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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Seize Your Clean Today Ep 141

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Seize Your Clean Today Ep 141

This is episode 141. We are complete carpet, carpet cleaning tulsa and surrounding communities of 1998 like find out more about our company or find out more episode like this and visit our website at complete carpet. Tulsa.Com you’re, looking to schedule, or just like more information directly than please give us a call at 918-494-7093 carpet, cleaning tulsa for over 20 years. We are complete carpet. The next question we’re going to cover an episode. 141 is i, do like what you are doingthe i. Think the main phases for this question is people look at what it is. I get ass from two different:do different sized people look at it and think I was a really difficult work or that it’s repetitive or you just kind of doing the same thing over and over and then the second base is for that question is comes from people who look at it and say that this looks interesting, i, wonder what that is this something you do for a little bit and then get bored with quickly and i. Think that the answer to this question in my mind, it goes back to something my father used to say, I used to tell me all the time when I was growing up. We are complete carpet carpet cleaning tulsa since 1998 over 20 years of serving tulsa and surrounding communities, and so why was before I start a complete carpet when I was younger i? My dad is always tell me so that you can go out and search and try to find the thing that you love and try to make a job out of it. I’m in some people are successful. Very few people are successfulbut. It is possible, but the majority of people who I’m like what they’re doing have done it long enough that they no longer are they no longer I’m, not sure of what they’re doing that they have done it for so long that become a professional life, become an expert in the field of what it is that they’re doing it, because they have done this. This is what has given the capacity to enjoy. What is there doing? He said if you wanted to take what it was that you did and then I really enjoyed it and it was your jermaine passion life. That typically, is something that you do for fun. Those are the things that you do for fun, other things that you enjoy the things that you have passion about, the things that you really go after. We want to keep those being your fun things to do in your life, as if you take what you think to do is fun and you make it work, you didn’t, will slowly lose the fun of it, because it then becomes the monotony of work. But he said if you take like I like car, drivingi can drive from point a to point b and everyone can, you think, back to or remember the first time they drove with someone? It was their first time driving. There is a tremendous amount of stress. That’s going into that particular thing. There are people who just love driving, but the first time you drive the first time your behind the wheel in your behind this to to 5000 pound of automobile there’s other vehicles going around. You know that if you do not operate this particular piece piece of machinery in the proper way that somebody is going to die-and it’s slowly sets in on you as you try to drive around that very first time. Someone let’s put your hands on the wheel, lets you have full control of this giant metal vehicle and you start to press down the wreath down, hit the hit start to panic. Is it if it’s left or is the right which way am I supposed to do any push it? But then you push it a little too hard and all the sudden zooms forward, and now that’s not what I was looking for it all, and so it’s that stress that you don’t like it’s, not the xperiabecause once you get good at it. I’ve plenty of people drive without ever thinking about it. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 I have been driving all over tulsa everyday for 20 years, and so at this point, I can drive to almost anywhere in tulsa without really giving it a second thought:i just as I’m sitting in the vehicle I sit down mentally and think of where it is that I would like to go, and then I just put in autopilot and next thing. You know in there, while I’ve been thinking about something, listen to the radio or mentally, going through what it is, I need to do or check list or thinking of things. I need to accomplish trying to solve problems, and then you might notice this on your way to church. You drive the same path of church over and over and over or you take dry, the same path to work over and over and eventually one of those times you’re going to get there get out of the car. Look back at your car and you’re going to think I do not remember making any decision about how to get here. I mean i, know I’m here and I know that I got in the car to get herebut I was on the phone with my wife, the entire time and I do not remember any of the trends I made, and this is what we call second nature and I personally believe I’m in this, for my father taught me was that when you can make your work second nature of it no longer becomes a point of friction and over it longer becomes a point of stress in your life and if you can get it that second nature point than you get into a whole different level of what it is that you can accomplish, do because it’s no longer a stress, and so it can then become an enjoyable activity that we normally enjoy the most the things that we are the best at the thing that we dislike are the things that we do not know.

What we’re doing. We don’t like that extra stress of wondering is this something that I am i, am I going to accomplish in the proper form or fashion, or is there something that I could do to improve? This or it am going to run into something you’ve never run into before, and so now you have to come up with a whole new strategy, a whole new reason and so I’ve done carpet. Cleaning I have been in the carpet industry for so long that it iscall second nature to me now. So it’s not specifically I find this incredibly fun, but I do find a good joy from doing this work because I’m, it is something that I know like the back of my hand. So it’s it’s extremely simple. I heard I’m never going to run into something. That’s just going to throw me off. I could spend the entire time talking with a customer and finding out their life experiences and all the things that make them taking the things that happened to them in their life and still do and perfect carpet cleaning Tulsa, because I’m just i, just mailed it i, just I’ve, got it down in my mind, all the processes in the way that I go about getting the carpets, clean and so I don’t give ano explain to whoever it is known as a younger child or a teenager who’s. Looking at something wondering what we know what it is that you keep doing, why you keep doing it or why is it that you’ve picked this particular career and is it is an enjoyable thing and say that you know what anything that you choose to do in life can be a fun and enjoyable thing. Once you’ve mastered it going to choose any sport, he could use any activity that use any job, but he’s got to stick with it so long that you soon that you just have master that down. You can do it here, sleep. It become second nature once you can get something. Second, nature that no longer becomes a point of friction or stress and then becomes a and the joyous thing, because you know you’re good at it, but I think pride pride in your work is one of the biggest rewards at this generation is missing at times, because the reward I think so often and what you do and what you can accomplish is the fact that you accomplished and you did it and that can bring its own reward as opposed to just a financial reward, but just a reward that you get because you’ve done something excellent. We are complete, carpet cleaning tulsa and surrounding communities of 1998. You like to find out more about our company or find more episodes like this then visit our website at complete carpet, tulsa.Com you’re, looking schedule or just like more information directly. Then please give us a call at 918-494-7093 carpet cleaning tulsa for over 20 years. We are complete carpet