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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Ep 19 Complete Carpet Podcast

Ep 19 Complete Carpet Podcast | Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

In this episode we will continue talking about Tulsa connections at QuikTrip. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are Complete Carpet. Reach us online at or call us directly at 918-494-7093. Tulsa, I’ve grown up here. Continuing from last time we talked about connections at quiktrip. This is also a reasons I love Tulsa, it’s friendly home town people. The ability to strike up a conversation almost anywhere.

For example I was up in the Owasso area. I was doing a job and I had just finished my day and was getting gas at QuikTrip. I was finally through for the day. I think we’ve all had that point where we have mentally finished our day. We knew that we had to work work work until this particular time and mentally we shut off at that time. We say, you know, I’ll go until it’s 5 or 5:30 and then I’ll stop. I’ve done the last thing that I felt like I needed to get accomplished for today day, so I could check off my list, close my book down and say today is done, and I can go home. I can hug my kids, I can play some video games, or watch some TV with my wife. I could read a book or I can listen to some music. Whatever it is that we’ve planned for the evening. Maybe go out to see a movie. Carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities, we are talking about connections at QuikTrip. So I’ve checked out for the day and my last job is finished.

I’m at QuikTrip topping off the gas in the van for the next day. A man comes up next to me. He’s in the pick up truck next to me and he says, hey do you do commercial? I said well yes we can, what type of commercial building? No, I mean like rental commercials, it’s a rental house I need looked at that I’ve got a couple of rental properties. One is dirty, and I’m wanting to try to get somebody moved in. I think to myself, it’s a Friday, and it’s around 5 o’clock and I’m thinking well you know what just give me a call later, that’s the first thought in the back of my mind, my first impulse is give me a call later, and I will get to it next week sometime. Or when I get some free time, just not right now. I’m kind of done for the day. You know that 5 seconds as you mull over how you will respond. After carpet cleaning Tulsa for 20 years I am quicker to pick the second part. And that second part of me that kicked in I said you know what if I do that I may just run off a potential customer this guy has gone to you, he has taken the initiative to talk to a complete stranger at a pump next to him at a QuikTrip. Maybe he needs you now, some help now, and that’s why he’s asking you now. What are you looking to get done, what is your timeframe? If I had followed my first thought I for sure would have missed an opportunity.

Carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding areas since 1998. We just really have a love for this city, a love for helping people get their homes from here to there. Take something off of your checkless, take something off of your to do list, that will make your life smoother and easier because you know that this was done. And not just done, it was done right the first time. So here I am. I’m at the pump at QuikTrip, talking to this man, a landlord. And he said man, I know this is really weird, and just probably, oh just you know it just wouldn’t work at all and he says I’ve got a rental that was supposed to get cleaned today and the carpet cleaner just called me said he wouldn’t do it or couldn’t do it. Now I’ve got a renter that needs to move in tomorrow. Is there any way that you can just come now and clean the carpets? It’s definitely a test of character for me because on one side, there’s money to be made right there. On the other side I wanted to get home to my family and I had already checked work day complete off of my todo list. But I saw the opportunity to help someone in need. I told him I would follow him to the house. I gave my family a call on the road to let them know I’d be another hour until I was home so that I could help this landlord get his tenant’s carpets cleaned to move into the next day.

Carpet cleaning Tulsa, that is what it’s like here. Two people, two strangers, right place, right time, connecting and solving problems. Takes something to walk to a stranger and make a big ask at the end of the day on a Friday. It’s just as big a chance that that stranger has just finished their day and can right then help you out of a jam and get you back on schedule. But that is Tulsa to me. Stuck in the snow someone will happen by and give you a push. Too many things in your hands, there’s a good chance someone’s going to get that door for you.

Even when those things don’t happen, I like to find my opportunities to be that for someone else. Walk around looking for who I can help today. Maybe that person is you? Give us a call at 918-494-7093 or check us out online or connect with us on Facebook @CompleteCarpet or Carpet Cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998 we are Complete Carpet helping with your complete carpet needs, providing flat rate carpet cleaning and tile cleaning. Providing carpet repair, carpet patching, carpet restretching. Give us a chance to show you what a local Tulsan down in Tulsa can do to help you check one more thing off your to do list. And if you see us at QuikTrip give us a honk and a wave.