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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Ep 44 Complete Carpet Podcast

Ep 44 Complete Carpet Podcast | Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

This Episode we continue answering Frequently Asked Questions: There is a new spot in my carpet, what do I do? Here at Complete Carpet we always try to help to maintain the health of your carpet and a lot of times that comes in the form of you doing preventive maintenance or reactive maintenance in between the carpet cleaning that you have done professionally. We have been carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998. We would love to connect with you online at or you can reach us at 918-494-7093. We love to hear from you directly to help you. So we’re dealing now with a spot, a whoopsie that has happened on the carpet at some point in between the carpet cleanings. You’re wanting to know some of the best practices to try and remove that spot out of the carpet trying to leave no spot left behind. For this we will use ketchup as our example. So we will say that some ketchup is spilled and it fell onto the the carpet. On an easy level, just grab a dust pan or paper plate and try to scrape off as much as you can of it off of the top of the carpet. If you can try to just remove as much first before you do anything with the spot is the first step. An even better scenario to use is if you have a small carpet cleaner or a Shop-Vac. We recommend our customers if they don’t want to buy a three or four hundred dollar carpet cleaner like a Bissell or Hoover to go out and just buy a regular Shop-Vac. Like a 5 or 10 gallon Shop-Vac and put a wet filter in it instead of the regular dry filter for carpet cleaning. Put a wet filter in there so when you suck in water it won’t just turn the filter into mush and clog it up. You keep the black kind of honeycomb like wet filters in the Shop-Vac then go over and just directly suck up as much of the ketchup as you can. Carpet cleaning Tulsa we are Complete Carpet. The next step that you want to do is to use a towel or the Shop-Vac with a small head on it to just thoroughly suck up that area. We don’t want to spread it, so we don’t want to rub it in otherwise we will make it into a bigger spot. So we want to try to capture it and keep it contained into the area that the spot is. After we have sucked and removed as much as we possibly can with either a dry towel or paper towel works too or with a Shop-Vac or carpet cleaner to suck up as much as you can we now want to introduce some water to dilute the spot. The reason that we are lightly diluting it is so that we can get it back into solution. We have already tried to remove as much as we can do with a dry process and there’s some that is now just sticking to the fiber. It is too thick or is too sticky to just be removed with any type of dry process or just suction alone. Carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998 we are talking about how to remove a spot in your carpet that has happened between carpet cleanings. The next part you would do is to grab a bottle of hot water, we want it to be a spray bottle and we want it to be as hot as you can get it. We don’t want to pour the water directly onto the spot because if we do that we would cause the spot to grow. Too much water all in one spot too quickly will cause it to go right past the fibers into the backing down to the pad below and it will spread the spot. That way the spot will also stay wet for up to 24 hours when you get the padding wet below. So it is best if you use a spray bottle to evenly add water around the spot and on to the contaminated area, this case ketchup. So you will take the hot water sprayed onto the spot and then use a towel or a Shop-Vac to suck it out. You can use your little carpet cleaner to do the whole process in one because it’s got some hot water in it and it will spray it down and suck it up at the same time. So you can go over and over it. The main idea is that you get it wet and immediately try to suck it up. You only want to get it as wet as you can quickly suck right back out. Otherwise the spot will dilute and spread both wider and deeper into the carpet. It’s good to rinse it 4-5 times, or atleast one more time after it looks like the spot has been rinsed out to make sure you remove anything that was sticky. Here at Complete Carpet we have been carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. We want our customers to have the best advice to address any spot or concern between carpet cleaning so the carpet can stay really healthy. Before we use any type of cleaner or spot treatments we want to just use hot water to remove whatever will just naturally come out. Once we’ve used really hot water to rinse out all of the ketchup then it’s time to use what ever spotter you have. If the hot water rinsing did the job and it’s all gone you are done. The next part is if there is still something in the carpet. For when hot water rinse alone isn’t enough. Next use your product, like Resolve or Spotshot to break up whatever is left in the carpet. This is to remove any sticky residue that is left. Just Like you would pretreating the grass stains on your kids clothes. We have been carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 and have found these to be the best practice steps to remove a spot and keep it from coming back. So use a little bit of soap on there and now suck that up and then add some water to rinse out all the soap. You want to make sure you rinse out the carpet of any chemicals you have used so that the carpet will dry fresh and clean. The reason many recurring spots come back is because you use a soap to clean up the spot but leave the soap in the carpet and then over a week to month it collects dirt that sticks to that soap and now you got to gray spot. So you try to clean the spot again with more soap. And the problem keeps getting bigger because you are using soap to clean soap out of the carpet always leaving some soap in the carpet. To break that cycle you need to rinse each time with clear hot water to remove both the spot and the soap that was used to clean the stop. We appreciate you spending your time here with us as we go over some frequently asked questions. Carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998 we are Complete Carpet. You can reach us online at or at 918-494-7093 or connect with us on Facebook at