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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Ep 66b Complete Carpet Podcast

Ep 66b Complete Carpet Podcast | Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

This is episode 66b Where to talk about pet spot and stain removal we are complete carpet carpet cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber since 1998 check out our website at www.completecarpetTulsa.Com or connect with us on Facebook at carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 it allows to add to carpet cleaning upholstery cleaning repair restretching tile cleaning to our services give us a call today at 918-494-7093.
Carpet cleaning Tulsa. Since 1998.

We are complete carpet and the next topic, we’re going to cover is: can a spot, can a pet spot, be cleaned or removed, and we’re going to kind of compare a small spot versus big spots on, because every pet spot is unique. I’M going to depend on what the source of the pet spot is. I get past is quite often you Candice, Bobby removed at my pet is done most of the time. The answer is: yes, I’m just a regular pet spots on urine spots. I have had the exact same dog: I’ve gone out to a customer’s house in the dog peed for 5 times in the corner, and we cleaned a tree to the spots at every single by the spots came out and then one month later, the dog did the Same thing and peed in the corner again and the second time, every single one of the spots stayed and the first spots are kind of more of a on a muddy Brown kind of color. Is they that we try to clean up and then the second spot? There little darker than the carpet II spots for Morel lime, yellow lemon, yellow color and they had bleached out or they pulled some of the color out of carpet.

Sometimes you can’t read it and you can get the color return and other times the is damaged the carpet or alter the color soar like getting a little bit of bleach on a dark black shirt. It’S going to kind of pull some of that color out, and it’s not that something on the carpet like ketchup, it’s physically, you remove the urine out the carpet for the carpet. Self is just a different color now, and so sometimes you can just patch those areas in sometimes the treatment of the cleaning will take it right out, and so you can have to wait on those to see what happens typically as a rule of thumb. If it looks darker than the carpet and normally can be just cleaned out now, I recommend all of our customers that we do just a straight cleaning to see that the remove the contaminants are in the carpet to get back to square one. If a pet is peeing in one area, it’s more than likely going to go back and be there again, we can go through a treated chemically to try to remove all of the older, sometimes even need to pull the carpet back and treat the backing of the Carpet or go down and replace the padding below to remove all of the source of the odors, but that sometimes is not always the best use of money, because if the car, if the area is still accessiblenu the pet, the tide times where I’ve gone through, that All the other route me to look great in which, right and very next day, the dog goes back and peas are there a second time, and so all of that work is 2 degree flushed down the toilet, because the dog just added more you’re into it, and It right away as a situation like that I try to lead customer more towards maintaining the areas and the carpets.

So quickly cover over the different types of chemicals can be used for treating pet spots for home use this is more of a do-it-yourself project side for pets that continue to make problems with your carpet that you need to maintain between your large carpet cleanings there are four major carpet chemicals that you can use for pets the first type is enzymes that deal with removing the actual urine itself these will be displayed on the bottle as an enzyme action. Next you have your deodorizing chemicals. These chemicals are more designed to just make the area smell better like a febreze product. either not designed to remove the stain or to actually remove any of the urine but just mask the odor immediately so that you can get results right away. The next type are disinfectants that are meant to make the area safe and sanitary again. These typically are not to be used in conjunction with your enzymes because the disinfectant will destroy the enzyme. And lastly you have your stain removers. These typically don’t go well with any of the other three products because they are more of an acidic product that is meant just to try to pull out the coloring from the urine spot. Probably a lot of our customers have is that many of these products are not well labeled. So this leads to confusion as people are trying to remove a urine stain with an all-in-one product that is mainly meant to make the area smell better and not remove the stain in the carpet. Or sometimes they’re using a product that is meant to remove a stain that they’re hoping to remove the odor with and they keep using it but nothing ever smells different or looks better. Typically we have found that the all-in-one products are typically not good any one thing and it’s best to go with things that are specific to what it is you’re trying to accomplish for the spot that you’re dealing with. If it smells okay that deal with stain or if you’re wanting to make it clean and sanitary again or if you’re trying to remove the urine or you just want the area to smell better right away cuz company coming over make sure you pick the right product for the right situation that you were going to use.

We will continue this topic to talk about small versus large pet spots in our next episode of this is episode 66.
We are complete carpet carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities. Hits 1998 be like to find out more about our company or 5 more episodes like this and visit our website at If you’re looking to schedule – or we just like more food directly, then please call 918-494-7093 Carpet Cleaning Tulsa for over 20 years.