascinating experience if you’ve never seen it before about how you see the priest pray breaking down the spots. A lot of spots are, is broken down into dissolved even before we’ve got into start the cleaning process because the priest prays, helps you softened up and breaking it down and it would come through and use our hot water extraction rents to rinse out all of that dirt and debris out of the carpet.

[04:37] Um, and so they’ve never seen that before. So to them it is interesting. So after you’ve seen it once or twice, I’ve heard that the, I mean there is a list of top 10 things you’d want to do or watch. And then there’s a list of probably the bottom and I’m not exactly sure where towards that bottom that Washington carpet being cleaned is. But I’m sure it’s right around watching water boil or watching a plant grow. I’m sure there’s other things that you would find more exciting. Uh, potentially, uh, you know, your pet ferret bullying night might be a more exciting endeavor. Uh, maybe he needs a really hard word in the dictionary that you want to look up a little or maybe potentially there’s, you know, the one, he’s got a, uh, a peanut butter tasting contest. There’s, I’m sure there’s things that do rank a little higher than watching carpet being cleaned.

[05:29] But the, uh, but I’m sure it’s very few, probably only numbers in the low thousands, maybe tens of thousands of away. It’s not a very big number of things that you would rather do. Carpet Stretching Tulsa since 1998. We are complete carpet. I would love for you to give us a call today at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine, three and set up your next, a carpet cleaning with us and we can get that on the schedule and get you on track to getting your heart health on your carpets back in good and work order. And give us a call the day Carpet Stretching Tulsa is in our fiber. We are complete carpet.