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Carpet Stretching Tulsa | Episode 324

[00:00] This is episode two, sorry, this is episode three, 24, uh, almost getting up to 3:25 year closely. We are complete carpet, and we do carpet stretching tulsa. carpet, stretching, pulses, and our fiber. We love for you to connect with you and hear what you’ve got, what you’ve got that we can do to help you take care of your carpet in an efficient and timely manner to be able to extend the life of that carpet and extended the enjoyment of the carpet. Get that a functional usage of your carpet back. Uh, one of the things that we talked about in previous episodes, carpet searching Tulsa since 1998, is that we like to do the white to test the white glove test, the white rag test. So this means that you come into a carpet that you either a house that you’re buying or maybe it’s a house that you already live in and just wanted, is it time to clean my carpets as if you take a rag, dampen it a bit, go over to your walk path and just get down and rubbed the rag on the carpet. Carpet Stretching Tulsa.

[00:55] And if it comes up still white than you are still golden. If it comes up a brown, then it’s time to get it cleaned. Again, I’m in Oklahoma and other places also, especially in the Tulsa area, we have a lot of high humidity times and low humidity times. And this high to low humidity can take just the regular dust that falls into your house, onto your carpet, and it will cause it to coagulate, clumped together and get to where your vacuum is no longer able to suck it out of the carpet. Now, as long as you’re backing can suck it out of the carpet, then you don’t need us. But once your carpet starts to get clumpy and connected, you start getting sugary one get oils from your pets. You get ’em, sugary, sticky fingers from little kids. You’ve get a sugary sticky drinks and your teenagers that spill or splash, you get strictly sticky drinks from your, uh, from the adults as they go through with their coffee that splashes around. Carpet Stretching Tulsa.

[01:49] Or you get a cat that likes to leave hair everywhere. That leaves a layer of oil on everything. Um, there’s so many different sources of dirt and grime and grease that can get onto your carpets that cannot just be back in golf, and then you start getting an accumulation. You start getting brown spots at brown patches and carpet starts to lay flat, lay against itself. And so that’s when you need us to come in there and break down the sugars, break down those greases, break, break down that dirt and get it extracted back off so you can have nice, fresh, fluffy carpet again. And the more active you are against the dirt, that’s it, gets into your home. The longer that life of that carpet will be and the less active you are, the more that dirt will grind in and really destroyed the fiber of your carpet. Carpet stretching tulsa.

[02:32] The more, the quicker that carpet will break down the flat of the carpet. We’ll look into how these heavy walk path areas of the carpets just matted down because it’s, um, it’s been just really aggressively destroyed. Partner stretching Tulsa since 1998. One of the things that’s important to remember is that you can slowly reverse some of the damage that has been done to carpet. Um, it sometimes you can get it all in one go around. Sometimes you need multiple cleanings and combined with a regular vacuuming because once you’ve sucked out the main portion of dirt out of the carpet, it’s dead, allows the dirt this underneath to start to be released and start to be able to be vacuumed out, sucked out, and just worked its way back up. And now I think of it kind of like having a, a, a bandaid or a tarp over something. Carpet Stretching tulsa.

[03:18] You can’t really get to this stuff underneath unless you remove the tarp and all the stuff that’s holding it in on top. Which in this case would be oils and sugars and greases or sometimes just layers of dirt. We’ve had sometimes where a, a restaurant will have us come in and they’ve waited too long to get the carpets cleaned and we can remove the majority of the grease and dirt and grime out and we’ll get it nice and clean and then we’ll have to come back and sometimes do another followup clean later on to try to get some of that other stuff that’s down there now that it’s all free and it’s broken out and we can really get in there and get some more stuff out. Now. Not every situation you can continue to keep rolling. The Times of Han had the time back, but sometimes you can get in there and start making a difference for that particular carpets. Carpet stretching tulsa.

[04:03] Uh, one of the things we’ve done carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998 is to try and help each customer the more aware of the different things of their carpet that can be, that is within their control. Uh, some people, a simple thing is to just make sure you’re maintaining the filters on your vacuum. If you can make sure that you are able to get the air out of the vacuums, that way it can suck in and as long as you keep that filter clean, which needs to be cleaned every three to six to 12 months, depending on your vacuum and scheduled the, once you get that airflow going through the vacuum, the vacuum can last a lot longer, it’ll suck up a lot more and will keep those carpets nice and healthy. Some people wonder how often can you get your carpets cleaned? Um, I’ve had customers that get their carpets cleaned once a month, uh, for almost 10 years now. Carpet stretching tulsa.

[04:52] And the carpets still look great and they still have been able to maintain that healthy. The question is not how often can you get it cleaned is how good is a process that you’re cleaning it with carpet searching Tulsa since 1998, there are definitely people out there who do not maintain their machines properly. They let their filters get clogged and so they overwhelmed the carpet and this definitely has a problem that you can damage carpet by using too much moisture. It takes too long to dry and the moisture gets down into the back unit, breaks down the back of the carpet and the carpet and breaks down. The opposite. Is, is true also if you wait too long to clean your carpets, even a brand new carpets, and I’ve seen this so many times, carpet stretching Tulsa since 1998 where people will get brand new carpets and they just assume that the, they need to wait longer before they get them clean because there are bad carpet cleaners out there who do do a bad job of cleaning the carpets and so they have left some horror stories for people that think that and you just don’t want to get that first clean in because people will use that.

[05:49] We’ll just really break down the carpet quickly. Um, and the, the opposite is true. Getting that first clean in to keep that dirt off of your carpet right off the bat helps to extend the life of that carpet tremendously. If you let it go two or three years without any cleanings, and that dust and debris is built up inside those carpets. And that will make it a catastrophe to try to get rolled back the hands of time on that carpet because it’ll be ground in so deeply. I’m where you want to keep peeling the onion and keep those layers of dirt off of the carpet before they ever have. Have a chance to be grounded. Carpet stretching Tulsa. Since 1998. We are complete carpet. Have to hear from you at nine. One, eight, four, nine, four, seven, zero. Nine. Three. Carpet Stretching Tulsa is in our fiber. We are complete carpet, we carpet stretching tulsa.