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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Ep 33 Complete Carpet Podcast

Ep 33 Complete Carpet Podcast | Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

Carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998. We are Complete Carpet and you can reach us at 918-494-7093 or connect with us online at or you could connect with us on Facebook @completecarpet or directly at We’d like to talk to you today and give you some more insight as to our carpet cleaning process we offer lots of different services covering all of Tulsa and the surrounding communities. One of the things that we also add is commercial cleaning. That maybe for apartments or for businesses or for restaurants. We have quite a few restaurants around the Tulsa area that rely on our services to keep their restaurant clean and keep the face of their business looking as good as possible to be able to best serve each of their customers. We have a specialty mix that we use just for restaurants. We can even do a fast dry process where we bring fans in and quick dry the carpet as we are cleaning the carpets to speed up the dry time. This helps for the really dirty commercial carpets that need a lot of heavy scrubbing. We’ve helped many local restaurant customers like the Bin 31 down off of Peoria or we’ve also helped Hugo’s restaurant in Jenks. We’ve also helped maintain a first class experience for McGills to offer their customers. We have helped many local business also, in Tulsa, Owasso, Jenks, Sapulpa, Bixby, all around the area. The service we provide is different for companies in each of the different commercial areas. They all vary a little bit in how we clean their carpets. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. We have experience with just about everything. Commercial cleaning is a bit different from the regular carpet cleaning of a residential place in that we typically will use a little bit hotter water and a little bit stronger chemical then we would use in your house. The difference is because you typically just have around five people and maybe a pet or two to traverse it across the carpet each day in your home. Whereas with a commercial area they will have hundreds of people traverse across the carpet each day. So any spot that gets down into the carpet then gets walked over my a stampede of people and so it needs to be cleaned on a more frequent basis than you would do your house. This typical commercial is typically on a two to three month schedule between carpet cleanings. Where as in your house you can go six to twelve months between your carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding community since 1998 We are Complete Carpet. We’d love to hear from you and connect with you on Facebook, at As we continue talking about commercial carpet cleaning. We are going over how it is done a little differently than residential carpet cleaning Tulsa. We will use more chemical and hotter water. We will also scrub over or go over the carpet more times than we would normally on a residential carpet cleaning Tulsa. We will use stronger chemical and we do a little heavier pre spray because there is a tougher layer of dirt in commercial buildings. Sometimes we will do a second prespray to clean an area. We will prespray it, let it soak clean all of that out of the carpet and then do another prespray across the carpet and clean it a second time. In a commercial setting we will come in typically on a day that the business is closed so that it can have ample time to dry. We can also do it towards the end of the day of the business and someone will stay late while we clean and then lock up afterwards. Another thing we can also do for a commercial buildings is grout and tile cleaning. Many businesses have got a large foyer or lobby that needs to be cleaned because it has a lot of heavy traffic across it. Or maybe you are just wanting to make sure you maintain the best look for your building and for your customers. Carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998. We are Complete Carpet. We’d love to connect with you and hear from you about your commercial carpet cleaning needs. For commercial carpet cleaning Tulsa, one of the things that we can do that really helps with is we have dealt with and have experience of dealing with really extremely dirty difficult carpets. We’ve done industrial kitchens. We’ve done offices of machine shops. We’ve done maintenance facilities. We’ve done all kinds of different places and know the right combination and the right types of chemicals to use in those situations to really cut the grease and cut through the dirt to allow the carpets to get back to the original clean shape. We do suggest that people in a commercial aspect that have grease or food services or anywhere that has a shop to do their carpets every two to three months. They need to be done on a more regular basis because grease and oils that sit in the carpet for too long will stain the carpet. But more than that they will get down to the packing and they start to break down the glue in the backing of the carpet causing areas to start to buckle earlier than they should. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 We are Complete Carpet, and we would love to service your commercial cleaning needs we also do executive spaces and the more office with executive white collar type areas. Those don’t need to be cleaned, in an office space as often. They can be done more like residencial timing of six to twelve months. But it is good to keep those fresh so that your employees and your customers that see that area have a nice clean work space, and that will help to motivate them to perform at a higher level. Give us a call at 918-494-7093 Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998