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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Ep 28 Complete Carpet Podcast

Ep 28 Complete Carpet Podcast | Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

Continuing our series here talking about the different processes of carpet cleaning in the Tulsa area. We’d love if you do a search for carpet cleaning Tulsa, and you can find us that way or just reach us directly at 918-494-7093 or This part of the series were talking about the skill of the technician. You can have good hot water, you can have really good suction and you can have good prespray that breaks stuff down. But if you don’t have a technician that knows what they’re doing, then all of these good tools they are just completely useless and wasted. I think we’ve all had somebody come and do a job for us. Where at the end when they’re finished we felt like we probably could have done a better job of this ourselves. There’s plenty of people who are fresh or new into an industry and they’ve just not received the proper training or received the skills. Or don’t have the experience or the time needed to just get out there and have done it so many times that you just look at it and instantly know what’s needed to be able to get this process done properly. Here at Complete Carpet we have been carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998 and have maintained an A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. A 5 star rating with Google Businesses and we also always been rated A with the Angie’s list. Along with many other ones because we’ve always paid a lot of attention to detail. A part of the attention to detail is just making sure we change the filters. You know everytime we do a job that we make sure we maintain good hot water. We’re going into the that house and giving it a good walk through first before we start grabbing chemicals. That way we know what’s the different things that are going to need to be cleaned out of that that house and bring in the right type of prespray. Also knowing what is the right amount of time cleaning the carpet. You can over wet carpet because you’re just not using a proper cleaning stroke with a proper cleaning method. Also knowing the right speed to move the wand. Too slow and you leave too much water, too fast and you don’t get enough water to properly rinse out the carpet fibers. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 We are Complete Carpet. Find out more about us by going to our website at We tried to always only put down water on the down stroke. So that the up stroke sucks up without leaving extra water. Sometimes if we need to go excessively deep we can actually do a cleaning stroke, and then go back over with just an extraction stroke or we can do partial strokes, so we’re going down cleaning go back up with a suction then move over just a little bit and come back down over the same path again with a cleaning go back up with just a suction. Using many different types of methods helps to be able to give a really good carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 Continuing our series on carpet cleaning and carpet cleaning process we wanted to touch on the next part. The next part is the equipment and the type of equipment that you use in the set up. We’d love it if you would connect with us. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. We are Complete Carpet you can reach us directly at 918-494-7093. Connect with us at our website and see our about us videos at This part of it we’re going to talk about the machinery itself and then the setup and the layout. One of the things that we use that I found that really helped the carpet cleaning process is we use a water softener on the truck. We keep water on the truck in a large 100 gallon fresh water tank. That water then goes through a water softener. Eventually we do need a refill up on some jobs, but we do not need to hook up directly to the water there. The water goes into a 100 gallon water tank on the truck and from there it goes through a couple of filters and one of the process it goes through is a water softener. Softer water is actually a better water to clean with because it does not already have a lot of hardness in it. It is a more open water since it’s softer or less hard and a has the capacity to absorb more minerals, more dirt, more junk that is in the carpet that is going to actually give you a little bit deeper and more thorough clean. We’d love for you to connect with us, a great way would be by doing a google search for carpet cleaning Tulsa. You will see through the series the different processes that we use and different attention to detail that we have. We like to make sure that we stay on top of and connect these in the way that we clean each and every house that we go to. We do every part of that process making sure that, in this case that the water is softer because that reduces the amount of scale and build up throughout the machine. This means that the water will stay hotter longer. All of the different parts throughout the machine and the equipment will always be in top shape and will last a lot longer. That means we produce a much better more consistent result. Another thing about having the water tank right there on the truck is that for people who don’t have water, maybe they have a rental unit or place that they were moving to that the water has already been turned off. We have the capacity to get out there and get it taken care of even if there’s no water on the property. I’ve had lots of customers call and ask us directly saying. Do you, are you able to clean a house that has had the water turned off? We absolutely can do that. And it makes a big difference for us being able to just get on any job site not worry about whether we’re going to have everything we need. To make sure we get that carpet cleaned to it’s best as good as we possibly can for the customer. Give us a call 918-494-7093 Carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998.