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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Ep 5 Complete Carpet Podcast

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Ep 5 Complete Carpet Podcast

Ep 5 Complete Carpet Podcast | Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

Thank you for joining us for another episode covering the history of Complete Carpet, carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. We would love to connect with you, call us directly at 918-494-7093 or see the rest of the series at or connect with us socially on Facebook at

We are going to take a side journey into the strange fun world of school. For most people that is a mundane simple topic. You do your required twelve years and forget about it. My experience was a bit more unique so I thought that I’d have a share time with Nathan before I had even thought about carpet cleaning Tulsa and the surrounding communities.

Well I was born an only child, well ok I was the first born, then two sisters. It was great starting off because like many parents in the ‘80s my parents were really into the “interact with your kids” phase. As you can guess that included Homeschooling me. Now contrary to popular belief, Homeschooling isn’t that bad, after about the first 5-6 years of it. But those first few are really tough. This is because your parents “think” they remember what it was like in their school, and of course my mom wanted to be the “perfect” teacher. 1st – 3rd grades I was alone, sisters were too young for school. This was ok because it meant that I always had the highest grades in the school. Of course if I started slipping my mom just graded on a curve and I had A’s again. I was my class President, and well vice president, treasurer, Chaplin, and I had to volunteer for hall monitor. Which is very boring as I’d have to cite ‘myself’ if I moved. My mother believed in timeliness, so she had a ‘bell’ installed on our back porch. Now this was not an ordinary school bell, oh no we are going to homeschool right. She went and got a huge “Little House on the Prairie” style out-door steel bell. Imagine if you will, laying in bed finishing a nice little 2nd grade dream, and bang-bang-bang-bang your school bell goes off! My mom loved it. She didn’t have to worry about getting me to school on time, if I was late she just marched into my room, grabbed my ear and pulled me to my ‘desk’. Now desk is in quotes because it’s a really loose interpretation. It really wasn’t a desk, but one of those TV dinner stands in front of the couch. She started it off every morning with attendance.

Mom/Teacher: “Ok class settle down everyone”
(I’d be sitting at my ‘desk’ looking around for who else she was talking to)
Mom/Teacher: “Ok, umm . . . Nathan?”
Nathan: “Umm I’m still here on the couch, oh sorry my desk where you put me mom . . “
Mom/Teacher: “Now we’ve talked about this before, you’ll call me Teacher or Mrs. Lynette. You understand, another impolite thing like that and you’ll . . . .”
I always knew what that meant, she left it trailing because she could use it for anything then. Ie mop the Cafeteria floor until I could eat off it (translation: mop the kitchen.) Or do some work on the School grounds (translation: mow the lawn.)

After roll we would start class. She would write something on the blackboard. Problem was our blackboard was not a board or black, it was our large picture window facing the backyard. Now she had bought those markers you can write on glass with for it, a whole ton of colors. She would use different colors for different subjects and I’d have to do the assignment. Now this got hairy when she got to the yellow marker, because you could still see right through the glass:

Mom/Teacher: “Ok Nathan read that sentence . . .”
Nathan: “I can’t . . .”
Mom/Teacher: “Oh, did you not do your studying this week? You trying to back out of your work, don’t make me call your dad, umm err I mean send you to the Principal’s office..”

This was a very interesting part of homeschooling. The “Principal’s” office had very bad hours, it seemed that the “Principal” was only in from 5:30pm to 6:30pm, at which point he went “home” for dinner. Little did I know then, that my “Principal” would teach me everything I needed to know so one day I would be carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities. All I knew then was if I screwed up that day I’d have to sit in front of my dads study door, sorry I mean the “Principal’s’ office for hours waiting for him to come home from work , oh wait I mean to be available. I used this time to get my homework done, which I still don’t fully understand how, if you are homeschooled, you can also have homework. Isn’t technically everything you do homework? Spankings were also a very real thing, but I never once got in a fight with anyone from my school. Now my excuses NEVER worked though. Example:

Mom/Teacher: “Nathan where is your assignment?”
Nathan: “oh, umm well you see it flew out of my backpack on the way to school.”
At this point mom would walk back to my room, pick up the ‘half’ finished assignment and bring it back. I tried other ones also.
Nathan: “My dog ate it and I need time to redo it.”
Again mom would find the dog and ask it if it had eaten any homework lately. There was no way to beat her.

Join us again next time as we continue this homeschooling segway that actually has nothing at all to do with carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities. Just to clarify, I was and did graduate Homeschooled. I also went part time to a christian school in Highschool so I could play state basketball. The majority of the above is true, or felt true to a 2nd grade little boy who couldn’t imagine carpet cleaning Tulsa as his calling later in his life. Join us next time as we conclude the homeschooling segway and then return to the actual history of the start of Complete Carpet, carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998.