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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Ep 24 Complete Carpet Podcast

Ep 24 Complete Carpet Podcast | Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

Hi this is Nathan the owner of Complete Carpet we have been and surrounding Community since 1998. You can find us online at or you can reach us by phone at 918-494-7093 In this Episode we will start a series of podcast about some different aspects of a carpet cleaning and a couple of different series on different ideas and concepts of what to know and what to expect from a good carpet cleaning company. If you did a search for carpet cleaning Tulsa you’ll see that we pop up as one of the top rated carpet cleaning companies in the Tulsa area. A lot of that has to do with just making sure that we handle our equipment properly. So today I’m going to talk about the carpet cleaning equipment and what is necessary to make sure you can do a good job. A good carpet cleaning comes from having the right tools but not just having the right tools but using the right tools in the right way. Our machine is a double wand machine, it can actually support up to two different wands at the same time. We will only use one wand the majority of all the jobs we do, but when you only use one wand that actually increases the amount of suction to that one allowing the carpets to dry faster. Drying faster does help, but a lot of it actually has more to do with getting really deep down into the carpet, get a little bit more water through the carpet to be able to extract that back out of the carpet. Stronger suction leaves a lot cleaner carpet that last a longer amount of time. We do this through a couple of different ways. We actually use two different filtering devices on the water that we extract out because the main thing that will drag down on your suction to pull the water back out of the carpet is that the airflow gets reduced or the airflow gets slowed down. You need to have a filter somewhere in the system to collect the debris that you suck out of the carpet. There’s one in the tank itself that will collect the debris as is in the machine and before it enters into the water tank. But we actually use a second one outside the machine back in the middle of the hose that has a clear plastic top that if you wanted to you could go back and watch it as we are cleaning the carpets. You can actually see the water that’s being sucked through and you can see the collection of debris that’s there. That filter we try to change and clean out every single job. That way it’s just a nice clean open filter that every time that the water is sucked back out or that we clean another section or room in your house we are getting the maximum amount of suction possible to pull all of that dirt and debris in the water back out of that carpet. Carpet cleaning Tulsa and surround areas since 1998 we feel like we are one of the better options that you have because we’ve been doing this for so long. I also believe that we’re better because we are doing this with an attention to detail. The setup throughout the process really matters to us. We use a large machine we’ve got a 35 horsepower engine so it’s like, well if you think about it, it’s just like a Shop-Vac from Home Depot which can have a pretty decent amount of suction. They are typically in the 5-10 horsepower range. Now you take it up to a 35 horsepower engine and pair that with a large four lobe blower and you can create a tremendous amount of suction up to five to six hundred feet away from the van and still maintain a solid amount of suction. To get the dirt and debris in the water back out of the carpet you need strong suction. Things that we also maintain, that I think matters a lot is that we clean the tips across the wand on a regular basis. You pick up debris in there, some debris at homes every now and then, that will get stuck in the tip of the wand. If you’re not checking that regularly to make sure that the pattern isn’t off then you could have the little holes that end up with dead space’s that just doesn’t suck backup because they are clogged. A lot of misinformation or poor information for carpet cleaning Tulsa especially from steam cleaning, comes from technicians that don’t take good care of their machine and end up doing do poor work. Because of their poor maintenance or lack of cleaning skill they over wet the carpet or don’t properly clean the carpets. If you do a search for carpet cleaning Tulsa you’ll be able to see the reviews for people that have done good work and those that have not done as good work. People will complain about their carpet being wet for too long, or they smell really bad for a day or two afterwards. Normally both those two problems come from a lack of suction. If you’re not cleaning the filters regularly either in between every job or every other job then eventually you get a buildup of lint or hair or debris or anything that you sucked out of that carpet starts to build up in the filter. Having to suck all of this stuff through like sucking through a blanket because it’s built up inside your filter and it’s just stopping the flow of water out of the house and into the machine. Two things that happen. One the longer the carpet takes to dry the more likely it’s going to smell. We don’t want to leave the carpet damp and wet too for too long. It shouldn’t take more than 24 hours to dry other wise there probably was something awful wrong with the machine or technician that was doing it. Carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998 you can call us directly at 918-494-7093 or go to our website also directly at We are going over different sections throughout the series of the carpet cleaning process. We’ve found that the suction is one of the largest aspects of cleaning. Without it you can’t get carpets clean at all. If you are not bringing back out what you put in then nothing else matters. The chemical that you use, any water used can’t do anything if they aren’t sucked back out. To be able to remove all of that back out you need to have really good strong suction that is maintained on a job by job basis. Otherwise you get four or five jobs in and your suction can go down to nothing. Even with really good equipment, if you get a dirty filter the entire machine becomes just a small shop vac or no better than a Rug Doctor from a box store. You can have faith and trust that when you call Complete Carpet out to take care of your carpet cleaning Tulsa area needs we will always show up not only I’ll promptly and on time but with equipment that is maintained and serviced well.