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Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 315

Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 315
[00:00] This is episode three slash 15, and we’re gonna continue talking about how to care for a maintenance your carpet. Uh, in a previous podcast we talked about back in Maine and, uh, making sure that you have your carpet stretched in, repaired the areas of flat carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. That’s one of the things that we can provide for you. We’d love for you to give us a call today at nine, one, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero, nine three. That way we can get you on the schedule and get some of these problems taken care of for you. Uh, we ended on backing mean yesterday, the last podcast talking about, um, how we could, you could just get out there and get your own. I take care of some of these things on your own and that’d be backing me. It is definitely one of those you could do on your own or I’m making sure you keep your entry and entry mats cleaned.

[00:51] Nothing you can do is just limit the source of dirt and he got pets. Make sure that you dust them off, clean them off, wipe them down when they come in from outside. If you’ve got kids, make sure that they wipe off the bottom of those shoes. I was wearing your shoes. Inside is not the problem because rubber soled shoes on nylon carpet. Really does it do much damage your carpet. What damages are carpet is people that walk in from outside carrying sand and grit, dirt rocks in their shoes. That then gets wiped off on the carpet. So as long as your shoes are clean, walking out the house, walking around the house doesn’t matter. Carpet
stretching Tulsa, So some people just take the shoes completely off. They don’t have to worry about it. Some people switch to how shoes they can take off their shoes with the grit and grime on it and they put on a house shoes.

[01:37] Other people just come in and they make sure they wipe off the bottom of their shoes. So as long as your shoe as clean as you come in, then you’ll be just fine. As you’re in there. Another place is to put entry. You’ve got your entry, Matt. So it gives somebody a place to wipe the shoes off. Carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. I’m seeing as many times. Uh, the other part that you also could do is to put a, some type of carpeting over the areas that get the most wear and tear. I’m, let’s say A. I’m in front of a rocking chair. We have your feet down in here professionally pushing back a little bit to rock your foot is rubbing on the carpet more than all the rest of the carpets. So you know where that area out quicker. Uh, let’s say, uh, at a desk where you’ve got a, you’re sitting in a chair with wheels and every time you move those wheels roll and grinding the carpet is your full body weight so that, that’d be a good place.

[02:29] But like a desk mat, something that would cover that up in front of the chair, you can put a little, I’m a foot mat or a, a injury, Matt there to kind of protect that carpet anywhere that a younger girls or, or women that do their makeup as a good place to put some type of a three by four rug or of carpet down so that the area around there doesn’t to get grounded with makeup that eventually cannot be done now because you can get most make about, um, but when you get layer upon layer of makeup, it starts to, in there, it will start to impregnate her. It really start to get forced down into the fiber and become almost impossible to get out at a certain point. You get too much. But buildup around cat boxes. I want to get one of those big maps of exercise equipment.

[03:13] Do you want to have a mat underneath those so that they don’t wear the carpet out? Um, if you’ve got a small or narrow hallway and an older home having a runner down the hallway, we’ll save that carpet. Got carpet will wear out before the. All the rest of the house does he have three or four bedrooms all connected to one small hallway and then everyone in the house has to walk down that small, narrow hallway every time they want to go to anywhere words that bathroom over any of the bedrooms that you have, the highest concentration of foot traffic along that hallway. Other areas is your a part of your couch. A lot of times people will put just a, a rubdown that covers in front of the couch, out underneath the coffee table. That way, that heavy traffic areas, people sit there watching a movie and they crossed the feed.

[03:55] They somebodies got a bouncy foot that just keeps moving all the time and rubbing against the carpet. Carpet stretching Tulsa is that our fiber would love to connect with you, but other things we could do. Also a recovering all of the different areas that really you get a lot of wear and tear on your carpet will cover in the next episode of the, um, what we can do to help you. But so far we’re just covering the things that you can do to try to maintain the health and wellbeing of your carpet. Uh, one thing that also like to point out here is when you have rugs and these areas, they are going to get a certain type of wear pattern because they’re in a certain position. So let’s say that it’s a rug that faces your entry area and it goes across to your dining area ceo walk on, typically one side of that rug.

[04:37] Um, as you walk across the room. So every six months to a year you want to turn the rug, 180 degrees that way, the other side of the rug and they get to where it’s equalizing the were sort of like you do with your mattress. When you flip your mattress or turn your mattress, you want to turn the rug so that the other half of the rug can also take some of the wear and the rug will wear evenly all the way across. I’ve seen so many times people will put a rug down and four or five years later, half of the rug is destroyed, the other half the road looks brand new. Um, and they ended up just having to toss the rug because it’s been so badly damaged. On one side, you could get twice the life of the rug if you just rotate the rug and let the other side get some of other.

[05:13] Were carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. We’d love to love to help customers to be able to. One of the things, one of our core goals and core missions is that we want to help people save thousands of dollars. And by doing these routine maintenance, by doing regular cleaning, you can actually make extremely cheap carpet. Lasts a long time. Uh, I personally have had in a couple of my own homes home at seven years right now on a $6 a yard carpet, which is as cheap as you can get and it still looks. I’m not like brand new, but it still looks absolutely spotless and clean. And um, and you wouldn’t be able to tell if he came in there, that it was a, the cheapest carpet you can possibly get. And it’s all coming up on a decade old. I’m, this is not because I’m a super great person, it’s just because I followed a lot of these tips that I’ve given everybody else’s. Carpet stretching tulsa, Make sure I’m maintaining the dirt sources that come into my home, a document on a regular basis. And then a couple of times a year on cleaning the carpets to remove the dirt that has accumulated or the dirt that’s got stuck. The stickiness. And we’ll talk about the carpet cleaning in the next episode. We are complete carpet, carpet stretching. Tulsa’s in our fiber. Would love to connect with you. So it gives us a call today at nine. 918-494-7093 carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998. We are complete carpet.