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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Ep 25 Complete Carpet Podcast

Ep 25 Complete Carpet Podcast | Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

This is Nathan with complete carpet and we have been carpet cleaning tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998. We’ve got a local presence and we’ve tried to service all of the areas for many years. I’ve always held an A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau and are an A rated Angie’s list company. We also have a very high rating with Google business. Also if you do a search for Complete Carpet you will find our Google business page. You can see our reviews or if you do a search for carpet cleaning Tulsa you can also see that we will pull up near the top of the Google Map section with a great rating. We want to talk to you today about the different aspects of getting your carpet cleaned. One of the many different aspects we will talk about, as there are many different parts to it, everything from the technician experience, machinery, the whole process and steps we use, but today we will talk about suction. Suction is actually one of the largest parts of the cleaning process because you can use as much chemical as you want and you can put down as much water as you want and do as much scrubbing, but if you don’t at some point have something strong enough to pull that all back out of carpet, then you’re just getting the carpet extra wet and it’s going to smell. You can get a hold of us at or reach us directly at 918-494-7093, and we can answer your questions in more detail then what this series will be able to afford for you. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are Complete Carpet. One part that we do that is very important to our systems are our process on each job, between every job, that we make sure that we clean our filters. The suction has to pull through and suck everything out of carpet, and there’s going to be a filter that catches the debris and separates from the water. We actually use two separate filters that way we have an easier time making sure that we keep the filters clean. There’s one in the machine itself to keep debris from getting inside the machine, and there’s also one that’s set between the machine and the wand. This filter is unique in that it’s got a clear glass lid on the top. So if a customer wanted to they could come out and watch as the water and debris that are extracted out of the carpet are passed through. You can watch it as it going through before it gets sucked into the machine. We’ll cover the importance of having these filters in keeping them clean on a regular basis as we continue in our series on the carpet cleaning process and what goes through that. We will recap some of the stuff that we’ve already talked about. We have heat as a vital part process because you need to be able to get things dissolved and in to solution. This is Complete Carpet. You can find us on the web by searching for carpet cleaning Tulsa or go to our website at or reach us directly at 918-494-7093. The next things that we talked about was suction. You need to have good suction at all times. You could have a great a piece of equipment that is completely brought down to the to the power of a small shop vac because the filters inside of it have gotten dirty. So we make sure that every job or every other job we go through and open up our filters to make sure we clean them out so that we are always running at 100% suction capacity for our machine. Do we’d love for you to to connect with us. You can do a search for carpet cleaning Tulsa, and you’ll be able to reach us and connect with us to see some of the other information that we have available. We also went over the prespray, and this is a very important process because getting things into solution is one of the fundamental parts of carpet cleaning. You can’t just use your vacuum to be able to clean stuff out of the carpet. If there is loose stuff that is dirty it can just be sucked out with a regular vacuum. What you need us for is the stuff that is sticky, the stuff that has grabbed on and stuck it to the carpet to where you can’t just use your normal suction alone to be able to pull that debris all so that’s where the prespray is important. This is because it helps to break down the water tension on the surface of the carpet and that will allow the dirt and debris that’s in the carpet to easily go back into solution so that when the water comes through it, the fibers, the hot water will rinse it out. It will just come straight up into the machine to be sucked out. And also the high temperature of the water makes a big difference because it helps to dissolve the things that are in the carpet like sugars, oils and dirt. Debris that’s been in the carpets will go into solution faster when you have got hotter water. Sort of like dishes in your sink. It’s much easier and faster rinsing off with hot water than it is with cold. So we’d love for you to connect with us. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 Call us directly at 918-494-7093. We will continue our series and touch on more topics. This is just a quick review to go over some of the topics that we’ve already touched on before to kind of connect them all together to see how prespray, then suction and the heat of the water helps to really create a nice goods, thorough deep cleaning. Also check out our website at or on Facebook at