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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Ep 20 Complete Carpet Podcast

Ep 20 Complete Carpet Podcast | Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

In this twentieth episode I want to talk about integrity. I think that any small business person should always be looking at the long term of what they can do with their business, not just the short term profit of what I could make off just this one person’s job. Carpet cleaning Tulsa and the surrounding community since 1998 this is Complete Carpet’s podcast. You can reach us at 918-494-7093 or online at

One thing I’ve always strived to do is, if you ever want to have the best loyal customers, I give them the option that is not only going to be best for their pocket book, but also best for them in the long run without worrying about any short term gain I might have gotten from it. I will come out better always because that customer will have a connection with me, and they’ll either refer their friends and family to me or they will remember me the next time. I don’t have to invest huge amounts of advertising dollars to try to bring in a new customer to replace that customer because I ripped them off once. I have customers that just trust us with everything in the home and just check on us once we are finished. Then we have the customers who are there with us, connect with us, in every single room with everything I do they like to watch it. I can explain the details of what we’re doing and how the cleaning process is and what it is doing to the carpets and what the benefits of everything we’re doing is. I’ve found other customers, who after seeing our cleaning process and seeing the way that we care for it, take care of their house, and the carpets like they’re our own. Then they call and just leave a check on the counter and leave a key on the back porch and say hey just get over there. I just need it done today. Just knock it out while I’m at work, and I appreciate you always doing a fantastic job.

Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 means we have lots of happy customers that have sent us letters and sent us thank you notes or Christmas cards, and you know that right there you’ve done good. I know it’s a little bit self praising, but that right there is a reason I love doing this work, in this business, is because when you can see a response from a customer that you’ve truly make happy, that they thank you for the work you’ve done, there is no better joy than that, there’s no more fulfillment than knowing that what you’ve done is made an impact for somebody’s life. And that impact maybe not noticeable just the fact that they no longer have to worry about the carpet. They just know that they could check that off their to do list and it will be taken care of for sure. Maybe it is big enough that they think the carpet needs to be replaced, if they spilled a bottle of wine, or they’ve dropped a bucket of paint, and just think their carpet is just unsalvageable or they’re never going to be able to sell their house. We can get in there and sometimes turn that situation around where they’re able to win in that situation. Carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998 give us a call 918-494-7093.

Continuing Episode 5 we will talk about chemicals and how to use them and the skills and knowledge that is behind it. This is Complete Carpet, carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. You can reach us on Facebook at We’d love to connect with you and hear what ways we could help you or maybe you’ve got a story of how we already have helped you that you can share with others in our community. One thing that I have found is that chemicals are just chemical that serve a process, and that as long as you know how to use them and what they do and which chemical applies to the proper scenarios it really doesn’t matter what brand of chemicals you use as long as you have figured out how to use it in a pinch. I’ve had times where in my own house I didn’t have any of the carpet cleaning chemicals there in the house, but I needed to clean up a spot. So I grabbed a little bit of Wisk and just used it instead in a very low diluted amount. Wisk is designed to use on fabrics, I’m just using it on a different fabric. I also make sure I didn’t leave it on the carpet long so that it would not pull color out of the carpet, but used it to lightly break up the spot. Rinse the spot with water and was able to clean the carpets with the Wisk. I did clean my carpets but don’t recommend that everybody does that. But it’s more about the knowledge of what each chemical can do and what you can accomplish with it. That being said, for pets it can get really confusing quickly.

I could probably do a whole episode just on that. I will probably do that whole next section just on pets and pet chemicals and the different ways that they are applied because it can get so confusing as you go to the pet store. You got a problem, something you’re trying to get fixed by yourself with an over the counter product and you try 6 different products. You have no idea which one does what, and none of them seem to be touching or accomplishing what it is that you’re wanting to get done.

We’ve serviced Tulsa surrounding communities carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 and we have had so many thousands and thousands of houses and jobs that we’ve done. This has allowed me to become an expert at removing spots out of carpets. I’ve done everything from simple easy touch up cleans in houses that were just almost immaculate and just only need a little bit of attention. Also done trashed ones for the Tulsa Housing Authority, THA properties that they’re facing a replacement or having to try to just pass inspection because the carpets going to have to be replaced and we are able to get in there and salvage it and get it clean enough to pass the inspection again. Addressing all kinds of different aspects of cleaning and have found a solution for everyone. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 give us a call 918-494-7093. We’d love to hear from you.