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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Ep 30 Complete Carpet Podcast

Ep 30 Complete Carpet Podcast | Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

Want to talk to you this time about patching carpet and carpet repairs in general. But specifically want to talk about patching. Here at Complete Carpet you can reach us at or can give us a call directly at 918-494-7093 carpet cleaning Tulsa and the surrounding community since 1998. Patching is unique because there’s a bit of artistry involved. There are carpet installers, but normally they just install it from one wall to the other. Patching requires you to go in and to break up that continuous run of carpet to remove an ugly damaged portion of the carpet. For example, a dog that gets trapped in a closet or room and tries to claw their way out. Or another example is an iron that sits too long on the carpet and burns right through it. Maybe you’ve got that bucket of paint that gets tipped over. It just soaks all the way down into the carpet. There’s other times where things need to be replaced because they have just worn out. You’ve got a threshold that just gets real heavy traffic and the carpet has just kind of come apart in that area and it’s time to put a new piece of carpet from a closet or some other place there. Carpet cleaning Tulsa can also include patching carpet and repairing carpets not just cleaning them. That’s what our topic is about this time. One of the main things about making a patch look good, like it like was part of the original installation is making sure that you’re using fresh clean cuts each and every time. Having a specific purpose, knowing exactly what it is that you’re trying to cut out and making sure that you are going bigger than the damaged area. If you make it real close to your damaged area you will end up cutting into damaged carpet. So you want to go out wide enough that you’re into good carpet again. Then making clean cuts so the fibers that you’re cutting through do not get cut half. If you are cutting in half the fibers you get this sculpted cut shape. This is why so many of these patches, or seams, that you can see and stand out visually is because one of the two sides the carpet fibers are cut in half. If they’re nice full long length fibers, and you get a good straight cut then it’s an exact match. Kind of like a cookie cutter where you make an exact replica of that puzzle piece so you can plug the new puzzle piece in there. Then making sure that you’re using the proper types of glue and seam tape to be able to reinforce that spot so that when you come over it with a vacuum that spot will not just come out and break free of the carpet. You can reach us at 918-494-7093. We’d love to hear from you. If you want to see examples of some of this we’ve got some videos in our about us on our website at Maybe you want to connect with us on Facebook if you go to Carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding community since 1998. We’d appreciate it if you give us the chance to earn your business. Complete Carpet is proud offer many different services you can see a large range of these services if you go to or give us a call directly and we can also describe some of these services to you and help navigate your way through getting your carpet back into great health again at 918-494-7093. Carpet cleaning Tulsa and the surrounding communities since 1998. The topic I want to go over this time is carpet stretching. It’s one thing that can make a big difference especially if you’re trying to sell your home. It just makes a home look like there’s just a massive amount of work that needs to be done. A big cost scenario for most people that walk into a home is if there are wrinkles in the carpets. They’re wanting to buy a home and they will mentally just jump to whatever is their magic number in their head of $3500 – $10,000 to put all new carpet in the house. It’s because they assume that the wrinkles mean the carpet is just broken, it’s just finished. Carpet cleaning Tulsa and the surrounding communities also includes repairing carpet too. One of the things that we pride ourselves on is we offer stretching with a one year warranty. Part of that process for getting your house prepared to sell is we want to take something off your to do plate. While it doesn’t necessarily add value in a big way to your home, what it does is just as important. It protects the value of your home. Somebody comes up and sees the home and what it’s listed at, they just immediately take $3,000 to $10,000 off the price because in their mind they are thinking I’ve got to replace all the carpets because it’s got these lumps in it, which means the carpet is damaged or faulty. Where really for just a fraction of the cost of new carpet installation you can just get the carpet re-stretch and make it flat again. We can go in each room, and we take up the edges of the carpet and restretch it back just exactly like it was installed originally to where all the areas are nice and flat. We can also break and repair seems. Patch in areas that are unsightly and when we get finished it now looks like nice flat carpet that a potential buyer can just move in on. This helps you remove that off of the potential things that might distract or detract from the house for new buyers that are wanting to consider your home. Here at Complete Carpet, we have been carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities for many years. We have lots of experience because I think one of the mantras that we’ve always had was “stick with what you’re good at and keep doing it until you’re the absolute best” We have provided a consistent long term service to the Tulsa area since 1998. You can reach us directly at 918-494-7093 or visit our website at and see what we have to offer.