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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Ep 70b Complete Carpet Podcast

Ep 70b Complete Carpet Podcast | Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

This is episode 70b and we will continue the story from part A. Carpet cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber. We are Complete Carpet and we want you to check out our website at or connect with us on Facebook at or call us directly today at 918-494-7093. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 has allowed us to provide carpet cleaning tile cleaning carpet repair and stretching. Let us show you what we can do to help you maintain the life of your carpet. Carpet Diem, seize your clean carpet today!

Continuing from part A… When she saw the patched carpet she was so relieved. She was so happy because she would just been really stressed out really freaked out that that her brand new carpet and her brand new house in been damaged in from day one. She was going to have this problem that we just sit there for all of the other carpet. We were able to get in there, remove that damaged area and make it look, make it look new again because it was new. It was new car, but we connected back to the new carpet. Call Carpet is put in has a semen it somewhere every 12 feet, or so it has some area that that is not put together to hold all the pieces together. Cuz carpet comes in 12 foot wide, so every 12 feet is going to have to have some haven’t seen or in the closet or doorways are always they connect the different pieces together, make it one big piece of carpenter. We do that same process to build it. Put a patch into a carpet to build, extend the life of the carpet the areas of the carpet to help it look better and be able to maintain a good, strong, healthy life for you and your carpet. The next question that were going to run over here is that what kind of transitions are there? This really has more to do with the type of transition that is going to it’s also way to help with the frayed carpet much we talked about before with Apache, but the type of transitions that are out there is a silk app or something goes over at The top of the carpet carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we have run into this type of transition, is more to be there silver or gold and their metal. I sometimes you can get them in a row. Her, where it has different colored rubber. That kind of go over but it’ll, be between, say I would and Tile carpet anything that got kind of the similar height wood transition, where it’s a simple is cheaper, maybe going down to a lower surface like a linoleum as you put these metal strips over there. It’S a little decorative pins that go through it, so you just nailed this strip straight into the floor and that will hold it in place and that allows a little metal strip to take all of the brunt of the where, as you walk across it and that Way the carpet will not take all of that we’re on that edge where it’s more likely to pray. Another type of transition that we will see is what they call a clampdown metal carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, the clampdown metal you put the carpet into the clampdown metal.

It got a little pins in it or text you right before, and so it goes up and then typically, these are only used for linoleum we’re going down to concrete flooring or down to a flooring. That’S below I have the wood floors. Are the subfloor of the house comes naturally with wood floors? The carpet was put over top of the wood floors. Then this could also be used, was always to take the carpet and down to another transition. You would use it to go to a transition to a surface that is higher or the same level as the carpet so because the edge of the thing slopes down to a point, you took the carpet into that metal. You clamp down the middle of hammer. It down to where it holds the carpet replaced and the edge of that carpet. Cantarella Fray, because the metal is clamped over and covering it glad you’re going directly from and even surface won’t even service a from carpet to tile or two would that’s the same levels of carpet. Typically, you will talk it straight in, but it piece of tack, strip below and you have to do – a no transition. The carpet itself that the space between the two active becomes a transitional tuck it into that space between the two of them, and so they like to be an even tried. This new look like a smooth surface goes across it sometimes you’ll. Take in like a would install the area that I should take a piece of wood and put it over with low gap. Underneath you took the carpet under that piece of woods Gap a little bullnose spot that the carpet Kentucky into. In that way, it looks like the the would just kind of just run straight into the carpet and just go flows right over a transition transition to hire wood down to the carpet with its own little transition.

We are complete carpet carpet cleaning Tulsa surrounding communities of 1998. You like to find out more about our company or 5 more episodes like this to visit our website at you’re, looking to schedule it. We just like more information. They give us a call directly at 918-494-7093 carpet cleaning Tulsa for over 20 years. We are complete carpet. Helping people maintain the life of their carpet so that they can not only use their carpet but also enjoy their carpet for the whole time that they have it. Don’t be ashamed of your carpet be proud to have people over and see your fresh clean carpet again.