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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Ep 38 Complete Carpet Podcast

Ep 38 Complete Carpet Podcast | Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

Carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding community since 1998 We are Complete Carpet. Connect with us directly at 918-494-7093 or online at And we’re continuing our series talking about some of the stuff that we have changed throughout the process. We’ve gone through over the 20 years of doing business carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities. And today want to talk about our pricing. One question I get at least a couple times of month on the frequently asked questions is how could you have such cheap prices and yet do such outstanding work. It seems like there’s a real disconnect there. One of the things that we do have as an edge over our main competitors is that we are a local company and we do not have a large franchise fee or large predetermined advertising budgets. Because of this I don’t have a huge amount of overhead cost to overcome to be able to make a profit on each job. Lot of these other companies are sitting on top of a 10-20% franchise fee that they have to pay out of each job plus whatever advertising they are required to run. Because of that I am able to make the same amount of money they are but without charging as much to get the work done. Another part that really helps us to keep our cost down is our flat rate pricing system. That helps us to take the guesswork out of each job. I don’t have to really drive up one job because I blocked out too much time for it and now I have to make as much money off that job to make up for it. I know ahead of time exactly what each job is going to take and how much time I need to set aside for it, and I can optimize my time to get you taken care of properly, but also to be able to get to as many jobs as I can each day so I am able to care for a larger number of customers. I’m not walking into each job trying to upsell everyone. I’m not trying to maximize only one or two customers that I’m going to try to milk for the most amount of money so that I can so I make a good amount of money for that day. I typically don’t even try to upsell in each job because I’ve already got another job scheduled after that one. If I was to do additional work I would have to schedule it for another time because I’ve already scheduled my day out so that way I can keep cost down for each customer. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 That flat rate pricing means I don’t have to waste time or add extra time going out quoting every single job. Every “free” quote that a company gives you is built into their end job price in some way. They had to pay someone to come out and give you a quote. So the quote naturally has to include enough to pay everyone who comes out to the property. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are Complete Carpet. We would love to hear from 918-494-7093. Continuing our conversation about cost effectiveness and pricing. Here at Complete Carpet we’d love to hear from you. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. Another thing that we do to keep costs low but still provide outstanding service is that we use some of the best chemicals, the best equipment and the best machinery. Standard thinking is that that would drive up costs by using high end chemicals and high end equipment and machinery. But it will actually help to reduce costs. One of the best sayings that I’ve heard that really drives this home is, the short road, or the shortcut is almost always the longest possible way to get there. What that is saying is if you use cheap chemicals and cheap inferior machinery or equipment then it will take longer trying to accomplish the same task then you would have and you will not have as good of a quality of the task as you would have. Personally I think the only way to do a job is to do it right, do it really well, and to do it right and really well the very first time. You can cut down tremendously on job is you don’t have to keep going back and redoing jobs or you don’t have to go back addressing issues over and over. If you just do it right the first time then everything else will fall in line. That allows us to keep our costs down because we can limit the amount of time we put in the job and are able to instead put more time on the job. We love to be able to service Tulsa and the surrounding communities. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 We would love to connect with you through Facebook, @CompleteCarpet or online through our website You can even email us and we can talk with you that way. We would love you to check out our website and watch our about us videos. You can learn a little more of the history and how we got here and what we do. And some of the other stories that we have to tell. Complete Carpet has been carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998 We would love to make you one of our customers and show you our solid work and how we will do our very best to get it right the first time. Because at the end of the day it’s just about what you have done in your life. It’s not just about how many things you did in your life. It’s not about where you are or where you have been. At the end of the day it’s always about how you did all those things and what kind of impression you left on those you helped along the way.