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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Ep 27 Complete Carpet Podcast

Ep 27 Complete Carpet Podcast | Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

The next episode in this series we would like to talk about is prespray. It’s a very important part of the carpet cleaning process. We’re doing a series cross different aspects of getting the carpets cleaned at a house. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 this is Complete Carpet. Look at our website at or call us at 918-494-7093. We have always had an A+ with the Better Business Bureau and are an A rated company with Angie’s List, and have a great star rating with Google, Yelp and Facebook.

What makes prespray very important is that it helps to break down the water resistance of the carpet fibers. Everything naturally has a bit of a water resistance to it and when you get something damp and let it soak for a little bit it’s then is easier to clean it and easier to rinse things though it. For example if you want to wash your dishes you can just grab a plate with dried on spaghetti and just immediately start trying to scrub that off. You eventually could get it cleaned but it’s going to take a lot of extra effort and it will be a lot more difficult. You will have to use a lot more soap. Where as if you just take a little bit of Dawn and some hot water and soak that plate in water, letting it sit there for just a little bit, the water will soak in and reconstitute all of the dirt and debris. It will soften up all the dried on spaghetti. Carpet cleaning Tulsa for so many years we kind of do the same thing with our carpet cleaning process. We don’t just clean the spots, we don’t just pretreat the traffic areas. We pretreat all the carpet because as you go through your house each spot in the carpet that you stepped on will move to the next area you step on. As you walk around your house you pick up and leave dirt that you walk on.

It’s the best practice we believe to pretreat all the carpet that you are going to clean. That way it has a chance to soak and breakdown that surface tension and also to soften up that dirt and be able to get it to where it now can go into solution again and easily be rinsed out with the the water that is being pulled back out. One thing about carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities that we serve that is important to us is that we want to be able to have someone that wants to refer and call us back again. The prespray is one of the most important parts of that process because can rinse the carpet all you want. If the dirt in the carpet hasn’t been softened up and isn’t back into solution then it’s like trying to rinse a plate of dried spaghetti.

The second part that the prespray does is help the suction. When you come to clean, if you are putting the wand down on dry carpet it won’t have a good suction seal against the carpet. So when it comes across to try to suck up some water it will suck some water and some water and some air. But pre-wet the carpet and the wand will have a much better suction seal. It’ll actually lock down to the carpet a bit better and actually pull more water out of the carpet. This in turn really helps with the drying time.

Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we have learned the importance of knowing which chemicals to use in the prespray. The only way to know what to use is to make sure that you do a walkthrough of every job so you know what you are trying to clean. Knowing what kind of chemicals to put into the pre spray. In the Tulsa area you run into a reddish dirt that we have in this area the most. So we make sure that we pre spray all of the areas to make sure we get that thoroughly rinsed and cleaned. We also will ask if you have pets in the house. That also changes the type of pre spray that we’re going to put down. We are looking if there’s sugary drinks or if there’s coffee stains or tea stains. We will put a little more attention in front of the couch or places that have extra traffic like the garage or back door. You know your house the best and you know the areas that need the most attention. So we always do a general walkthrough to get a quick idea of what it is that we can do for you. Once we walk through the house we go out mixed up a couple of different types of presprays. We use a couple of different ones because the more specific the prespray we use the faster the carpet cleaning will go.

By pre-spraying all the carpets that you havm not just the spots, it speeds up the carpet cleaning process. We do end up using more chemicals in each house. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 has shown us that investing more into prespray chemicals has an immediate effect and benefit. The carpets come cleaner, they clean faster and they dry faster. It also allows us to do a more thorough deep cleaning of the carpet because the first pass that we do over the carpet doesn’t just wet the top of the fibers just barely rinse the carpet. Since we already pre sprayed the carpet when we come through to rinse the carpet it really pulls deep and down into the carpet. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 means we’ve been servicing the Tulsa area for 20 over years. A good example for prespray and water resistance is if you take and splash a glass of water on someone most the time the water hits their dry clothing and kind of just falls down. It doesn’t get very deep and it kind of beads on the top. Everything is naturally, when it’s dry, has a bit of a water resistance to it. But if you splashed and kind of got me wet once, then the second time you splashed me it would kind of penetrates in a little bit more because I’m already wet.

That’s where the prespray helps in another aspect outside of just soaking in and breaking up the dirt. It allows the carpet cleaning wand, when it uses high pressure hot water, that the water doesn’t just bounce off the surface of the carpet get sucked right back into the wand. Breaking down that water resistance of the fibers of the carpet you can really rinse deeper into the carpet. Sometimes you have a lot of heavy traffic in an area. We let it soak a little bit more. Sometimes it require multiple prespray applications. It can be like peeling an onion, as you have got layers of dirt. You can spray over it and it will soak down and reconstitute some of that stuff that’s in the carpet. We will clean over it and the technician will take a look and see, does it feel like it’s gotten all the way clean. If it’s not completely clean then most the time just going over it slowly or going over twice is enough to do it. Though every now and then we’ll find a place where we clean it, you know what we feel like it just needs a little bit more prespray, so we will respray that area a second time and then come back over and give it a nice good thorough cleaning. That will penetrate down to some of the deeper more ground dirt, the next layer of the onion so to speak. We will continue this series in the next episode. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are Complete Carpet reach us at 918-494-7093