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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Ep 6 Complete Carpet Podcast

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Ep 6 Complete Carpet Podcast

Ep 6 Complete Carpet Podcast | Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

Thank you for joining us for another episode covering the strange prehistory of Complete Carpet, carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. We would love to connect with you, call us directly at 918-494-7093 or see the rest of the series at or connect with us socially on Facebook at

We are going to take a side journey into the strange fun world of school. For most people that is a mundane simple topic. You do your required twelve years and forget about it. My experience was a bit more unique so I thought that I’d have a share time with Nathan before I had even thought about carpet cleaning Tulsa and the surrounding communities.

Now ‘Parent Teacher’ conferences were great! One day I woke up ALL BY myself! No bang-bing-bang-bing, no mother/teacher pulling me into class, I just woke up. I wandered around wondering what had happened to my mom. I finally found her, in her room in bed reading an Agatha Christie novel with the TV on, while on the phone with one of her friends.

Nathan: “Hey mom, what’s going on? Why aren’t you taking me to school? I’m going to be late!” (I’d learned by now when to call her mom, and when to call her Teacher, two could play this game).
Mom: “Nathan, didn’t you see the class schedule? Today there is no school because of the parent/teacher conferences.”

My mom was the head of the PTA at our school. I’d catch her talking to herself during the day, and ask what she was doing? She’d say “Having an impromptu PTA meeting” You say, oh that doesn’t sound all that bad. Well it gets worse, let me tell you about our yearbook! You have never seen a more ratty book, all 3 pages of it. And my mom made me show it to everyone! Picture me standing in front of people at church, people that potentially could have been tricked into being friends of mine, having to show them my homemade yearbook. I remember standing there, pointing to the one picture on the page, a picture of just me at my couch/desk, and saying, “This is my 2nd grade class. Yup you spotted it, that’s me right there.” I would then turn to the other page in the year book and say, “This is the faculty page. That’s my Mom/Teacher right there under the ‘Teacher of the Year’ title.” And if someone still wanted to be my friend after experiencing that, well it still would be a first. My assignments were not any better. As a Chemistry/Science project, I got to, hang on to your hankey, clean the fridge. Oh yeah that was an exciting project. It was always hidden in some cool sounding trick explanation like: Mom: “Today you’ll study the effects of antibacterial chemicals on dead plant life” (*Real world translation: Clean the vegetable bin in the fridge*)

Don’t get me wrong it was not all bad. There were the days when we had a substitute teacher, mom was sick. Now dad, err the Principal would take the day off work, I mean clear his schedule to teach that day. Now dad must have gone to the Kool school in the 50’s, and mom went to the pent up boarding school. Dad always had way cool stuff to do.

Dad/Principal: “Well class since its my day off, I mean your teacher is sick. We are going to go on a field trip to the lake to. . . study fish spawning habits.”
And off we went to the lake with a tricked out Bassmaster two-zillion with gadgets galore. We’d be on the lake fishing . . and he’d remember mom.
Dad/Principal: “Ok, incase your mom, umm teacher asks. See this little screen . . . see those dots? That is where the fish are, see how they are in groups? Those are called schools of fish. See the different sizes? Ok, study that for a little while, that is your homework for today, tell me when one of those groups gets close or if they start to move away from the boat.”

Or there were the days he’d take me to the Arcade for P.E. class. He explained the school reason for this brilliantly.

Dad/Principal: “Ok today we are going to work on your hand-eye condonation. See that group of spaceship/bug looking things up there, use your ship here to shoot those down.”

Some sometimes he couldn’t get off work, so that day became visit a local business field trip day. Which really meant I helped my dad work for the day. Little did I know at the time that I would channel all this experience into carpet cleaning Tulsa later.

On the flip side, I never did have a problem with drugs at my school. The worst thing even in my school was Tylenol. On the same token I didn’t complain about school lunches either. I remember one time, yes it only happened once trust me, telling my mom that homeschooling wasn’t like normal school. For example, there was no such thing as Friday night football. Oh I still remember that statement to this very day, hanging over my head like a cartoon bubble, wishing I could jump up and pop it. For that very next Friday was the first of many front yard football games at my school. It was me against her, pretty much an all rushing game. I really had a hard time during half time, running inside to switch into my band uniform a real one-man band. Luckily we only had 4 football games that year. I remember that last and final football game, it was our homecoming game. I’d been named King and Queen for the homecoming court. I didn’t think it would ever end, until thankfully a cop who was driving by put a stop to it. He ticketed my mom/teacher, because we didn’t have a permit for our Homecoming Float.

Join us again next time as we cover things actually related to carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities. Just to clarify, I was and did graduate Homeschooled. I also went part time to a christian school in Highschool so I could play state basketball. The majority of the above is true, or felt true to a 2nd grade little boy who couldn’t imagine carpet cleaning Tulsa as his calling later in his life. Join us next time as we return to actual history of the beginnings of Complete Carpet, carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998.