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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Ep 35 Complete Carpet Podcast

Ep 35 Complete Carpet Podcast | Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

Continuing to talking about upholstery cleaning and the different parts of your home not just the part of the soft surface, but also the furniture throughout the house that could also be touched up and cleaned. We are talking about cleaning a couch that has seen better days. Or maybe you have a loveseat that your dog just loves to fall asleep on. Maybe you have an ottoman that all the kids use as a table to watch television every night. Or a favorite old chair that you have spent many a night catching up on the nightly news in. We are Complete Carpet, Carpet cleaning Tulsa and the surrounding community since 1998. You can reach us online at or connect with us on Facebook @Completecarpet or It takes longer to clean a couch then most people would expect because you use a smaller upholstery tool and low pressure water. These cause you to have to move slower over the fabric and make additional passes over the fabric to make sure that it doesn’t get too wet but still gets thoroughly clean. Another reason for the smaller tool and the lower pressure is that it increases the section of the head of the opening to make sure that any moisture you put will be sucked out almost immediately. It doesn’t let the moisture dwell on the fabric for very long so that it cannot have a chance to soak it to the cushion underneath the fabric. If we get the cushion, that side of the fabric wet, it can stay wet for extremely long time and potentially damage the furniture. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 has given us lots of experience. So all of our process is to make sure that we have removed the moisture out right off the top of the fabric and don’t let it dwell and don’t let it soak in to the cushion below. That we could keep a very good healthy environment for your couch. Some of the reasons we see of why some people think their furniture needs to be cleaned is that someone has just bought a used piece of furniture. Now they want to clean the sofa with someone else’s sticky hand prints. Or the loveseat that some other persons dog has slobbered all over. Maybe it’s to get rid of the previous people’s kids dirt on the ottoman as they had used it as a table to watch television with. They just want the previous people’s dirt and grime gone so they can enjoy their new to them furniture without the old feel of other people. Maybe you have inherited a piece of furniture from a family member, relative or a friend. And that family member, relative or friend doesn’t take the same care of their stuff as you do. You want to reset that gift so it’s clean enough to sit in your home. Another reason that we see people getting a piece of furniture cleaned is that they have had a pet or they have a dog or cat that likes to get up on the couch and they have laid or slept on or drooled on the couch, and we need to get all those surface oils cleaned off the top of the couch for them so they can have a fresh looking couch again. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. One of the more rare occurrence, but we still run into it, is that somebody has got sick on the couch or somebody was sick they were laying there for a while, and there is some type of an accident. This thing happened or drinks spill or you know some type of food or something along those lines that has got my good-looking couch dirty. We can get that back looking good again. For your chairs around your dining room table of those sticky fingers and sticky hands from kids who just are not paying much attention or who don’t use their napkin and then instead they decide to use the chair instead. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998 We are Complete Carpet. We would love to connect with you through our website at or directly you can call us at 918-494-7093. See what we have been up to on Facebook @CompleteCarpet or We also can clean rugs. We clean the majority of all of our rugs on site. Sometimes we will move a rug into the garage or onto the driveway. When we clean a rug outside in the sun it will dry extremely fast. Most of the time the rug is dry before we have even finished cleaning the rest of the house. Rugs are an add-on that we can do with our flat rate cleaning prices. They are a small add-on since we are already out there getting other things taken care of. They normally run $10-20 extra depending on how large of a rug we are dealing with. Talking about rugs, one thing that is really important to all homes and businesses is a really good entry mat. Many people have decorative entry mats that are flat and hard. These are good for decoration but not so good from getting the dirt off of people’s feet as they enter your home. The main reason is because people naturally don’t want to rub their dirty feet on your decorative Welcome mat. The other reason is that the majority of those mats are flat and hard and wouldn’t remove the dirt off their shoes even if they tried. I personally recommend a neutral colored rug that is a bit fluffy so someone doesn’t feel back about using it and it can actually get the dirt off their shoes if they tried to use it. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. Now the next part that is just as important is to make sure that you clean that entry rug on a regular basis. Once they entry mat does get dirty it then can switch roles real quick. Instead of being a place that knocks dirt off of people’s feet as they enter your home, it can become a dirty place and puts dirt on to people’s shoes as they try to enter your home. I’ve seen this way more times then you would imagine. Carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998 We are Complete Carpet.