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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Ep 76b Complete Carpet Podcast

Ep 76b Complete Carpet Podcast | Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

This is episode 76b and we are going to talk about areas to vacuum. Carpet cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber and we want to connect with you. Call us today at 918-494-7093 or check out our website at and find more episodes like this. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we’ve added carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, patching, stretching, carpet repairing, and much more.

We talked last time about how often you should vacuum and you should do an entry-level vacuuming. That means the first 3 5 to 10 feet of carpet anywhere that there is a source of dirt. this would help to remove the dirt from spreading to the rest of the the house, because if an area gets dirty, let’s say the first five feet of your carpet is someone’s walked in with a bunch of grass and dirt and they really mudded up the first Part, the next one that walks and have nice clean shoes that they walk across that mode up area they’re not going to pick up some of that muds can stick to their shoes and they’re going to walk it off in the area of the carpet, say the Next five feet of the next 10 feet and you’ll notice, this in any commercial area or in your house that the first part where he hits the carpet the dirtiest and then it kind of slowly gradients out of slowly Fades out. As you get farther and farther away from the source of the dirt to where you get to the very back bedroom guest bedroom is never used, the entire room looks brand spanking new cuz, no one ever walked in. There touched it. Where is the hallway going right? Past it is just hammered, looks great dirty because people keep walking across that, and so you may not pick up all the dirt on your shoes, but the next person that walks across as clean shoes. They pick up dirt and they start moving it through to the rest. Your house.

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa surrounding communities, give us a bunch of good examples of real-world experience to go. We can see the immediate effects of different cleaning schedules and, if you’re back in the schedules and one of the things that we recommended, that you do a whole home cleaning every week or two, you know that’s what most people don’t want to back in because they Don’T want to have to spend the 30 minutes to an hour to clean up everything and go everywhere until they just don’t vacuum it all, and so the big cleanings. I need to be done once a week. Maybe once every two weeks some people can get away with just once a month to just do all the vacuum, all the a different areas, but you should every couple of days, spend 2 to 3 minutes and just vacuum. The shore areas just get into the first five feet into any of your entry points with the vacuum.. Can I go over? There is Aries to suck up any sand and debris. We talked about last time, and I think it’s really important to know why this is important. Why you need to get this done. Is that that dirt? That dust and debris that sits down in that carpet is just like sandpaper, because you now taking a soft fiber that can rub against each other with no problem, and now you put in a layer of Britain dirt into those fibers, and that will cause the carpets To rub against each other, just like rubbing your hat your hands and rubbing them back and forth a great little cuts and blisters and scrapes, as really is hard on your hands on that is exactly the same way in your carpet is just it’s like sandpaper. Every time you walk on those carpets you want to remove. It is really easy to see and really quick to feel on hard surface like tile and wood that there’s a bit of layer of sand and grit going across it’s almost on a daily basis. Highland would need to be swept and mopped, and so why is it to just remove that if you want to walk Barefoot? Where is your carpets? Most people can go a week or two weeks or 3 weeks and they don’t touch. The carpets got the same amount of dirt on there as the hard surfaces does, but people, but has so much room for that dirt to sit down in those fibers that you just don’t know it is it, and so it’s very important that you have a good Consistent vacuuming schedule to be able to maintain the health and well-being of your carpet to be able to pull a lot of that that dirt and debris out, so that you don’t have that strong sandpaper-like experience for your carpets in the carpet will be able to last Longer.

By the next episode will talk to you about on E of the best, what are the better vacuums to get and what’s the purpose of the vacuum that you’re going to use, I’m what are you searching for what you try to find and how you can use it, but I think it’s important to know what you’re Trying to do first before you go out and try to find the vacuum that you want, so that you know why it you’re going to use it. How are you going to use it, so you can find the one that you will use that will come out. The best for you carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we have seen so many different houses were people have had good vacuuming habits with a really cheap vacuum, do way better than people that really expensive vacuum that they just never used or people that really expensive vacuum to Use on a regular basis – and they just extended life their carpet well beyond what anyone else would normally get up. The carpets never had that really hard braking in we’re down because they never got a large build-up of dirt and debris in the carpet that would break down all of the fibers cause them to unwind and too kind of Matt together blue to become one big. Tough to fiber, instead of it stay like that little individual fibers, if they were supposed to be.

We are complete carpet, carpet cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities its 1998. If you’d like to find out more about our company or find more episodes like this, then visit our website at you’re looking to schedule – or we just like more information – give us a call directly at 918-494-7093 carpet cleaning Tulsa for over 20 years.