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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Ep 29 Complete Carpet Podcast

Ep 29 Complete Carpet Podcast | Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

Continuing our series of different parts of the carpet cleaning process, carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 serving the surrounding communities. We’ve gone over the heat, the suction and the the prespray. Also the importance of the skill of the technician. But another thing that also really comes into play is knowing what is in an environment. Doing the pre walk through before you start cleaning, or do anything at all. The importance of this is knowing what types of dirt and debris that you’re going to be dealing with. This walk through we will look for larger drinks spills which shows more sugary content throughout the place. Is there a pet in the house? If so those are going to be more body oils from all the hair from the pets. If they’re more coffee spills, so they are going to be more tea and tannan type products. Was there a mechanic that lived in here? So we’re going to need to have more degreaser. This is more of a cooking environment? Where is a lot of extra cooking spills, butters and oils. I’m just go through with more detergents. Or is this an area where a young teenage girl has done a lot of makeup, and they just need some solvent for that makeup spot. Each one of those different things requires slightly different prespray. The slightly different mixture of chemicals, and to get those thoroughly clean the heat helps with almost all of those. Knowing what your cleaning helps to be able to understand how it’s going to be coming out and how what chemicals you need to bring into a house and how you want to treat each of the areas that you’re cleaning. We would love for you to connect with us, you can go to or reach us directly at 918-494-7093 or a do search for carpet cleaning Tulsa, and connect with us in many different ways or you can connect with Facebook just go to We try to make every means easy for you both connect with us and we can get out there and service your carpet cleaning needs. We will continue this series as we cover different parts and aspects of your home. The next part we will talk about, pets and effect that they have on the carpet throughout your home. One part that was not talked about yet is a staircase. We can also clean those, but we treat them a little bit differently. We use a specialty stair tool about the same general design and setup as a regular carpet cleaning wand accept that it’s shorter, and allows a little bit more control over the movement of it as you clean around the edges of the steps and it helps to give a much deeper thoroughly clean staircase just like you would get on big flat rooms. So connect with us, carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998 and we’d love to hear from you.
This is Complete Carpet. You can find us at We’ve been carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 you can reach us directly at 918-494-7093 We want to talk to you about pets. They are wonderful, they’re man’s best friend. But they also are living in your house at all points, and they leave their own unique types of cleaning and damage to the carpet. One of the simple problems of just having pets, not because they’re dirty, not because they’re bad, just because they’re in your house is hair. It is the same way if you slept in your bed over a month or two your sheets are going to start to get a little yellow because they’re just absorbing hair and body oils. Carpet cleaning Tulsa for pets you will find that your dog’s coat your cat’s coat to stay soft and not get hard or brittle it has to on a regular basis perpetually stay oily. So those oils that are on the hair are very small amount, not that much, but they build up wherever they want to lay or sleep. You’ll notice that the carpet in that area will look all kind of pressed out or laid out because the body oils of the pet are causing the carpet fibers to kind of stick to each other as they are slowly getting a coat of oil over them. You’ll notice this as any traffic areas are not excessively dirty, but they are starting to get kind of grey with pet oils. It’s typically around I’d say 6 months to year that you want to get the carpets cleaned. Some pets that have a lot more hair are a lot more oily, and they may need to be cleaned up every 3 to 6 months. Just use your best judgement as you’re going along looking at the carpet and you’re starting to see the carpet starting to kind of just lay on top of itself. Typically all that is needed to really get that clean is a good hot thorough cleaning with a good prespray, high suction and a good a technician who knows what they’re doing in that situation. So we’d love for you to connect with us at or 918-494-7093 carpet cleaning Tulsa is a passion that we have for really connecting with each individual customer giving them the knowledge they need to know. That we’re doing a great job for them, but to give them a knowledge of how to maintain that carpeting to keep it looking good between the times that we’re there and the next time that we need to come out to get it clean. That way it looks good longer in the whole process. We will continue our pets section. This is just the general body connection that the pets have. Their transferred dirt from the body oils and hair are not because of any particular damage, but it is just a good maintenance thing with pets. You want to have a maintenance cycle with your carpet, so you don’t get too much of a build up of pet oils. Carpet cleaning tulsa since 1998 we are Complete Carpet